Bugs/observations encountered so far

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I have latest build, got on steam in the end of Dec.
Survivial mode
I haven't found terraformer yet so basically I build base on a "raw cliff".
-plants/bubbles coming from the bottom/schools of fish (uncapturable ones) are drawn through structures of base
-base's equipment could be seen from the bridge of cyclops at ANY distance
-unfinished structures disappear after save/load (lost some precious resources to that)
-power transmitters work principles are unclear: sometimes they have to be in direct optical vision of each other sometimes they work through obstacles (for example you can build a chain over the stone then remove middle link and viola)
-solar panel works at 200m. And in the shadow of cyclops. By means of evil magic it seems :smile:
-foundations could be built in midwater and will have no columns to reach the bottom still increasing hull integrity
-moonpool sometimes built with one or two support pillars resting on water
-I can build foundation under moonpool completely blocking the dock, however if I have seamoth docked before foundation was built it will swim through
-base attached air pumps aren't drawn.
-base attached air pump can be built on pure foundation with power connected. Where it gets air?
-bioreactor sometimes doesn't activate regardless of intake and lack of power on base. Had to rebuild it with different angle or in different room.
-how can I damage the base? It seems like it made not from titanium but pure unobtanium. I built 8 glass tubes with observatory at end with overall hull integrity around 10 (I love those foundations) and tried to ram it with cyclops - not even a scratch.
-I can construct hatch at 45 degrees walls in multipurpose room but can't attach I-shape in the same place. Unfair.

-get the seamoth close enough to cyclops for it opens the dock but do not dock. Get into cyclops. You can see the bottom from the opened hatch without consequences.
-sometimes, when I enter cyclops and try to open wall lockers the inventory is drawn behind the walls of submarine making it invisible. However it is accessible and I can manage it by pointing on empty space and reading descriptions. To fix it I have to dock/undock in seamoth.

-on floating isle with observatories I can run down from the peak without any harm.
-several times I've encountered wrecks drawn multiple times in exact same place. I had to repair door opening mechanism triple times, open the same door 3 times, cut trough doors three times and it has tripled loot in it.
-twice I've seen the wreck completely disappear leaving all of it's stuff floating in water or slowly descending on bottom.
-first time played had EP6 and EP17 not spawned. After first cache clear they appeared where they should be.
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