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    Have a team; obsolete.

    <b>Nick:</b> see sig

    <b>Age:</b> above 18


    Compared to this thread, godlike, realistically speaking (vs comp beta players):
    Marine: High-Mid (depending on hitreg/server, derp)
    Skulk: Mid
    Gorge: No idea tbh
    Lerk: Low
    Fade: High-Mid
    Onos: what, onos needs skill?!
    Marine Com: High-Mid
    Alien Com: Mid-High
    (I'm not going perma com or anything)

    <b>Language:</b> DE, EN

    <b>Mic:</b> Yes

    <b>Contact:</b> #ns.search @ quakenet, or steam -> <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/Omega_K2/" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/Omega_K2/</a> (won't accept <b>any</b> requests from people I've never seen before.)

    <b>Experience:</b> NS2 Gathers, NS2 merc on some occasions, some tf2 highlander, otherwise just playing for normal rankings or organized with ts in various team games. Otherwise game experience in lots of FPS, RTS, RPG and building/sim games.

    <b>And what I am looking for:</b> Either membership in a clan with mid+ skilled players WITH experience (no startups without any prior ns experience, especailly not without comp/gather experience), if people around from beta it would be nice, but not mandatory; in addition communication is required and every clan member should have a mic and speak fluent english or german (prefer international clans), or co-founding a clan with said goals (can setup website, ts3, ns2 server [once linux build is out], etc), but without actively leading it.
    Play times will most likely be weekends because I'm usually busy thoughout the week or home rather late.
    Also, I will not be permanent commander, but would not mind replacement/emergency commanding.
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    nick: jerro
    age: 22
    skill: low/mid (hard to gauge just from pubs, gonna be safe with this)
    Location: USA East
    language: English
    microphone: Yes
    steam profile: <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/jellooo" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/jellooo</a>
    - played NS2 since mid-late beta.
    - played a few NS1 pugs, 99% of time spent pubbing.
    - TF2 6v6 (low) and highlander (high)

    Other info: Just looking to have a good time playing some scrims and break into the scene. I'd like to be taught how to play the current metagame if there is someone knowledgeable.
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    nick: c4sh
    age: 19
    skill: mid-high
    Location: USA East
    language: English
    microphone: Yes
    steam profile: add MrCash21
    - played first person shooters for about 10 years
    - TF2 6v6 (mid)

    Would like to play with people who are interested in getting better as well as getting known in the new competitive community.

    feel free to add me, I am always looking to play with friends!!!!!
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    nick: *=PeaceMaker=*
    age: 22
    skill: High-Mid
    language English/Some German/Some Norwegian/Some Dutch
    have microphone
    contact: matrix_jesus (steam)
    experience in gaming: ~14-16 years, sc1, sc2, ns1, ns2, hl1/2(ep1,2), cs, cs:cz, cs:s, cs:go, dod, lol, dota, warcraft1,2,3, RA1/2/3, CnC ALL, much much more (pm if you seriously want a full list)

    i also have my own ns2 server set up on EU with 144mbit connection speed. any clans looking for a private server or whatever, pm me and let me know
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    join that ######
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    <b>Nick:</b> Messageboy
    <b>Age:</b> 23
    <b>Skill:</b> Mid
    <b>Location:</b> AUS - TAS
    <b>Language:</b> English
    <b>Microphone:</b> Yes
    <b>How to contact:</b> Leolo82 (Steam) || thecyberroy@gmail.com (Email)
    <b>Experience in ns:</b> New to NS2
    <b>Experience in other games:</b> Left 4 Dead
    <b>Brief info about yourself:</b> I have gotten into quite a lot of games in the past, still didn't have the desire to go competitive in them except for Left 4 Dead. I know that NS2 is a game that I want to go competitive in. I am a rather calm person who is active gamer with playing at least 3 to 5 hours each day in some game, lately being NS2 every day. I don't mind being a soldier or commander in the team, gaining experience in both roles on both races of NS2. I like to get involved in discussions of tactics with sharing my thoughts yet understanding of other play styles and plans.
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    Nick: hypnoxicon, hypno, hyp, etc.

    Age: 27

    Skill: Mid / Low - I only say this because I don't know what to compare myself to. There is however room for improvement (always).

