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<div class="IPBDescription">post here if you're looking for team</div>Players that are looking for a team please post here.

If you're not familiar with the whole recruiting process use this as guideline for your post:
<ul><li> nick</li><li> age</li><li> skill (high, mid, low)</li><li> EU/NA/AUS etc</li><li> language (english/finnish/french etc)</li><li> microphone</li><li> how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it)</li><li> experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc)</li><li> experience in other games (competitive preferably)</li><li> brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you)</li></ul>

Please note if you have played any other competitive game (CS/ShootMania/StarCraft/CoD etc) include it in your post but do not rely too much for it and stick to low or mid category.

Also for IRC users: #ns2.search (QuakeNet) is now up, use it to search for scrims and players (currently a bit empty but help us fill it up! :) <a href="http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=ns2.search" target="_blank">webchat</a> link for the lazy.

<i>Thought we needed this to keep the forum a bit more clean from the flood of new competitive players! (although separate sections for LFT/LFP would be much more efficient but this will suffice for now) and if possible moderators please sticky this :p</i>
- Done, good initiative. GISP


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    <b>NOW FOUND CLAN</b>

    - Nick: Forlorn-Hope
    - Age: 33
    - Skill: mid
    - Area: EU
    - Language: English
    - Mic: Trust FreeWave Pro Wireless Headset (Yeah... wireless, you heard right! I can hear everything I need to and the mic is clear enough.)
    - Contact: Steam <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/forlorn-hope" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/forlorn-hope</a>
    - Experience (NS):
    Started a few months into NS1. Joined a couple of average clans and played regular matches for about a year. Switched to NS2 when it was playable and played casually (until I bought a new PC) for about 200 hours worth. Have been playing a lot recently and felt myself improving drastically. I blame watching the tournies on Twitch. I think I can spare the time for regular clan stuff and want to find a fun but dedicated bunch to join.

    - Experience (other):
    Played CS early on for quite a few years. Played a fair amount of Clanbase matches regularly. Before the final nail in the coffin (my ISP not admitting the 1000+ pings were their fault for 8 months), the game clicked with me and I suddenly got really good.

    - About me:
    I'm a web dev based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am looking for some regular fun matches with a good bunch that will eventually that'll gradually become more competitive. I'm all for taking it more seriously but the whole team needs to be good enough (including me). Feet on the ground is a good start. :)
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    - Nick: CesC
    - Age 26
    - Skill: Mid
    - Area: EU
    - Language: English
    - Have Mic / Headset
    - Experience 8 years competitive Counter-Strike in various Orgs. Have previously played NS1
    - Looking for an active competitive team.

    Add me on steam. <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/robbbbbb/" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/robbbbbb/</a>
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    Sure would be nice if I could delete posts.
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    1. Southern
    4.NA, South Carolina.
    6.Always use my mic, and communicate very well.
    7.Skype is jbtsc1, or add me on steam, it's either vinus1 or Southern.
    8.Lot of FPS experience,as well as strategy. I understand my job as marine or commander.
    9.Have been playing games steady for 13 years straight. I started FPS on Duke Nukem. Made it to #32 on the ladder back in the day.

    10. I am a really friendly guy, respectful. I am quick to respond to commands and have years of exercise to perfect my reflex and aiming. I prefer playing Marine, but understand and can play Alien as well. I am looking for both casual and competitive. I am here to have fun and play this game and learn it to the fullest. I pre-ordered last year, and played NS1.

    I'm looking to join a team of guys that are coordinated, know what they are doing.I able to command and obey orders flawlessly. Give me a try, you won't regret it. Thank you for your time if you read all this.

  • Side1Bu2Rnz9Side1Bu2Rnz9 Join Date: 2012-10-16 Member: 162510Members, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow
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    - Nick: Side1Bu2Rnz9
    - Age: 22
    - Skill: mid/high - Played several ENSL matches I know how to play both alien and marine both tactically and skill based.
    - Area: US - Central
    - Language: English
    - Mic: Yes w/ headset
    - Contact: Steam --> Side1Bu2Rnz9, or PM me on NS2 forum
    - Experience (NS):
    Although I am new to NS2, I have been extremely active since release. I have played a lot of matches on ENSL and I believe I'm a good shot and have good maneuvering as a skulk. I know the tactics of both teams although I'm not the best commander.

