Sooo... Lets talk about pipes!

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I got this game around the shocking update. JUUUUST after it. Air pipes have not been updated for FOREVER! I used pipes to be able to explore the grassy biome wreck and craft my first seamoth. So what's the deal? Are they getting cut or what?


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    The pipes are not getting removed. In fact, not only is it not being but they're getting new much needed arts by the devs, as stated by @Obraxis in this thread

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    I haven't seen too much utility for the pipes, considering how easy it is to load up on extra o2tanks and the seamoth/exosuit makes them completely redundant. When I first played I thought I had to hook them to the base in order to get o2 inside the base till I learned about power. I might make sense to up the power requirement or incorporate plant air recycling in conjunction with having pipes hook into bases for cheap o2 (or even make it depth dependent because pumps) so that early game base building is still possible while upping the infrastructure requirements of building deeper.
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    We're working on the art for the pipes right now. You should start to see it in the experimental beta coming weeks.
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    I would love to see this get an update. This could be a great early game device, but it would be so much better if it were made into a battery/powercell powered float with an retractable/extendible hose system.
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    If no one minds, I quote myself here since the thread fit's just perfect. ;)
    I'd really like to see a rework of the whole pipe mechanic and the way they are deployed.

    Maybe add a kind of buoy-airpump-mini-fabricator-thingy which can be filled with titanium (and maybe silicone) and deployed and anchored on the surface. You could then use it and dive where you want to go. As you make your way down, the pipe or maybe something "snorkle"-ish (which would allow a more flexible solution) will be build "on the fly" as you decent from the buoy. Each load of resources would get you to a certain depth and you could upgrade the whole buoy thing to add more storage and therfore reach greater depth with it.

    A bit like the diving reel with the buoy as a fixed anchor point. As added comfort you could retract the "pipe/snorkle" at the buoy by pressing a button which would start the retrival process by pulling up and deconstructing the "snorkle". The whole thing would need batteries or an energy cell and could have a solar power upgrade from the modification station for a slightly more independent user expirience.

    At the end of the snorkle you would find a kind of usable adapter to refill your air (maybe with a small animation to it).
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    If no one minds, I quote myself here since the thread fit's just perfect. ;)

    That it does. That is pretty much the device I had in mind, although rather than an on-board fabricator, I would just add a recipe for an air-hose (a derivative of the creepvine comes to mind) and let the player attach more air-hose lengths at will (either directly into the device, or attach it to the loose end).

    Basically, an in-game version of the "powersnorkel".
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    Snuba diving. I did it in Maui and it was pretty awesome.
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    drbrianz wrote: »
    Pipes.... soooo.... beautiful... *dies*

  • zetachronzetachron Germany Join Date: 2014-11-14 Member: 199655Members
    Nice graphics, but the pipe system needs better implementation.
  • dealwithitdogdealwithitdog Texas Join Date: 2016-06-09 Member: 218343Members
    Wow, those look REALLY nice.
  • FathomFathom Earth Join Date: 2016-07-01 Member: 219405Members
    Wow, those look REALLY nice.
    Now if I could find any use for them, I might even build some.
  • TetrapodTetrapod Wastelands of California Join Date: 2016-08-04 Member: 220973Members
    Please make it really simple to use. Currently I'm inept, usually make a big floating pipe noodle ball then give up and make an extra dive tank.
  • jrose78jrose78 MA Join Date: 2016-08-17 Member: 221437Members
    you can get to some deep wrecks early on. I got the modification station fragments about 300m down with pipes. you would need a lot of tanks to get there and explore but with the pipes you can take your time. Plus the biggest plus is you can reuse them. oh and they are super cheap to make.
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