    Location: Florida, NA

    Language: English, some rudimentary french.

    Microphone: Yes, I have one.

    Contact: Steam: <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/hypnostic" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/hypnostic</a>

    Experience: I played NS1 for kicks for a long time up until the release of Combat mode when I decided to quit.

    Experience in Other Games: Competitively speaking, I played Team Fortress Classic for 7 years. I topped out in STA Gold / TFL 2a (second highest ladders) when STA Platinum / TFL 1a (highest ladders) were considered the top. I was also still on 56k during this time, without that hindrance I imagine I could've probably held my own in STA Plat and TFL 1a.

    Info: I'm currently in college going after a Bachelor's degree. So, due to time constraints I'm really just looking for a group of people to play and learn NS2 with. I guess you could say I'm looking for a casual competitive experience, heh.
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    Evening all, looking for a fairly competitive EU team to get involved with. This game is fantastic, I just want a reliable group to play with!

    IGN: WitchCraft

    Age: 22

    Skill: Medium, only have about 10 hours in game so far but am already heading the scoreboards in most games.

    Region: EU, British

    Language: English

    Microphone: Of course.

    How to contact me: send me a message on steam or on here, steam name is WitchCraft.

    NS Experience: Honestly none other than the last 10 hours, but I am getting a firm grasp of it already.

    Other game experience: Played BF2, BF2142 and COD4 competitively to a decent level with a clan for 3 years.

    Info about myself: Looking for a decent bunch of blokes to play a some games with and kick the arse out of a few matches. The more active the clan the better, I love a full server and busy forums.
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    Age: 20
    skill: Low-Mid
    Location: NA Central
    language: English
    microphone: Yes
    how to contact me: Steam, username is biggians, my picture is of darth stewie from Family guy and it says biggiansowns in bloody letters
    experience in ns: Maybe 20 games, no commanding experience, very little alien experience, mostly play marines.
    experience in other games: For those of you who know how difficult it is to play GunZ: The Duel well, I was a mid-high skilled player.
    brief info about yourself: I'm a college student, but I'm free on the weekends almost 100% of the time. Due to not being at home I play from my laptop most of the time, so I don't get the best performance in heated situations. I'm looking for a casual group of people to play with and to have fun.
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    26 years old

    Unknown skill (gotta try team matches to figure it out)

    North America
    English and French

    Microphone enabled

    Search for "spikozaure", I am the guy with origins from France

    I played NS1 (times to times), bought NS2 few months after the first batch of pre-order (the Black Armor edition) and didn't play until release date.
    I played massively DoD (Day of Defeat) for 5/6 years until it retired, I think I played more than 2000 hours on it and got to a point where I would consider the shovel as my secondary weapon (rather than the handgun); probably among the very few players in Europe that would use the shovel during official tournaments.

    I am currently living in North California, play about 2 to 3 hours every night and would love to play matches 2 to 3 times a week.
    As a half-half guy, I am looking for a half-fun half-competitive team, with a good cohesion and ambiance. I won't command because that's not where I shine; FPS is my thing.
    In life in general, I tend to do as much as I can to be the guy that you can/will rely on and this is how I am in a team.

    I am not looking for a team where I would babysit or hear whining/cursing/yelling through microphone.
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    Hello, name is Andreas aka Nande. 24 year old Swed and I want to get something more done with my NS2 time then pubstomping.
    I'm doing well in all pubs i participate in, both score and kill-wise on both races. Can play commander aswell, altho haven't done that competitively which is quite different.

    Im looking for a competitive EU team to improve and have fun with.
    In the past i've been playing CS 1.5-1.6 (high),WoW:Wotlk(2400), SC:BW, SC2(Master) competetively and non-competitive Warhammer 40k and Nuclear Dawn for funzis and done well so I would say I have a great mindset for these kind of games.

    Me as a player, i'm calm, doesn't rage and stubborn in a good way. I'm good at multitasking and taking actions on the fly when I see a opportunity present itself.
    I've got mic which is mandatory and i'm primarily using skype(omgmeld) but can ofc use any other voicecom program.

    I'm willing to spend quite a lot of time if needed to improve as a team or my own skills.

