Build 52491 - VR Only - Can't enter Bases

ToriessianToriessian United States Join Date: 2017-07-12 Member: 231779Members Posts: 10 Fully active user
I can't actually enter bases I build while in VR mode. When I use the hatch to enter the base I immediately fall to the ground. At that point the game acts like I'm in a base, I don't lose O2, I'm not swimming etc.. but I can't actually get into the base. If the base entrance is high off the ground, I take damage/die. If the hatch is somewhere I can get to after falling, I can use it again and "leave" the base and start swimming again.

This does not occur when not in VR mode. Possibly has something to do with the animation not playing in VR where you actually enter the hatch and go into the base?


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