    - Experience (other):
    Played a lot of TF2 competitively for several years. Recently I've been playing Tribes: Ascend off and on competitively.

    - About me:
    I'm a really fun guy who is just looking for a good team of equally fun and cool guys/girls. I like to win, but I like to have fun while doing it. If your looking for someone to join your team just give me a PM or contact me on Steam (username: Side1Bu2Rnz9). Hope you hear from you soon. Thanks :)

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    <u><b>nick:</b></u> arrjayjee
    <u><b>age:</b></u> 28
    <u><b>skill:</b></u> low-mid
    <u><b>EU/NA/AUS etc:</b></u> Australia
    <u><b>language:</b></u> English
    <u><b>microphone:</b></u> Yes
    <u><b>how to contact you:</b></u> Steam
    <u><b>experience in ns:</b></u> None
    <u><b>experience in other games:</b></u> Previously ran the TF2 ladder for Game Arena in Australia.
    <u><b>brief info about yourself:</b></u> I want to play competitively, but for fun. Not too serious.
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    nick: Donkeyhacks

    Real name: Ash

    age: 19

    skill: I would say at the moment I'm only average but this question is not good for me.. I had issues running NS2 in the past that are now fixed so I haven't practiced much but I was an NS1 player for years and did clan matches on it too, so I'm mainly just a bit rusty and getting used to the changes and differences from NS1 to NS2 and with some practice ill be on form again.

    Voice comms: Working Mic+Ts2/Ts3/Vent/Mumble

    Contact: Email: Forum Private Message, Donkeyhacks@hotmail.co.uk or add my steam: Donkeyhacks

    I Have experience in NS1 clanning from a few years ago, sadly It was that long ago I can't really tell you any details about it

    I Would not say I'm a hardcore competitive player for any games at the moment but I have played many games competitively such as TeamFortressClassic/TF2/FF , Multiple MMO's , Day of Defeat and Counterstrike

    I am currently out of work so I have a lot of time to train and improve , I wouldn't go as far as to say any clan will do , I am willing to play with any clan and improve with them provided they are serious about playing competitive and I would prefer a semi hardcore clan but would be willing to join a team that wants me to sign in blood and play nearly every hour of my life ;)

    Provided the clan is serious I may also be willing to host a server for awhile If I can bring myself to cut out a weekend of drinking to make up for it. (Yes we brits really do love our alcohol)

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    <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/bobtdftw/" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/bobtdftw/</a>

    •age - 25
    •skill (high, mid, low) subjective
    •language - English
    •microphone - yes
    •how to contact you - prefer STEAM
    •experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc)
    Only briefly played original NS. Starcraft, UT:GOtYE, CS, DOD, LOL, CoD.
    •experience in other games (competitive preferably)
    I play FPS and strategy games on all current systems.
    •brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you)

    <a href="http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/bobtdftw" target="_blank">http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/bobtdftw</a>

    As of the time of this post I have 116.3 hours in the past two weeks game time. So yeah, you might say I’m a gamer. I have collections of games across multiple platforms. Prefer to play PC games competitively.

    Recently playing NS2 I have found I like playing Marines Commander. I work well with a team and generally communicate over skype, but also have and use TS, vent, mumble ect.

    I would prefer to play with a group before committing to any team. Right now I feel I have the basics of NS2, and I am excited by its potential for competative gameplay.

    790X ATX AMD (mb)
    AMD Phenom II 6MB (P)
    Radeon HD 6850 1GB (GPU)
    1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"
    8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
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    The Soviet Union is my nickname in-game.

    Real name is Kim.

    My age is 17, young, for sure, but it's not an important factor, now is it? It all comes to the mind; the mentality.