    So if you have any questions just hit me up here or on skype, add some info there when you add me so I know it's about NS2 and not some random bot thingy =)
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    -Nick: Splinter
    -Age: 21
    -Skill: Low (no competitive experience)
    -Location: US Central
    -Language: English
    -Microphone: Yes
    -Contact: <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002460632" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002460632</a>

    I have very little experience in Natural Selection 1, but I'm very interested in trying out NS2 in a competitive scenario after tinkering with pubs in both beta and retail and learning the ropes. I have competitive experience in Brood War (C- in only two seasons on ICCUP), SC2 (mid master league), and DotA/DotA 2 (taken games off of known/sponsored NA teams). I am looking for a team or even a casual inhouse group such that I may test the waters of the competitive scene - I've watched enough matches as well as have learned the same lesson in previous e-sports titles to know that pub servers do not teach or feature nearly the same level of game knowledge as organized matches.

    While I do want to try this game out, I'm not (yet) making a total transition from DotA so I can't say I'd be available for more than a few hours per day as I also have a 9-5 job, but given sufficient scheduling in advance I can make pretty much any date. Add me on steam or PM me here if you're interested! :)
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    nick - Aaron, AaronS, Aceaces

    age - 21

    skill - low-mid. I know the ins and outs of the game now, so it's just a matter of improving my shooting and movement. I have experience playing com on both sides, as well as all the lifeforms and marine set ups. Just a matter of getting experience, and learning some good competitive strats now.

    location - US East

    language - english

    microphone - yup

    how to contact you - On steam as <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/solon" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/solon</a>, or PM me on these forums for my skype.

    experience in ns - I played NS1 a lot when I was younger. I played a bit in beta, and have been playing since release too.

    experience in other games - I have extensive experience in competitive Street Fighter (I was sponsored by Razer as part of a team called TFA) and have a lot of community building and tournament experience from that game. I have also played Smash, WoW, D3, CSS and Starcraft on a semi-competitive basis.

    brief info about yourself - I've been really enjoying NS2 so far, and I wanted to play some games in a more competitive, scrim environment to see how I like it in that setting. Right now I'm looking for a laid back team that wants to find some good scrims and have some fun learning more about the game on a competitive level. I look forward to playing with you guys :)
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    <b>nick:</b> Tyrant^
    <b>age:</b> 24
    <b>skill:</b> Medium/High, regularly top scoreboards
    <b>zone:</b> Europe
    <b>language:</b> English
    <b>microphone:</b> Yes, you need one !
    <b>how to contact you:</b> forum private message

    <b>experience in ns:</b> played ns1 since release and ns2 since beta

    <b>experience in other games:</b> played CS, Cod4, and SC2 competitively

    <b>brief info about yourself:</b> looking for a well organized bunch of cool dudes with skillz who don't take competitive gaming too seriously. At the end of the day its a game but games are meant to be won !
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    <ul><li>nick: Chromatism</li><li>age: 25</li><li>skill: Undetermined (Lets say mid to low while I'm picking this up. Though recent success in public games means I'm confident that this rating will shoot up quickly)</li><li>EU - in the UK</li><li>English - does what it says on the tin :P</li><li>Microphone: Absolutely</li><li>Contact: I'm on steam as Chromatism</li><li>experience in ns: Lets see... I played NS when I was 15 to 16, and to be fair I don't think I really 'got it'. So not much experience there really.</li><li>experience in other games: I played Day of Defeat and DoD Source very competitively on the Enemy Down ladders with Degenerates X back in the day. Back then I went by the name Sanctioner. I also had some success playing for fcuk in Call of Duties 1 through 4.</li><li>brief info: Its been a while since I've been involved in clan play. Life, education and illness hampered my gaming time, so I've been out of the loop for a bit. However a truly team based game like NS2 has all the hooks it needs to pull me right back in! Its been so refreshing to play public games and ACTUALLY play as a team... something so few games manage to accomplish.

