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  • schuschu Join Date: 2012-08-04 Member: 154768Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    nick: schu
    age: 25
    skill: high
    North America
    Lang.: English
    mic: yes
    contact: steam, schu
    experience in NS: Was in top CAL, ANSL and ENSL teams for NS1.
    experience in other games: WoW dominator
    brief info: looking to play competitive NS2. I just got enough time now to do this so I feel like doing it again.
  • CycloneCyclone Join Date: 2013-02-15 Member: 183099Members
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    Game handle/name: Cyclone

    Age: 17

    Perceived skill level: Mid-high (Based on pub play in KKG servers and a couple gathers)

    Live in the US

    Language: English. (I can also do various accents really well :D)

    Microphone: Check

    How to contact you: Message me on the forum. Steam tag is lonewolfcgs

    Experience in NS: Never played the original NS

    Experience in other games (competitive preferably): Played a game called Tremulous for like 3 years. (It's a game very similar to NS, same basic Aliens vs Humans combat.)
    Played a fast paced FPS called Urban Terror for a while, and played competitively for a couple of clans there. (And I was pretty danged good at it if I may say so myself. :P)
    Also played Quake Live for a while. (Never competitively though.)

    Brief info about yourself: I'm an avid FPS gamer, and prefer FPS's to other game types. I learn very quickly, and play well under pressure. I'm looking for a mid-level clan that can really help me fine tune my combat mechanics, and teach me the advanced stuff.
  • OwnergizerBunnyOwnergizerBunny Join Date: 2013-03-10 Member: 183845Members
    Ownergizer Bunny
    28 on march 12
    mic check 1212
    steam: kiiierumbrellas
    I've spent thousands of hours playing NS1 ns_ and co_ maps. I have been playing NS2 since release but never played competitive
    I've played CS 1.6 competitively going to various local tournaments and playing cal-m as far as leagues go.
    Right now I am just playing it by ear. I am not 100% dedicated to ns2 at the moment but I will potentially commit myself to ns2 if I find the right team. I am easy to get along with and great at communicating with team. I play commander for alien but I excel at skulk/fade. Im looking for a somewhat serious team mid to high level because otherwise i might not be as motivated to play if the team is not on the same level. If you're looking for a skilled and dedicated member for your team look no further. Hit me up on steam if interested.
  • TeranovaTeranova Join Date: 2013-03-10 Member: 183843Members
    Name: Teranova
    Age: 28
    Skill level: Medium
    Location: London
    Language: English
    Steam: Teranova Email: teranova99@hotmail.com
    Microphone: Absolutely have to have one for this game, so i do. Anybody without one, just no.....

    Experience: I played the original NS many years ago, but never played competitively. Have clocked up about 250 hours of NS2 so far and know what I am doing. Not very good at comming marine, but am intending to sort that out ASAP. Probably best at being Skulk.

    Other related experience: Played CS from 1.6 to GO. Was in my prime during Source days and would say that my skill level was very high. Played lots competitively. Have always been a keen FPS and Strategy gamer. Starcraft 2, C&C series, Battlefield 2&3 etc..

    I have got a lot of free time on my hands so am looking to get into a competitive team. Although I am currently only at medium skill level, I gaurantee that I will improve quickly.
  • FuleFule Join Date: 2009-06-04 Member: 67683Members
    Might be offtopic, but does anyone actually gets invited to a clan who is looking for one? Maybe I should post an application sometime.
  • TeranovaTeranova Join Date: 2013-03-10 Member: 183843Members
    I posted 2 days ago and got 1 invite yesterday
  • hypertrophyhypertrophy Join Date: 2013-02-27 Member: 183393Members
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    nick: hypertrophy

    age: 23

    skill: mid-high I guess? I usually score near the top in the reddit pugs and gathers I play in but still have some things to learn and practice.

    region: NA

    language: English, Russian

    microphone: yes

    contact: steam – seren887

    experience in ns: Didn’t play NS1, been playing NS2 for about a month.

    experience in other games: Not a big fps player competitively but I’ve gotten multiple gladiator titles in WoW, was ranked top 20 in 2v2 ladder in TFT and played Dota in CAL and DXD West league years ago. I also got Platinum ranked in S1 of LoL and was 1v1 Masters Terran in a couple seasons of SC2 a while back.