    My skill is around mid, to perhaps high. It depends. I'm mostly a marine player, but I do alright as alien. Never been a commander for alien, but have for marines and, we've mostly won when I've been commander, depending on how much they listen to me. Expansion and chokepoints are key.

    I'm in Europe, Norway. I have pretty good ping/latency with all EU servers, and some servers outside EU, too.

    I have pretty fluent English, and my native language is Norwegian. I prefer English, though.

    I do have a microphone; the microphone of the Siberia V2 White. Not gotten any complains, and I tend to talk quite a bit in the games. Communication is key in Natural Selection 2, otherwise people are more or less on their own.

    You can contact me on Steam by searching up 'The Soviet Union', and my email can be achieved as well by sending me a message here. If you got IRC up, I'll be there, if needed.

    I don't have experience at all in NS1, but I've played already my fair share of games in NS2, and most of them have been wins. The losses have taken a while, as I try hard to organize an efficient defense if so. I really like last stands, for some reason.

    I do have experience in a large number of other games, like all the CS games, Battlefield, and a ton more. But, NS2 is different enough to make this not matter much; it only makes my aim a bit better and the reflexes improved at best. And, perhaps, a quick learner, who knows?

    I'm mostly looking for a kind of balance between hardcore and casual fun. I'm in here for the fun - who isn't? - but I'd much prefer to be on a skilled team, able to communicate with them and be efficient. I'm all open for a friendly, talktative clan. In my eyes, communication is key in this game. If you got good communication, and decent players, you'll win most games.
    If you got great communication and good/great players... losses are few indeed.

    [Quick edit!]

    Posting my system specs would probably help too! No matter how good you are, if you're stuck with 5-25FPS in the game, you're not going to be of much help!

    GPU is the GTX 660Ti 2GB, Windforce X2 edition from Gigabyte. No overclock (none needed!)
    CPU is the i5 3570K, overclocked to 4,0Ghz.
    RAM is 8GB at 1600Mhz. Corsair Ballistix.
    500GB HDD @ 7200RPM. Small, for sure, but I don't need more.
    PSU is a 650W Corsair TX(2?)
    Motherboard is the Gigabyte Z77 D3H.
    Internet is stable and reliable as well. As you'll see, I won't have any lag in this game, and have had none yet. Constant, fluent 75FPS is what I get at everything maxed out, so, you'll be safe with me on that area. ^_^
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    hey guys, i'm looking for a team as well

    nick: sky1

    age: 20

    skill: hmm, tough question, would say about medium
    i'm good as marine with Assault Rifle and Shotgun and on alien site i prefer skulk and onos.

    from: Germany, so Europe

    language: english and german, but spend a year abroad, so good english

    microphone: Sennheiser PC151

    contact: steamacc: ALH84001; steamfriends: krawall

    experience in ns: except for 20 Hours ingame and some 4 hours in the beta, none so far.

    experience in other games: i played Counter-Strike 1.6 competitive for about 4 years in the ESL. i had many clans and teams so i know quite well about tactics, teamplay and teamleading aswell

    brief info about yourself: ns2 isn't meant for public, though i'm not a hardcore gamer (although i can be one if the team is good), so i'm looking for a team i can play some clanwars/gathers in the evening. a team with which i can laugh, but a team which is concentrated and willing to give it's best
  • VenkazVenkaz Join Date: 2012-11-02 Member: 166154Members
    Nickname : Venkaz

    Age : 28

    Skill : Low, but getting a lot better everyday. (I play a lot of shooters, just new to this one)

    Location : Canadian (very good ping/latency with both Canadian and US players)

    Language : English

    Microphone : Yup, I encourage chat

    How to contact you : Steam - <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/venkass" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/venkass</a>

    Experience in NS : Just got it recently, technically still Noob status but I'm familiar with each character and all skills/upgrades.

    Experience in other games : Played a bit of competitive on both MW3 and Battlefield 3, but I mostly just play pub style on all the major FPS games.