    I'm looking for fun. Whether casual or hardcore competitive, as long as the team play is good I'm there all the way. Its worth noting that I can't make Fridays in my gaming schedule, and my college days are Monday and Tuesday but I should be able to make evenings. If any UK/EU teams are looking for members, and don't mind my lack of experience (I'm working on it!!!) then please let me know. Cheers!</li></ul>
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    nick > L
    age > 27
    skill (high, mid, low) > worthless,
    EU/NA/AUS etc > EU
    language > English, Swedish
    microphone > yea..
    how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it) > Ln on gamesurge
    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc) > Played HL1, TFC for 5 years clanned, um.. NS1, Sc1 & 2, oh, and CoD ofc! loads and loads of CoD
    experience in other games (competitive preferably), TFC... Ns1, CS,
    brief info about yourself: just pop me a msg, I'm a nice guy really.
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    Can't delete a post, so just editing this one to empty it :s
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    Ill just start with the template..

    1. My in-game nick is iG BoArdz, my steam id is naskefalk

    2. Im 15 years old. More mature than most 15 year old guys.

    3. If I were to say how good I am at FPS games in general, it would be 7.5 / 10. In NS2, i would say 6(mid-good)

    4. I live in sweden, so it must be EU.

    5. I can speak english, swedish. i can understand most Norwegian, and some danish.

    6. I have a working microphone and headset.

    7. U could contact me on my email; Naskefalk@gmail.com or via steam Naskefalk / iG BoArdZ.

    8. Im relatively new to NS2 and ive never played ns1, but i have played alot of tf2, CoD: mw2, blackops, cod 4, cod 5, mw3 and a little cs 1.6 and cs source, ive played day of defeat aswell. I played WoW on 2k rating in cata 4.3.3-4.3.6 and now i play WoW pve in MoP.

    9. (above)

    10. I'm looking for a fun, yet serious gaming clan, where I can meet new people and talk to other than my friends. I am very social and easy to be with. I can play most evenings between 8-10 pm, and almost all the time on weekends.
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    1. Nickname: matchbook

    2. 25 years old

    3. Average skill level

    4. USA pacifist time

    5. English speaking

    6. Have working mix and headset

    7. Contact braaponte@gmail.com

    8. Started playing ns2 on official release date. Logged 50+ hours so far. Played ns1 competitively for 2 seasons in CAL with console and cobra con clans.

    I'm just looking for a clan to play competitively with. I feel organized play is a lot more fun than pugging.
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    - Nick: Noob|et / Colbat

    - Age: 21

    - Skill: mid/high

    - Area: SG

    - Language: English

    - Mic: Steel Series Siberia

    - Contact:
    <i>Steam : <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI</a>
    Email : iam@colbat.sg</i>

    - Experience (NS):
    Played NS1 in a community SGNS. Been playing NS2 since alpha.

    - Experience (other):
    Playing for a SEA based team for the Battlefield Series and other FPS since 2009.
    [Bf.Nut] is a competitive eSport clan founded on the love of the Battlefield Series.
    <i>Accolades/Info : <a href="http://www.facebook.com/bfnut/info" target="_blank">http://www.facebook.com/bfnut/info</a></i>

    - About me:
    I'm a interaction designer, currently working as freelance and studying at the same time.
    Looking to play NS competitive/pro if possible, but knowing that location will be an issue.
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    <b>nick</b> - Jeff
    <b>age</b> - 19
    <b>skill</b> - low
    <b>location</b> - NA
    <b>language</b> - english
    <b>microphone</b> - Yes
    <b>contact</b> - <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jefffey/" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jefffey/</a>
    <b>[b]experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc)</b>[/b] - N/A
    <b>[b]experience in other games (competitive preferably)</b>[/b] - N/A
    brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you) -