    additional info: I’m looking for a competitive, hardcore team that wants to win. I’m a quick learner and always seem to do pretty well in games I take seriously. I prefer to be out on the field but have been practicing commanding so I have a decent ability to do both parts of the game.
  • bionilbionil Join Date: 2012-09-08 Member: 158632Members
    Name: bionil/shadow

    age: 16

    skill: mid to high.

    region: USA East

    language: English and Russian

    microphone: yes

    contact: Steam- bionil666

    experience in NS: Played a lot back in the day, but not enough to be extremely good at it.

    experience in other games: I mostly play NS2, CS:S, CS 1.6, CS:GO , Arma 2, TF 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 2142(yes i know), Day of defeat/Source, etc.

    additional info: I'am looking for a team that wants to play competitively, playing public games can sometimes be fun when you find a good team, but most of the time they are completely random and the chances that your whole team is going to communicate to actually win the game are really low.
  • marcosameriomarcosamerio Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167135Members
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    Nick - SouL_Reaver
    Age - 28
    Skill - Mid
    Language - English but not perfectly / native languaje Spanish
    Microphone - Temporaly broken
    How to contact you - Steam IDSouL_Reaver (yellow duck with a gun as an avatar) - winsatformal@hotmail.com
    Experience in ns - No
    Experience in other games - Counter Strkie Source a short time in tournaments in my country -
    Call Of Duty 4 Promod - Team Fortress 2 pub only -
    Natural Selection 2 pub only -
    Counter Strike Global Offensive pub only -
    Red Orchesta 2 pub only.
    Brief info about yourself - Looking for an active competitive team and be patient if i can understand
    very well english XD
  • righetous_bananarighetous_banana Join Date: 2013-03-17 Member: 184045Members
    Years back I was a competitive Counter-Strike player; starting in beta until 1.6 stagnated and went off to school. I was on several prominent teams in the US such c9 enemy down and ue. Both these teams competed in the CAL-I league during its heyday. Went and competed against the best at CPL with said teams. My CS name was c9-abyss/lizardking

    I have been playing NS since the beta and feel i have a knack for it and could give some of the better players a run for their money, but am growing bored of pub play and am looking for a serious competitive team. We used IRC back in the day to network and am out of touch on how it works today for finding a team, so here I am.

    I've playing under RIGHTOUS_BANANA in pubs

    Name - Alex
    Age - 27 (full-time job)
    Skill - High
    Houston, TX
    Looking for an organized team (preferably central time zone)
    I own a server we can use for scrimming
  • ZoNKeDZoNKeD Join Date: 2013-03-16 Member: 184027Members
    -nick: ZoNKeD
    -age: 27
    -skill: MED
    -Location: USA-EAST
    -language: English
    microphone: Yep
    how to contact you: STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197963415338/
    experience in ns: Played NS1 for a while, Played beta some of NS2. Been playing NS2 pretty consistently since launch. Played in a couple gathers but that's it as far as competitive play in NS2. (do enjoy watching NS2 tournaments in twitchTV but now i'd rather be in them)
    experience in other games: Competitive play in CS:Source in CAL M for a couple years also played on a LAN team.. Played TFC (sK & [=UT=] for almost 5 years competitively in various leagues - UGC, STA, and some others i cant remember. DODS two years competitively in sunlit gaming league or something like that. Haven't played on a team (other than with friends) in a few years.
    brief info about yourself: Looking for a competitive group that can work together whether in pub or scrim/match. Usually play weeknights between 8-10:30est and on weekends. Would like to join a team that plans to compete in leagues for NS2 and regularly play/scrim together.
  • statikgstatikg Join Date: 2012-09-19 Member: 159978Members
    edited March 2013
    nick - statik
    age: 26
    skill - med-high

    I am looking for a div 1-2 English speaking team that is serious and scrims alot on weekdays. I am available occasionally on weekends but mostly weekdays, after 9cet.
    I can backup comm well although I typically fill the field commander role and play every class effectively on alien.

    I have experience in NSL and many gathers so I understand how to play the play the game well.
  • rahunenrahunen Join Date: 2013-03-20 Member: 184092Members
    -Nick: Rebar
    -Age: 19
    -Skill: mid/high
    -Location: Sweden
    -Language: English/Swedish

    I have been playing NS2 for about a year and i really enjoying the game. Its a lot of team play and you have to communicate all the time and its really fits my play style :P

    Additional info: I'm looking for a team that wants to play competitively, playing public games can sometimes be fun when you find a good team who are using their mics but most of the time there is just some guys who just running around and don't listen to what you have to say.

