Base building seems badly bugged

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I've gotten pretty good at base building over the last year. There have always been issues, but the release build seems to make it very difficult to place base components.

One long standing issue is that once you place any other base component it is impossible to turn the orientation of a moonpool when attaching it. the other non symetrcal base components can be turned at 90 degree intervals using the mouse wheel. Not the moonpool. I had to start over and place the moon pool first to get it to turn the direction I needed.

Placing the moonpool was nearly impossible. Perhaps it is where I'm building. I'm trying to put a base in the top of a large mushroom. I understand that the first part of a base needs to be supported by something. when placing the moonpool it seemed like the mushroom caps were not being detected. having one leg on a branch did allow me to place it, unfortunately another leg came down and attached to the hit box above the mushroom cap leaving it hanging in the water. It was not that far I've seen the supports extend much further. it was more like it thought there was something there.

I added a corridor and MPR to the Moonpool. When I tried adding some foundations under the moonpool to make it easy to dock the PRAWN I couldn't place anything near it. I went to place foundations to put grow beds on and there was no place adjacent to the base I could put them. I found a spot a little distance away and place one foundation, Then I could build foundations back towards the existing base components, and even underneath them, in places that had shown as red before.

If you place a foundation under an existing part of the base it can't be deconstructed. I could understand if the compartment on top couldn't exist without the underlying foundation. in this case the compartment was already there.

I've placed Flood lights on mushroom caps fairly far from the base and had them light. In other places the floods have been much nearer but would not power up. Using power transmitters get power to them was even more confusing.

It seems pretty random where base parts are allowed to be built. I suspect this is because the logic that governs their placement has been modified so many times and is spread through out multiple code objects. there really needs to be some kind of central logic governing how base components fit together, and how they interact with terrain, power, and other objects. That logic needs to be documented so the player has a consistent interface.


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