    I'm around late weekend nights to the ams and all day weekends. In the PST timezone. Just looking to improve, have fun, and participate and competitions. I don't mind getting stomped, don't rage, and would rather not be around people who do. I'm not the best, but I can play a lot.
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    <ul><li> nick : Morphitrix</li><li> age : 25</li><li> skill : mid/mid-high - Commanding: mediocre, LMG/SG: 7/10 (Still working on it), I have neglected the other lifeforms in favor of perfecting Lerk play (my preferred in NS1)</li><li> Location: NA - Eastern</li><li> microphone : Yes</li><li> Steam Profile : <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197966609850" target="_blank">Morphitrix</a></li><li> NS1 : 1 Season CAL, spent a couple years living NS literally every waking hour, few months of NS2 beta, but no comp experience yet</li><li> experience in other games : 2 Seasons CAL in CSS, CEVO-P TF2 (Dedicated Medic)</li><li> About Me : Ideally I would prefer hardcore competition, but my schedule is complicated and may only allow for me to be a backup rather than a first stringer. I can confidently say that NS gave me more enjoyment than any other game I have played in my life. I support UWE and NS2 in any way that I can (which unfortunately isn't much because I am very lacking in the creative talents department) and I am here to stay in the NS2 community for the foreseeable future.</li></ul>
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    <ul><li> nick: Mek;</li><li> age: 23;</li><li> skill: mid;</li><li> localition: EU (GMT +1);</li><li> language: English, italian;</li><li> microphone: Yep (Vent, Ts3)</li><li> contact: Steam <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/mek89/" target="_blank">Mek</a></li><li> experience in other games: AvP2, Cod, Cod2, ET:QW (competitive) and non-competitive
    in a lot of other games, just check the steam game list to get an idea;</li><li> About me: I'm tired of being a lone-wolf pug player, i've found in ns2 my chance
    to try to be competitive again, it really looks like an awesome teamwork based
    game, so i want to enjoy it at maximum.
    To do so I just need to find a team, I'm available every evening from 20:30 everyday
    (except Wednesday and Saturnday usually)</li></ul>
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    • FoX
    • 24
    • skill (mid-high)
    • EU
    • language (English/Swedish)
    • microphone (Otherwise I would not apply for a team x)
    • how to contact you (martin.tropse.andersson@gmail.com, steam account: “haxspetten”

    • Experience in ns (50 hours in NS2 now, got a white name in the game and all!)

    Experience in other games: Strong to top teams in L4D, BFBC2, BF3. Have been in several sponsored teams and won some online tournament and been top of many ladders but never played for a well-known team, have played against pretty much all of them though :P Possibly if you count Lzuruha gaming, mixed several times with Dignitas players by the end of BF3 though.

    As a player I am competitive, not raging though or at least a fairly mild rage. Having a challenge is what makes game entertaining in my mind, thus becoming more skilled, developing TP, learn tactics, do analyze and winning is what mainly comes to mind when I play for “fun”. Because that is fun :)

    About my NS2 skills so far. Marine, getting pretty strong with it in general I dare say. Jetpack + shotgun = I have an entertaining round ^^

    Alien goes pretty decent now. I am actually not sure what is considered "good" as I am uncertain how good a strong alien player can be but I consider myself a decent skulk player now. My best "lifeform" is probably Lurk, it was love from first try and has been the class I played most since then. Gorge I have not played other then for healing Onos, so never tried the walling/hydra/spin thing. Onos I can play pretty well but then again I personally feel that most players can, unless I missed something. I like playing Fade, but I have not done so much lately as I find the class kind of risky. 50 resources is a lot for a unit that can go down in one volley or at least close to one. At least in public it feels like Onos is the safer/better bet 9 of 10 times.

    I have not been playing commander much (2 rounds) but I do get a better and better at understanding of "what is needed at time point x" from the soldier /team perspective. I have been thinking about it a bit but I know I am not great at multitasking so I figured someone else will probably do a better job. I have an SC2 account but I have only played part of one season. I was in diamond after like 150 games (was like 8-10 months ago) but no, I think it makes more sense to have me on the ground. That is my tactical analyzes of myself at least ^^

    Finally I don't want to be picky but if you have many players in your team that are playing mainly "for fun" that I am probably not your guy. I have fun time fooling around with my friends in public sometimes but if that was all I wanted then I had no reason to join a team in the first place. Also if you are an NA team, I played in NA team before, not big fan of playing 01:00-06:00 CET times, unless you have something really interesting I am probably not up for it.
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    Nick: JDM
    Age: 16
    Skill: Low-Mid
    Location: UK
    Language: English
    Microphone: Yep - Plantronics .Audio 955
    How to contact me: Add me on steam, Username JDM, picture is of the kid from bastion
    Experience in NS: I was 6 when NS1 came out, I think that says enough about that. However, been very successful (I think) in NS2, winning majority of games, Commanded repeatedly and only losing 5 games as com out of about 50-60. Better Alien that marine, oddly.
    Experience in other games: Played a bit of Competitive TF2 for a while, fairly successful but gave up due to lack of permanent team. Played SC2 for a time, before losing all interest, along with Supreme Commander 1, Forged Allience and 2, and C&C 3.
    Brief Info about Myself: Im young, I get it. However, I think I'm a more mature player than most people my age. Free most days after 4pm and almost all of the weekends. Im looking for a more casual group to play with, just fed up with the lack of skill and any kind of teamwork that goes on, on a regular basis on pubs.
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    Posting this here to see if any NA teams are recruiting.