    Brief info about yourself : I'm not a hardcore gamer but I really enjoy getting tactical in games like this, and for that reason I'd love to play with a team on a consistent basis and get to know various strategies and players.
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    <b>nick</b>: bHack

    <b>age</b>: 22

    <b>ns2 skill</b>: mid

    <b>EU/NA/AUS etc</b>: UK

    <b>language</b>: English

    <b>microphone</b>: Yes

    <b>how to contact you</b>: Steam (bhackk) / ensl TS3 (bHack) / PM here

    <b>experience in ns</b>: playing ns1 since 2004. competitive since 2006 (played as fast-fade/2nd fade/lerk | pressure squad on marines). played more than 547 ns1 gathers (out of 2422 overall dated 12.02.11. so I would add at least 400~ more :D). Playing NS2 gathers on daily basis after release (< 50 played). Playing pub games in free time. Played 10 hours~ in beta.

    <b>experience in other games</b>: TF2 div2 ex-player. Played some pcw/cw/lan cs1.6 tournaments back in the days... BF2, BF3.

    <b>brief info about yourself</b>: lf team that is willing to play pcw, <u>participate in ensl NS2 S1. </u> Happy to play any role in team (not a com.).
  • BazukarBazukar Join Date: 2012-11-03 Member: 166368Members
    <b>Nick:</b> Bazukar

    <b>Age:</b> 25

    <b>Skill:</b> I can't really measure that ... you have to look for yourself. Im Asian though! xD

    <b>Location:</b> EU

    <b>Language:</b> English, German

    <b>Microphone:</b> Sennheiser PC 350 Premium Gaming Headset

    <b>How to contact you</b>: Steam (Shadowbazukar)

    <b>Experience in NS:</b> Nothing!

    <b>Experience in other games:</b> Not worth to mention

    <b>Brief info about yourself:</b> Just started this game on release and its really awesome! Very helpfull and friendly community + very fun gameplay. I usually follow the orders of my commander and try to be as helpfull as possible, allthough i feel mostly useless, especially as a skulk! But, well im still learning and my powerlevel rises every day. I prefer an international EU team that is mostly playing for fun on strategy and tactical experience. I also would like to go competitive as long as it isnt getting to hardcore!
  • DraylockDraylock Join Date: 2012-11-03 Member: 166499Members
    - Draylock
    - 20
    - Mid/High
    - NA
    - English
    - Have and use mic
    - Steam: draylock xfire: draylock
    - Played NS1 a lot but not competitive
    - I play FPS, RTS, MMOs mostly, don't have much competitive exp.
    Looking for semi-casual team
  • SantaClawsSantaClaws Denmark Join Date: 2012-07-31 Member: 154491Members, Reinforced - Shadow
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    21 year old, english speaking, danish male looking for ambitious team.
    Background: played every rts from blizzard, all the way from wc to sc2, so the rts element is second nature to me. Played sc2 and cs 1.6 competetively.
    I played the beta, so I've had quite a bit of practise in the game already. I'm a pretty allround player, I don't prefere any particular weapon (except I dislike flamethrower I guess) or lifeform and I can play the commander aswell.
    In more detail: I have a fairly solid fade atm, I feel like the lerk and skulk is much harder to perfect, so that's what I'm working on atm, and I probably will never be done doing so.
    My marine aim is good, but always room for improvement.
    So in short; I can occupy <i>any role</i> in a team, I have no particular preferences.

    I'm looking for a team that is not afraid of breaking the meta game. I have several ideas that I'd love to test out, which unfortunately I'm unable to without a team. Because I feel like the current meta game, especially on the marine side, is not optimal at all. I actually think most of the pro teams are playing the game wrong. But more on that if you decide to recruit me.

    I play gathers all the time, so feel free to test me out there.

