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    simba wrote: »
    I have never pulled a "Decoy plz".

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    Hi are looking for homosex and NS2 hats pleze recruit me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060042521/
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    Decoy wrote: »
    simba wrote: »
    I have never pulled a "Decoy plz".


    Pics or it didn't happen.
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    nick: Hafllifereaper
    age: 18
    skill: mid around 350 hours of NS2 and 100ish hours of NS1
    North America- Nevada
    Lang.: English
    mic: yes- Ts3, vent
    contact: steam
    experience in NS: NS1 played a little when I was younger, NS2 have played for about 350 hours can usually hold my own with the beta players, I am a decent marine, decent lerk and gorge, good fade and skulk.
    experience in other games: I play a lot of RTS games ranging from total war to company of heroes.
    brief info: I am looking for a fairly casual team that works well together, i enjoy competition but I am usually am pretty calm.
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    - Nick: Darkwater
    - Age: 17
    - Skill: high in pubs (probably translates to low in competitive, at least in TF2 it does.)
    - Area: EU (Netherlands)
    - Language: English, Dutch
    - Mic: I have a working mic for Mumble/TS, but NS2 doesn't recognize it (probably because I'm on Linux without using Pulse)
    - Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkwater124 or as Darkwater on Freenode/OFTC/GameSurge
    - Experience (NS):
    I've been playing NS2 since the beta, my total playtime is 183 hours right now. I've done a few competitive matches with a team that stopped rather quickly a long time ago. I stopped playing NS2 for a couple of months after that, and started playing comp TF2 a while later. Now I started playing NS2 again and would like to try competitive again. I pretty much forgot all about competitive NS2 so consider me a newbie at that. :v
    As for the classes I play, as alien I usually stay skulk or go lerk. Occasionally I go gorge, fade or onos if I feel like it. I love running around an exo as skulk, biting the crap out of it. As a marine I usually stay assault rifle marine and buy a jetpack and flamethrower when I got the resources to buy them, or just go railgun exo when I feel like blowing up alien meat.
    I used to be a pretty good alien commander before my break. Since I use Linux I don't usually go commander because I don't like commanding without a microphone, so I might need to practice that a bit more.

    - Experience (other):
    I've played a few seasons of competitive TF2 in div 5 and 6. I've also played other games like CS:S/GO and other shooters, but nothing competitive except TF2.

    - About me:
    I'm a programmer and a (white-hat) hacker. I use and love Linux and messing around with it. I like gaming and occasionally make small games myself.
    As for NS2, I've played some NS1 a couple of years ago when I was too young to understand what really happened, I just liked running around on walls and stuff. When I heard about NS2 I was really excited about it, and eventually won a beta key from a contest on Twitter.
    As for competitive NS2, I just want to have fun playing the game, and being sure to have a team that communicates and actually tries. I'm getting sick and tired of pubs where people consign when they're starting to feel a slight disadvantage, or don't communicate, or similar crap.
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    Mister is a Div 2/1 North American team that is currently looking for a commander.

    If you would like to apply message one of our team members and we'll contact you before our next scrim. They typically happen some time in the afternoon (against Euro teams) or around 11pm EST against NA teams.

    We do however have some requirements you must fulfill.
    1. Must be available to all possible scrims so please don't join if your schedule does not allow you to show up to scrims. No shows have been a recurrent problem with our team in the past.
    2. Must not talk. Might seem odd, but it has much to do with our teams play style. We focus mainly on field calls to progress through matches and so having a commander who can leave the leadership to the field commanders is much appreciated as it leads to less conflicting calls and allows our team to operate more fluidly.
    a. As long as you can drop meds accurately, manage your res pool, and place structures properly then you'll be just fine.

    Team leaders are Blwsky, Tico, and myself. Message any one of us if you're interested in joining or even if you'd just like to scrim.

    One last note; we play a good deal of Dota 2 so there are times when we'll be unavailable for scrims. NS2 is a ded gaem yo.