    Years back I played in a pretty serious team in COD1, COD2 and COD4 but it was along time ago and I want to start go a bit serious again.

    As Alien i like playing the skulk and lerk but have no problem with the other classes either.
  • agentaibbagentaibb Join Date: 2012-09-04 Member: 157760Members, Reinforced - Supporter
    Nick: Egon Spengler
    Skill:Med-high (playing on KKG servers quite a bit)
    Microphone:Yep,I use a logitech desktop mic
    Steam profile:steamcommunity.com/id/agentaib

    I've played NS1 since 09, and I've been playing NS2 since launch day. I wanted to buy it during the Beta but at the time I my computer was incredibly bad, so I decided to wait until I had a better machine.

    I used to play in a Competitive TF2 Clan literally named "The Best Clan", The owner was from Portugal and the rest of the team was from the US, So of course you can imagine there was a slight language barrier, as the person who managed the team could speak english of course , but had a accent of some sort so not everything was completely clear.

    I played Competitive TF2 from 08-10
    I still play TF2 sometimes but I quit playing TF2 competitively.
    My primary class in TF2 was Scout, I managed to amass a total of atleast a minimum 350 hours on Scout, but I wiped my stats sadly about a year ago due to some incredibly dumb problem I had found out eventually.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Join Date: 2012-10-27 Member: 163999Members


    Extensive NS1 experience
    NS2 competitively since beta (NorCal)
    1164 hours
    Frequent game casting
    Gathering daily
    I can play all lifeforms, use all weapons and tech, command both races. But most importantly; I can listen and follow directions.

    Looking for a team that actually plays on a regular basis and constantly wants to improve.

    Also I enjoy shiny objects and using my extremely dexterous front paws. I promise to be rabies-free.

    Thank you for any interest.

  • OsterOster Join Date: 2013-03-23 Member: 184287Members
    Nick: Oster
    Age: 26
    Skill: Mid
    SC, USA - EST
    English, German
    Microphone: Yes
    Experience in NS: Played the original mod form years ago, just came back to NS2 but picking it back up pretty quickly.
    Experience in other games: Various other FPS's ... CS, DoD, TFC, FF, BF2/3, AA, etc. and a bit of strategy game experience (SC1/2, CoH, C&C, etc.)

    With a huge backlog of games I was already playing, I totally forgot NS2 had come out. Saw the free-weekend and figured it was as good a time as any to check it out. Forgot how much fun the game was and I'm looking to stick around and find a regular group to play with instead of PUG hopping.
  • Rich_Rich_ Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167152Members
    edited March 2013
    Nick: Rich
    Age: 26
    Skill: low? http://ns2stats.org/player/player/46965
    KS, USA - west,central, east - all work.
    Microphone: Yes

    experience -
    lots of ns1 pubbing - previous
    competitive TFC STA Gold and TFL 2A- previous
    Competitive TF2 (current) http://ugcleague.com/team_page.cfm?clan_id=5130
  • StiliStili Join Date: 2008-03-21 Member: 63924Members
    Skill -Mid
    language english
    microphone - Yes
    how to contact you Steam: <h^2>hewa
    No Scrim Experience for NS2
    experience in other games (competitive preferably)
    CS-S Scrims/TF2Lobby
    brief info about yourself (looking for a dedicated team preferably small with a ventrilo or voice server I'm pretty chill guy lol so yeah hit me up somehow)
  • JoseppeJoseppe Join Date: 2012-01-21 Member: 141497Members
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    @nadyli - define "skill level" please:
    low ?
    * k/d < 1 ?
    * dont know what i am doing
    mid ?
    * 1 < k/d < 3
    * know the basics about movement
    high ?
    * 5 < k / d ?
    * how to dodge, fading, lerking ?
    * know advanced tactics (as commander) ?