  • MartinCreekMartinCreek Join Date: 2012-11-03 Member: 166562Members
    nick: MartinCreek
    age: 21
    skill (high, mid, low) : Mid (Above average)
    EU/NA/AUS etc (EU)
    language (english/finnish/french etc) (Swedish/English)
    microphone (Yeah)
    how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it) (Steam 'MarreUnicorn')
    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc): Only alot of competitive experience in other "similar" games. No exceptional NS experience yet.
    experience in other games (competitive preferably): HoN/DotA competitive gaming (Dreamhack endgames) Bf2 etc~
    brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you): I'm looking for a competitive clan, im just a funny guy who is very competitive. I enjoy playing as a commander, but have nothing against playing FP either.
  • LassmarkiLassmarki Join Date: 2012-11-03 Member: 166574Members
    Nick: Lassmarki
    Age: 17
    Skill: Mid
    Language: English and Swedish
    Microphone: Yes
    Steam: Jonas__95
    Experience in Ns: I've only played Ns2 but I got the grip of it pretty quickly, I'm a good fps player overall.
    experience in other games (competitive preferably): I've played some Cod black ops, Css competitive
    brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you): I'm looking for a kinda serious but also a fun clan that I can have fun with. I prefer to play as a player.
  • PsyqhicalPsyqhical Join Date: 2012-11-04 Member: 166749Members
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    <!--coloro:#FFFFFF--><span style="color:#FFFFFF"><!--/coloro--><!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Nick</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: Psyqhical
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Age</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: 22
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Skill</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: High
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Location</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: EU
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Language</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: English
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Microphone</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: Yes
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Contact</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: (See signature)
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Past experience in NS</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: None.
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Past experience in other games</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->:
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><u>Competative FPS</u><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->
    - Counter Strike: Source
    - Team Fortress 2
    - Global Agenda
    - Tribes Ascend
    - Planetside 2
    - Nuclear Dawn
    - Brink
    - Firefall
    - Unreal Tournament
    - Nexuiz
    - Monday Night Combat
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><u>Non-competative FPS</u><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->
    - Mass Effect series
    - Fallout 3 & New Vegas
    - Borderlands 1 & 2
    - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    - Rage
    - ...
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><u>Competative Strategy</u><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->
    - Command and Conquer series
    - Starcraft 1 & 2
    - Nuclear Dawn
    - Supreme Commander 2
    - Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 1
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><u>Non-Competative Strategy</u><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->
    - Frozen Synapse
    - Endless Space
    - Xcom: Enemy Unknown
    - Fray
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Brief info</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->:
    I'm a gamer looking to go competative in Natural Selection 2.

    In most games I tend to go for the sniper role, this has given me a more defensive playstyle and it reflects on Natural Selection 2. I stay at the base or forward outpost helping the commander get set-up. Once everything is set, I help defend it untill there are turrets in that room before going to the next one.

    Needless to say, Marines are my favorite faction. The Kharaa on the other hand... I have no clue what I need to do most of the time. :/

    I have Teamspeak 3 and Mumble, I <u>had</u> Ventrilo untill I moved to another location and it started b*tchin' that I need to open ports and with my current setup I have been unable to find a way to open ports.

    With this information I hope to find a good competative clan that scrims on a regular basis.<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->
  • kalvkalv Join Date: 2004-09-04 Member: 31339Members
    nick - kalv

    age - 23

    skill (high, mid, low) - high

    EU/NA/AUS etc - NA

    language (english/finnish/french etc) - ENG

    microphone - Yes

    how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it) - add Ab5olution on steam.

    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc) - Played NS1 heavily.

    experience in other games (competitive preferably) - CS 1.6 CAL-M

    brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you) - Looking for a competitive team that will play in tournaments/Leagues.
  • NeoRussiaNeoRussia Join Date: 2012-08-04 Member: 154743Members
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    Nick - NeoRussia

    Age - 22

    skill - I'm not sure where NS2 is at the moment, it seems like all the teams are the same few that play. I guess high but I wouldn't argue if someone says I'm not.

    Region - North America (East Coast Canada)

    Language - English and Russian!

    Microphone - Wouldn't try out for a team without one

    How to contact you - <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/NeoRussia/" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/NeoRussia/</a>

    Gaming Experience - Played in the top level in several games with Nexzil, most notably in the NS2 beta, other than that some games which are pretty dead now. ESEA-Intermediate level in Team Fortress 2. Comparatively mediocre dueling experience in Quake 1 & 2 and have like 8 years dueling experience in UT/2k4. High Gold in SC2 if it matters.