    • age - 20
    • skill (high, mid, low) - High compared to most people here I suspect.
    • EU/NA/AUS etc - NA
    • language - English
    • microphone - Why would you put this here?
    • how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it) - Steam (Search "Flip" - Yellow flag with black eagle)
    • experience in ns - Played for NorCal in most late beta tournaments (Logitech, Guru) and have been scrimming/gathering since late summer.
    • experience in other games (competitive preferably) - Went to MLG New York 2006 for Halo 2, played ns1 a bit, non competitively.
    • brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you)
    -Looking for a team to continue playing competitively and hopefully play in ENSL S1.
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    nick: The Bez
    age: 30
    skill (high, mid, low): Mid to high.
    EU/NA/AUS etc: NA
    language (english/finnish/french etc): English
    microphone: Of course
    how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it): Steam ID is bez1182
    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc): New to NS with the release of NS2, but have picked up the gameplay pretty quickly.
    experience in other games (competitive preferably): Got my start in Enemy Territory. I've played competitive FPS in TF2, a few BF games and sadly a few console FPS since then.
    brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you): Hoping to be a last minute pickup to somebody putting an ENSL team together. Or maybe just a team for scrims if I'm too late to hit the ENSL signup deadline. Hit me up on steam if you're looking for a solid footsoldier.
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    nick : Inkvisiit (May also use alias: H1nd)

    age : ~25 (as of nextweek!)

    skill : Mid, with aim to be high. With a good team I will certainly improve. (Currently my strengths seem to lie in commanding and Alien side of the game (lerk ftw)).

    AU-EU-US TZ ( I work nightshifts in EU so USA and or AU based teams are not entirely out of question (I have a good internet connection)

    language: English/Finnish ( I consider english to be my main language when games in general are considered.)

    microphone: Absolutedly, also all coice comm softwares I can think off.

    how to contact: <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960327177/" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960327177/</a> , if link wont work, try finding and adding me by using my steam ID: Inkvisiit

    Gaming experience: Competetive Clan-based play back in the days of NS1, several years when the community was still young and very active. Also CS, DOD, the usual.
    I have been playing Modern FPS's but since many of the seem to have limited or hard to acces clan cultures, no competetive play in teams after I stopped playing NS1. In general I play all kinds of games. To name a few: EVE Online, SC2, Paradox Strategy Games(HOI,CK,EU etc.), Fallout series and other RPG's of all sorts.

    I'm looking for a team that has a mix of both: "having fun" -attitude and ambition to advance and improve the team. Competetive play is definatedly my goal but RL and work must come first. So I might not be a good candidate for tight 6-man rosters who want to play matches everynight. In general im laid-back guy with passion to gaming and especialy teamwork based games. I'm motivated to improve myself and be a valuable addition to most teams.

    Feel free to contact me if you are interested. I'm also willing to start a new team with somebody likeminded if you dont have one yet.


    EDIT: Team found. Now Member of Team Erebus.
  • shivshiv Join Date: 2010-04-11 Member: 71341Members, Constellation
    nick: shiv
    age: late 20's
    skill: mid-high (although been away from ns2 for a couple months, probably quite rusty)
    NA (PST)
    Microphone: of course
    Contact: <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197975172100" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197975172100</a>

    I've played NS2 since the engine test and played competitively on a few different teams. (well as much as you could during beta)

    I'm interested in joining a team to play matches regularly. I understand ENSL S1 is about to start although signups have already closed, if there's a team that needs an alternate then maybe I could fill that role.
  • JuCCiJuCCi Join Date: 2011-08-08 Member: 114961Members, NS2 Map Tester
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