    1. k/d = kill / death ratio (how many people you kill before you die)
    2. maybe the player ranking on ns2stats.org is an indicator (a little bit)
    search yourself: ns2stats.org - top 1000 players
  • MrsolowMrsolow Join Date: 2013-03-25 Member: 184393Members
    Name: Mrsolow
    age: 19
    skill: (mid-high) upcomming
    EU: Denmark
    language: (Proper english)
    microphone: Got mic. ts3,vt,RC,mumble,skype you name it.
    Contact me at: Steamid: mikon1337
    experience in ns (Been playing ns1 for a while, didn't care for it, because the lack of graphics)
    experience in other games (Been playing pro counterstrike 1.6 here in Denmark for 4 years in the competitive sence such as esl,danish leagues. allso been playing alot of starcraft 1 and 2,
    so im into tactics aswell) I startet playing fps and strategy games when i was about 7 so i got alot of years in gaming on my back.

    brief info about yourself: Im looking for mature competitive clan, no kids who's yelling all the time.
    allso i prefer to play as a firstperson player, not commander.

    Give me a shoutout
    Steamid: mikon1337

    Regards Mrsolow
  • AaronElAaronEl Join Date: 2009-11-01 Member: 69214Members
    Name: El
    Age: 20
    Skill: Mid/low
    Lang: English
    Mic: Yes
    Played TF2 at its peak in the Intermediate div in ESEA briefly. I play Quake Live occasionally. My strength is being in the right place at the right time vs pure dm (I play on a laptop).


    Contact me if you need an extra player on your roster.
  • GodsGunmanGodsGunman Join Date: 2013-03-25 Member: 184410Members
    Nickname: GodsGunman

    Age: 19

    Skill: Very subjective question that completely depends on what exactly the situation is, but in terms of this game alone against random people I'd say medium. From what I've played so far I've done anything from getting like a 10.0 kdr with 60 kills and 6 deaths (or something like that), to going around 20-24.

    Location: I live in Canada, I generally have a lower ping than most Americans to American servers though. I won't play anywhere with over 100 ping, but that should not be an issue.

    Language: English mainly

    Microphone: Yes

    How to contact you: My steam username is GodsGunman, the avatar is of me with a C9 LMG.

    Experience in ns: Slim to none, I just started playing on the free weekend and purchased the game Sunday.

    Experience in other games (competitive preferably): I've played Counter Strike GO for awhile and was a Legendary Eagle for awhile until I quit for a couple months, at which point my rank reset to Master Guardian. I've worked back up to Distinguished Master Guardian but don't play that much anymore.
    My only other considerable competitive gaming experience was from a game called Cross Fire. I played it for 4 years and eventually became the leader of a clan that I made and lead it for a year and a bit. During that time we won a game-wide tournament with no required signups that was determined by wins and losses with the minimum required games played being 30, and my team won every game ending up 30 to 0. We then beat the other team in the grand finals (my team was OldLegends). I was also at one point widely considered one of the top 10 players in the game for a game mode called 'Ghost Mode'.

    Brief info about yourself: I'm looking for a clan/guild/team that has between 10 and 100 members, and I would much prefer it if this was the only game that the clan/guild/team was made for. It doesn't matter if the clan is competitive or not right at the get go, but eventually once I learn how to play properly I would like to try competitively (possibly against other formed groups), whether that's in a league or not doesn't really matter. I am in the Canadian Military and am currently a trained Rifleman as I'm sure eventually that will come up. I also would prefer the clan/guild/team to enforce some sort of age requirement, as I don't really like playing with kids with high pitched voices. I also used to (and sometimes do) make videos for Cross Fire, if you're interested just google my name, I have about 350k video views.
  • Sloth9Sloth9 Washington Join Date: 2013-03-25 Member: 184377Members, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Gold, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Silver
    edited April 2013
  • Rich_Rich_ Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167152Members
    AaronEl wrote: »
    Name: El
    Age: 20
    Skill: Mid/low
    Lang: English
    Mic: Yes
    Played TF2 at its peak in the Intermediate div in ESEA briefly. I play Quake Live occasionally. My strength is being in the right place at the right time vs pure dm (I play on a laptop).


    Contact me if you need an extra player on your roster.

    bump for this guy. Anyone who ever went IM in ESEA TF2 is automatically gonna be a boost to any team.
  • inzoinzo Join Date: 2013-01-05 Member: 177669Members, WC 2013 - Silver
    Name: Inzo
    Age: 23
    Skill: Mid-high
    Mic: Yes
    I don't have any competitive NS experience.
    I played competitively in Gears of War on PC, but other than that I have no real competitive gaming experience.

