I am so very angry right now...

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I will probably get banned for this, but I can't just keep quiet.

Anyone who has played Subnautica knows that the amazing sound design is as huge part of its atmosphere. All the sounds, the music, the ambiance... they all made the world alive, scary, fun. We all agreed here that the person behind it did a spectacular job.

Enter a bunch of professionally offended people who have nothing better to do than seek their 5 minutes of internet fame at someone else's expense. Enter a bunch of white knights probing through the person's posting history everywhere, up to ten generations back in time, figuratively speaking. Enter a mob of angry people slandering not only that person but all the people in the country they come from. A few screenshots, a lot of angry words, many, many, many assumptions, and...

...we got a lynching.

What did UWE people do? They fired the guy, just like that. They chose to appease the angry self-righteous masses. Doesn't matter his work was a substantial part of the game's success. Doesn't matter that he was hired to do sound design and excelled at it. No, let's kick him out because we are scared of a bunch of keyboard warriors.

Congratulations, UWE, you just got rid of one of your truly valuable assets.

PS: I'm not defending his political/social/personal views, no. They are his problem whenever he looks at himself in the mirror. The fact is, however, that he did not say/do anything illegal and he still got kicked out for the sake of political correctness, despite the fact that he was so VERY good at the job he was being paid for.


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    Can i ask what happened (links are appropriated if there's) because I just woke up and i saw talking about people fired and all that stuff
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    AdrynBliss wrote: »
    Being good at your job doesn't magically excuse you from acting like a dick. It's a documented fact he trolled with a bunch of hateful crap. It was not reasoned, mature, evidence supported opinions, it was trolling memes and comments. Stop acting like he's the victim. He acted like an asshole and got fired for it. End of story.

    Can you link me to what happened please
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    adel_50 wrote: »

    Can you link me to what happened please

    only just signed up can't post links yet but the story is up on kotaku
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    There's some discussion back and forth about this over here (/r/Games).

    I'm not familiar with the remarks he was fired over, and I haven't seen them linked to or quoted, so maybe sizzle down a little bit until we can get to what he actually said? And he himself has asked everyone to calm down.

    Actually, since all it takes is some digging: Dug from here to here (where it all started) Relevant Kotaku article referenced earlier.

    Prequel here

    A good summary of what happened here

    However, Keep in mind Si's Tweet:
    no, they r good people. just very ideologically different from me.

    For those out of the loop, here is a good explanation of the origin of the meme Si posted and what it means.
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    @0x6A7232 Ty for the informative links.

    @matrixdll Out of all comments here, I identify mostly with yours. However, you're assuming he was fired right of the bat (or I might have missed something). They may very well have asked him to apologize and change his behavior before actually dismissing him. He may not have agreed to do so.

    Whatever the case, it's unfortunate.
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    This seems like the best place to post this:

    Thank you team for banning me from your Discord. While I've had several weeks of pleasant discussion with many others in the community, apparently my rather moderate conversation about this topic was too much for you. Actually, I defended the devs saying that despite politics, this is a great game and still deserves the money. Next thing you know, I ask a legitimate question about FOV and I'm banned? I don't even know what the ban was for - asking about FOV or talking about you firing a talented team member.

    Is this really how you want to treat your community?

    I'm disappointed. Very disappointed.
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    I don't know what to say other than we are all going to miss him because the sounds are what made me buy this game in the first place (I didn't watch any YouTuber)
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    Well if you want links to many of the tweets that are deemed doubtful I would recommend this article which is in german:


    From my personal perspective, I find them rather stupid and short-sighted. However this is what you get when you try to put your political views into 140 signs. At least take the time to write in full sentences and words.
    We can only make guesses if the termination was called for, as we are obviously not objective. You will never know how persons act in their office life either, but maybe you can deduce and extrapolate characteristics from online behaviour.
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    Kouji_San wrote: »
    Even when it's been proven time and time again, that NOT giving in actually works much better.

    Good luck with that. Money is king regardless of what you think works or not. Go ahead and start an indie game company, post your opinions all over social media, attach your posts to your company, and see if Sony, Valve or Microsoft picks up your project. Opinions don't pay the bills.

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    Just highlighting the heart of your position which is a bit ridiculous. The livelihood of one individual is not more important then the whole company. These are the rules of the game and these rules are throughout every industry in this modern internet age. Don't like it, get fired. Or you could just keep your social media account private, use a throwaway account, and keep you livelihood and your opinions. Its that simple.
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    Well it's not my fault you're misunderstood it and quoting out of context. Actually you got it completely turned around, I said that the reason we as employees cave to this bigoted minority, is because of the threat to our livelihood.

    Tell me, where did I say that our livelihood somehow supersedes the company existence or rules... Keywords "the people providing jobs" ;)
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