    Brief Info - Looking to destroy nerds with a capable team. I can also instruct some new players if they are good enough of the current NS2 metagame. I am capable of playing both commander roles and all alien races reasonably well, but my best is marine play. I'd prefer a team that has already played for some time and knows what they are doing though. I would enjoy helping someone put a team together as well.
  • hamham Join Date: 2011-08-31 Member: 119370Members, Constellation
    - Nick: xxh4mpt0nxx
    - Age: 15
    - Skill: low
    - Area: USA
    - Language: "C" in english
    - Mic: someday
    - Contact: pm me
    - Experience (NS):
    my kdr stays high, just like me
    blood type: AB
    - Experience (other):
    i worked "under the table" at a brewery for a few months before i was fired, i can not go into detail for legal reasons
  • EndeffektEndeffekt Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167128Members
    - Nick: Endeffekt
    - Age: 22
    - Skill: High
    - Area: EU (UK)
    - Language: English
    - Mic: Steelseries headset

    - Contact: Steam ID is endeffekt1. Or email me at kylepaarman2012@gmail.com

    - Experience (NS): I am looking for an active NS2 Team. I have about 50 hours of NS2 under my belt since release, so not so much as of yet ^^ but i come first about 9/10 games... Yes of course coming first means nothing, as this is a (TEAM) game, but i am an pretty good commander aswell as a great team player and have no problem with leading and speaking my mind.

    - Experience (other):
    I have been playing FPS and RTS games since i was 9 and have always been a top CS 1.6 pub player aswell as high level wc3 player... i am a tad bit competitive XD

    - About me:
    I am from South Africa but have been living in the UK for almost 3 years now. I love music production and long walks on the beach :P...........
  • Rich_Rich_ Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167152Members
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    nick: Rich_
    age: 26
    skill: low
    Location: North America, Kansas,USA.
    language: English
    microphone: Yes
    Contact: <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060042521/" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060042521/</a>
    Experience: Currently in eBm TF2 UGC Highlander team. We are 2nd place in Steel Blu division.
  • SacredragonSacredragon Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167387Members
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    <b>Name:</b> Sacredragon
    <b>Age:</b> 22
    <b>Skill:</b> Low<Mid
    <b>North America - East Coast</b>
    <b>Language:</b> English
    <b>Microphone:</b> Yes
    <b>Voice Chat:</b> Skype/Mumble/Vent/TS3/Steam Voice* ( * = lol no...)
    <b>Contact:</b> <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/sacredragon" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/sacredragon</a> (Making a NS2 Tab on Friends List if you Add me)
    <b>Past Experience in Natural Selection:</b> None
    <b>Other Competitive Experience:</b> Global Agenda - Team Fortress 2

    Details of Myself: Im honestly a Follower, not a Leader when it comes to Competitive Games. Give me an order and I'll see to getting it done. Although I noticed in Natural Selection 2 I'll tell one or two others to follow me and get objectives done much easier. Almost like a little Squad Leader I guess ^_^.

    I am currently <b>not active</b> in any Competitive Games right now, was hoping to get into NS2's Competitive Spotlight. Its a pretty fun game from what I've played so far.

    In Global Agenda I was "Beacon Carrier - Robotics" during my Competitive time there
    In Team Fortress 2 I played Competitive Highlander - Soldier

    My Availability I actually have set so it doesn't interfere with me going to work which I will post below. I tend to always be on when not at work so just toss me a message and I should be there to answer.

    <b>If I have work on a certain Day</b>
    Sunday: Online after 8PM EST (usually)
    Monday - Wednesday - Saturday: Online after 6PM EST
    Tuesday - Thursday Friday: Online after 10PM EST

    Aside from all that, my personality I would say goes towards that if were doing bad, Im not gonna get mad or angry (This isn't Dota 2 ^_^)
    Always willing to learn and try new things within NS2 and can give advice/tips/orders(?) when playing.

