RocketCommands Mod

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Hello everybody,

I made a mod that adds 4 extra commands for the rocket:

"rocketfinish" finishes the rocket.
"rocketadvance" advances the rocket to the next stage.
"rocketstage NUMBER" replace NUMBER with a number from 0 - 4. This will set the current rocketstage to that number.
0 = base only
1 = base and elevator
2 = base, elevator and boosters (stage 1)
3 = base, elevator, boosters and fuel reserve (stage 2)
4 = base, elevator, booster, fuel reserve and cockpit (stage 3)

"rocketsize X Y Z" replace X Y Z with numbers. This will set the size of the rocket to X, Y, Z.
X = horizontal
Y = vertical
Z = depth

If you wan't to install it here's the link:
Tutorial is on the github page

Have fun :)



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