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  • MewSkittyMewSkitty Join Date: 2012-12-01 Member: 173805Members, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Supporter

    Hi im 22 years old, currently in NA and have mic+mumble/teamspeak - have decent ns2 competitive gaming and my role during that time was a commander.
  • IxianIxian Denmark Join Date: 2014-03-16 Member: 194783Members, Squad Five Blue
    nick: Ixian
    age: 20
    skilllevel: Medium
    EU/NA/AUS etc: EU
    language: Danish, English
    microphone: Seenheiser 2200A (Voice low-medium end studio quality condencer microphone)
    how to contact you: Steam under same Nickname or a PB here.
    experience in ns: 200 hours into NS2, None of them competitive.
    experience in other games: Wolfenstein: ET, High skill level. MoH: AA (medium). UT (medium)

    About me: Studying Music. Experienced leader from music experience. I can work around my scheme to fit the team.
    Experienced both as Alien and Marine Comm. Metagamer, but not afraid to throw every guideline away to try batshit crazy stuff.

    I am openminded to every offer, as I have no experience in the competitive stage. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions queries or qaucks to give. Thank you for your time! :)
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    Hey guys!
    nick: VilDenB
    age: 21
    skill: mid
    EU ( Sweden )
    language: English, Swedish
    microphone: Yes
    Contact me through steam.
    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc): Have played ns2 for some months now, no competitive matches or anything, just public.
    experience in other games (competitive preferably): Played some esl seasons in Ghost recon online.
    Im looking forward to be part of a team to maximize the teamplay and have a great time whilst.

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  • Shifty88Shifty88 New York Join Date: 2014-03-28 Member: 195013Members
    Interested in both NA and EU teams.

    1. Nic: Shifty
    2. Age: 25
    3. Skill: Mid
    4. Location: NA, New York
    5. Language: English
    6. Mic: Headset
    7. Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/88Shifty
    8. Experience: I played NS1 with a small clan when that first came out years ago. Started playing NS2 this year and it's an incredible game. I have about 100 hours logged on my account. I am a good shot as a marine and do well with all weapons. As an alien I spent most of my time going skulk and onos, but have recently been working on improving my fade skills.
    9. Other Experience: My last clan experience was some years ago when I was in the R.A.T.Z! zombie panic source clan where I served as a admin with 400+ hours logged. That lasted for a few years.
    10. Brief Info: I'm interested in playing with some people who love the game and play regularly. I really love the cooperation needed to be successful in this game. I follow orders well and work well in a team. Interested in both casual and competitive playing.

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    More luck on the aus forums. Thanks to those who asked.

    Hey there!
    nic: Mod
    age: 20
    skill: mid-low
    language: English
    microphone: Yes
    Contact me through steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Chromius
    Experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc): Have played ns2 for some months now, steam thinks I have about 200 hours in. No competitive experience sofar, just public. I'm pretty competent as a marine or a skulk/gorge, I have a ways to go with higher lifeforms but I'll get there.

    Experience in other games (competitive preferably): A lot of TF2. Yeah I'm fairly green when it comes to competitive but I find focused teams to be a hell of a lot of fun and would really like to find a band to fail with/train harder.

    I think I'll try over on the aus forums too. Prolly get more hits there eh? :p
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    rickrockr wrote: »
    I prefer close combat such as melee

    Look out ns2, we've got an axepert
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    Nick: Beef

    Age: 22

    Skill: Pubstomps are easy enough, Medium?

    Area: UK

    Language: English

    Mic: Problems with in-game VOIP, TS3/Vent works fine.

    Contact: PM on here

    Experience (NS):
    Played NS1 pubs back in the day, no competitive experience with NS. I mainly play Lerk right now and I feel as though my skill has increased dramatically, in both rine and alien, within the last month.

    Experience (other):
    I've played various other skill based and twitch based shooters. T:A, BHD, etc. However none competitively

    About me: Going into my 2nd year at University, looking for more of challenge and a group of other gamers that work well together and who can progress together.
  • GaussWaffleGaussWaffle Join Date: 2008-02-22 Member: 63708Members
    Nickname: GaussWaffle, GW, GaussAwful

    Age: 25

    Skill: Mid-High

    Lifeforms in order of best: Fade, Gorge, Onos,................................, SWS, Lerk

    Area: USA (Arizona)

    Language: English

    Mic: All ok

    Contact: steam: GaussWaffle

    Experience (NS):
    3000 hours in NS1 spanned since 2003
    1500 hours in NS2 since early 2013
    Briefly played with KKG
    Pug experience

    Experience (other):
    Stuff, none in comp unless masters sc2 is your thing.