    <b>Thank you for Reading, hope to hear from a couple of ya soon :)</b>

    <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/sacredragon" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/sacredragon</a>
  • CrazyCocoCrazyCoco Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167181Members
    edited November 2012
    Nickname: CrazyCoco

    Age: 14

    Skill: I consider myself medium. I definitely know what I am doing, so I'm not at a low skill level, but I'm not doing extremely well kill/death wise in games.

    Region: Southern California

    Language: English

    Microphone: I have a good quality one :)

    Contact: <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/CrazyCoco" target="_blank">Steam</a> ID: CocoKCrazy
    Skype: CrazyCocoK
    I am always on those whenever I'm on the computer, so I can definitely respond to anything on those two platforms.

    NS Experience: I don't have much, considering I didn't play NS1, but I've played for a total of 54 hours so far, and I have had the game since September.

    Experience in Other Games: I've played Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, and FPS games like Battlefield 1942, BF2142, BF2, BC2, BF3, Battlefront 2, and Black Ops.

    Info: I'm looking for a borderline 'hardcore' but casual community to play with. I've never been into the competitive scene that much before, but over the past few days I've been considering joining a team. I've been playing games throughout my short 14 years, whether it is FPS games or RTS games, or another genre of games. I'm into having fun (who isn't?) and just having a good time doing well in-game!

    EDIT: My availability for playing is 4pm or later PST on everyday except the weekends. For the weekends, anything past 10am PST I can do.

    Hope I've made an impression :)
  • TarkTark Join Date: 2012-11-06 Member: 167600Members
    Nick: Tark
    Age: 27
    Skill: Medium/high, very high potential, read below
    Region: EU / Finland
    Language - English / Finnish
    Microphone - Yes

    How to contact you - <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/oddkan/" target="_blank">http://steamcommunity.com/id/oddkan/</a>

    Dear lord this is humiliating, but here goes..

    Gaming Experience - I'm a NS1 veteran and only now got to NS2. Most notably I led the clan Torment which dominated the European scene for quite a while. I also captained team Europe when we took a surprise win over USA back in the day. I take my competitive gaming seriously, having been in the top 5 in the finnish Counter-Strike scene far back in the day, played pretty high level SC2, and so on, you get the picture. I'm quite ambitious, even if getting a bit old, so I recoqnize I might not be the twitch-kiddy I used to be. Regardless I'm sure I can drag myself to a pretty high level fast once I find a team to do it with.

    Brief Info - For my online gaming career of 14 or so years I've always been leading clans or at least running the show in the game tactics and strategy wise. What I'm looking for now is for someone else to do the heavy lifting when it comes to organizing matches and putting the team together, but I'm more than willing to play commander on either side and take care of all that stuff if I find an ambitious and promising enough lot to do it with. I'm even willing to co-create a clan with someone like minded if so happens, with the roles described above. Bonus points if I know you back from NS1 (Looking at you, you crazy Swedes, Frenchies, Germans and the Torment lot).
  • Per OlePer Ole Join Date: 2012-11-06 Member: 167604Members
    edited November 2012
  • xDragonxDragon Join Date: 2012-04-04 Member: 149948Members, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Gold, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow
    •nick - Dragon :D
    •age - pretty old, Dragons generally are
    •skill (high, mid, low) - pretty low tbh
    •language (english/finnish/french etc) - engrish
    •microphone - que?
    •how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it) - message me on steam or here blahblah
    •experience - ive played a couple other fps, just a few tho :D
  • baoansayzbaoansayz Join Date: 2007-08-25 Member: 61989Members
    nick: Lo_odit
    age: 21
    skill : high
    North America
    language english
    microphone: yes
    how to contact you : steamname: latida
    experience in ns: played ns1 for 2 years got very good at it. more that 60 hours played for ns2
    experience in other games: sc2, wow arena, cod, cs, lol
    brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you)
    looking for hardcore competitive play once or twice through out the week. and hopefully looking to get good enough for future esport play :)
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