    Even though I have no competitive gaming experience I have always been looking for a game to play seriously. I really enjoy NS2 and watch as much competitive gameplay as I can to get an idea for tactics/strategy. I would say I am a high-skilled marine and a medium-skilled alien. I am willing to scrim as much as possible and will be available much of the time.
  • co0kieco0kie Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167349Members, Reinforced - Shadow
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    nick: coOkie or Dwyane Fade
    age: 23
    skill: high (high division 2, low division 1)
    NA East
    language (English)
    Tritton AX Pro Headset
    how to contact: oofitzjohn@hotmail.com (steam account), ventrilo, team speak, mumble, ENSL gathers
    experience in ns (played NS 1 but didn't play for long. I think NS 2 outshined their past development by a long shot)
    experience in other games (CS cal-im, cal-m experienced, Ranked top 3,000 world wide in PS3 CoD, Ragnarok #1 sek-C. guild we won $400 for most dominating guild in War of Emperium , Dota 1&2, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Guil Wars 2, and a **** ton of other games)
    brief intro: I like a team that gives constructive criticism rather than one that scolds, belittles and throws angry comments at their teammates. Blaming & complaining doesn't win games., finding solutions and being responsible does. Love being a team player.

    I also come with another highly skilled player, slow down cowboy aka Gorge Lerkas, both looking for a team. we both individually have 400+ hrs in NS 2

    h0ller @ me niglets
  • FuleFule Join Date: 2009-06-04 Member: 67683Members
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    nick - Fule
    • age - 19
    • skill (high, mid, low) - low-mid (not sure, really)
    • EU/NA/AUS etc - Europe
    • language (english/finnish/french etc) - english
    • microphone - of course
    • how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it) - steam eedijs (same avatar as here)
    • experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc) - no competetive experience in any of the games except ns2 gathers - I'm playing those atm,mostly played solo - never was interested in competing until now. Played NS1 for some time, but nothing serious, again.
    • experience in other games (competitive preferably) - played all kinds of games, no competetive experience, again
    • brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you) - I want to learn, improve and play against others. I think that I'd like something more than casual fun, I'm interested in actually competing when I'm good and ready. Don't expect great english from me, it is not my fault that I cannot speak english properly (typing, writing is fine, I guess).
  • CountCount Join Date: 2007-01-11 Member: 59559Members
    edited April 2013
    Central USA
    Yes, I have a microphone.
    It's probably easiest for you to message me here. (http://forums.unknownworlds.com/profile/59559/Count)
    Played NS off and on from release until NS2.
    I have played competitively on Warcraft 3 and TF2. I was platinum on SC2 when it was first released, but I don't play much anymore.
    I want to play more serious and organized games. Public servers get annoying pretty quickly.
  • AnammoxAnammox Join Date: 2013-04-02 Member: 184597Members, Reinforced - Diamond
    In game and Steam name: Anammox
    Age: 25
    Skill: Mid to High (640 hours since release)
    Mid USA, Illinois/Michigan
    Mic: yes
    In game Settings: all high, no issues there. The occasional crash; will be tuning voltages soon.

    Like commanding, can do both decently. Looking more to do the fighting though.

    Gameplay style:
    Not much for purchasing exos; usually go jp shotty welder.
    Usual alien tech tree: skulk to fade, skulk to onos, gorge to whatever....but as always the lifeform depends on the in game circumstances.

    NS2 by far my favorite game I've played. Enjoyed thoroughly since the release (too much one could say :/). Never played any game competitively. Looking to start here.
    Pubs getting a bit old. Looking for better challenges and fun people to play with. Here to have fun and I'm always down for new strats and ideas.

    Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028004506/
  • Quality_Pork_MeatQuality_Pork_Meat Join Date: 2013-04-11 Member: 184744Members
    Quality Pork Meat
    • age: 23
    • Country: Belgium
    • skill: no idea, mid maybe high? common sense, yes.
    • language (english/dutch and another 234 languages
    • microphone: yup
    • You can add me on steam "Quality Pork Meat"
    • experience: played ns, playing ns2. Never competitive. Not afraid of commanding or reshunting.
    • I'm actually looking for a semi casual team. I'm not the "instant-invite-type-of-guy". I'll have to get to know you first. A good community, good players and a few matches now and then. That's what I want.
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