    About me: One year left before I graduate with a BS in Civil Engineering.

    I'm not picky, but I'd like to get more into the comp scene and learn that angle better.
  • MasterSFXMasterSFX Join Date: 2014-08-07 Member: 197849Members
    -Nick: MasterSFX (ingame)
    -Age: 16
    -Skill: High (commanding), Med (soldier/alien)
    -Location: East Coast US
    -Language: English
    -Microphone: Yes, corded Turtle Beach PX21
    -How to contact: steam name= master_sfx
    -Experience in NS: Started a little after NS2 was released, became my favorite game and lead to many hours of playtime :3
    -Experience in other games: Played many first person shooters, NS2 was my first RTS-type game that I got into. Decent aim but excel in the command chair and hive.
    -Brief info: Looking for a casual team to work with, want to learn about semi-competitive play. I'm a good sport; mainly just looking for a good group to play with. Please invite or message me on steam!
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    I recommend to go there: http://www.ensl.org/forums/11 & follow the forums instructions.
  • AurOn2AurOn2 COOKIES! FREEDOM, AND BISCUITS! Australia Join Date: 2012-01-13 Member: 140224Members, Forum Moderators, NS2 Playtester, Forum staff
    OR http://ausns2.org/forum.php - the latest AUSNS League is about to begin.
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    Nick : Alunduyn
    Age : 18
    Skill : Low (Understood the mechanics, still pretty bad at shootin')
    Location : EU (Italy)
    language : English, Italian
    Microphone : Yes
    How to contact me : Steam
    Experience in NS : None
    Experience in other games : LoL (Medium), DotA2 (Low), TF2 (Medium), PoE (Medium)
    Brief info about yourself : I'm looking for an upgrate to my NS2 experience. This game is awesome, I switched a lot of games not finding them enough *anything*, played some competitive ones. I'm more of a strategy guy, but NS2 got my hearth. I'd really like to have a group of players to play with, to move over the "casual match" stuff, with more coordinated teams and stuff. I'm not a great player tho, so I'm not the one you'll be needing for your competitive team (nothing against competitive, I'd like to be part of a team of that sort, I'm just not good enough to get into one as of now). My W/L rateo is accurate (and baaaaaad) because I don't leave losing teams. What else? I like trains
       _||__|  |  ______   ______    ______   ______   ____
      (        | |      | |      |  |      | |      | |    |   
      /-()---() ~ ()--() ~ ()--() ~ ()--() ~ ()--() ~ ()--()
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    Nick : MRD` SamuraiRaver TheOne.
    Age : 28
    Skill : born 1337 but currently inactive
    Location : EU UK
    language : English
    Microphone : Yes
    How to contact me : Steam irc MRD`
    Experience in NS : Apathy[A] blind fury[>.<] .torment.TheOne UKSNL prem TEAMUK and teamEU player merced 4 imV to win spanish cup merc for few nice ppl clans like CBX imV MrMen
    Experience in other games : UKTFL perm TFC max8, and div 3 HoL player div 2 cs:s runners up Elite clan killers e*ck Tribes ascend play tester and early league prem player
    generally a prem player for most games not so much cs anymore as reactions go to shit as you get older
    Have just come back to find a clan for NS2 for some fun and games non super serious preferably some team that has ns#1 player's so we speak the same language i do watch a fair bit of ns2 competitive play in fact it makes me almost sick how many perks the top teams get compared to top ns1 teams when it was the 4th biggest game on steam with a community 10 times the size
    would like to find a prem div 1 clan who can teach me the ropes real quick and i just stay out of the way till i get used to shit
    or a div 3-4 clan who can do the same but may benefit from some of t he unbeaten tacks torment used to implement

    again i would have started playing ns2 earlier but gfx card sucks and i wasn't gona play with 6-9 fps in a 1v1 and 23-45 walking around

    you can PM me here for contact i dont expect to play games but would really like a good player to walk around a few maps with me and show me angles/ambush points/common camping spots/better places to stand and defend ect ect
  • IPFreelyIPFreely Slovenia Join Date: 2015-10-25 Member: 208750Members

    * nick: IP
    * age: 23
    * skill: Mid
    * EU
    * language: English, Slovenian, I also understand German
    * microphone: I use WebCam Mic in pub - not much since I'm not commanding a lot.
    * how to contact you: Contact me through steam, nickname ipfreely4ever (skull with orange background avatar from Slovenia)
    * experience in ns: Started playing it when NS2 came out, then I went on hiatus until recently (September 2015).
    * experience in other games: Never participated in any competitive games
    * brief info about yourself: I love this game and would like to get really good at it, I'm looking for hardcore competitive experience as that is a better way to force yourself to get great at a game.

    (Post will be updated accordingly)
  • DropkickdropDropkickdrop Denmark Join Date: 2016-04-06 Member: 215406Members
    Nick: as stated by forum profile

    Age: 27

    skill: OP as F***! just kidding :) I am pretty new to the game, i have about 40 hours of gametime, but i feel that i am doing pretty well, and i have a decent grasp on commanding.

    TZ: EU

    Language: Danish and english fluently, intermediate swedish and norwegian, beginners German

    I have a mic, as well as a teamspeak server available for teamplay (could be used for scrims etc.)

    Experience in game: as stated above

    Experience in other games: I have played shooters forever, recently i have played a lot of Planetside 2, both as squaddie, squad lead and platoon lead.

    NS2 goals: i consider myself a pretty good new player, and i want to get really, really good at this game, would love to play it competitively!

    Contact me through steam: Dropkickdrop/kongkage
  • DarkxDarkx Chicago Join Date: 2016-04-01 Member: 215141Members
    nick: Darkx
    age: 18
    skill: Low-Mid
    North America
    Language: English and Spanish.
    how to contact you: Steam - Darkx (I have a Dark Samus Profile pic)
    experience in ns : Only Played NS2. 440 hours clocked into steam, increasing as I speak
    experience in other games : Archeage.
    brief info about yourself : I am looking to get strong, stronger than ever, to achieve what I want. A goal I am yet unable to see but I can sometimes grasp it. My intention is to fight and fight through and through, all together if possible with a team that can be with me, a team that can guide everyone. I have the want, the want to make comrades, and to have those comrades I want us all to fight for what we want and to get stronger. I know getting stronger is selfish but, If you want something you have to go head on. So that is why I want a team, that is why I strive.
  • ComradeJoecoolComradeJoecool USA Join Date: 2016-05-02 Member: 216258Members
    nick: ComradeJoecool
    age: 26
    skill: mid-low, but I am a fast learner and practice at my competitive games greatly
    EU/NA/AUS: North America
    language: English
    microphone: Yup
    how to contact you: Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/ComradeJoecool
    experience in ns little, <20 hrs, but really like it and want to learn to be better and play with co-operating teams
    experience in other games: Tons, Starcraft: Brood War, SC2, Planetside 2, Call of Duty MW and MW2, Black Ops, the list goes on etc.
    brief info about yourself

    I am looking for a really fun experience with this game; it's tough to have fun while losing (unless you are drinking), so train me how to be EPIC. I like to become really good at my favorite games. Help me get there, and let's wreck some good teams.

    PS: Friend requesting the guy above me because his Brief rules. Especially because he said, He wants to make "Comrades" ♥
  • falconbridgefalconbridge france Join Date: 2016-05-11 Member: 216628Members
    nick: falconbridge

    age: 25

    skill (high, mid, low) : pretty low for now I guess. ( i still strugle with the maps enough that i usually take way too long to get to where my commander needs me).

    Server: EU

    language: french and english. ( i do have a french accent, but i am 99% fluent in english)

    microphone: of course, and I would really like to find a team with which to use it...

    how to contact you:
    This forum
    Or on steam, but i don't check often during the week https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044109352/

    experience in ns: none really, I played a dozen pub games, never as commander, and I watched plenty of youtube tutorials and matchs.

    experience in other games: not much I'm afraid. Around 600 hours on tf2 pub ( i try to play every class equally but my favorites are soldier, pyro and medic ).

    brief info about yourself : I'm looking for casual fun , i don't think I have the time for more, I'm a medical studient so i can only spare sunday morning between 10h30 and 12h30 Paris-time ( thats 8h30 to 10h30 gmt, so yeah, not sure how much luck i'll have finding someone )
    I'm looking for a someone or a group to play with so we can work together as a team using the mic ( which is the main reason why I am not satisfied with pub ) .
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