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  • AbixAbix Join Date: 2003-12-14 Member: 24359Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow
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    Nick: Abix
    Age: 27
    Skill: high
    Location: US
    Language: English
    Microphone: Yes
    Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/76561197960286790/
    Experience in ns: Played NS1 from 2003 to 2008. CAL-NS Seasons 3, 5, 6, 7 . Pubstomping NS2.
  • RethReth Join Date: 2012-06-03 Member: 152887Members
    - Nick: Palmtrees
    - Age: 23
    - Skill: mid
    - Area: NA
    - Language: English
    - Mic: Corsair Vengence 1500
    - Contact: Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/strokingkeys/
    - Experience (NS):
    Started a few months into NS1. Join some startup clans for a few months, but to be honest, I was more dedicated to my Counter-Strike clan, so I fell out. Played a little less than 100 hrs of NS2 off an on, but I want to start playing it regularly on the weekends.

    - Experience (other):
    Played Counter Strike back in 1.4 before the steam switch. Had several clans with friends from school and a few outsiders. Entered in Cal-o, never really got anywhere back then, but it familiarized me with the competitive gaming circuits. Continued to play Counter Strike for years with friends just for fun and to learn a skill, played the ESEA servers for quite some time focusing on gameplay and tactics, but mostly just for fun. Played the original Guild Wars game for 2-3 years before quitting. I was a part of the guild Ego Trip From Rank [ZERO], where, during one season, we ended at ranked 14th in NA. We got invited to go to Korea for match play, we ended up not going because not all of us were 18 years old.

    Recently got into League of Legends, been playing a little over a year with intermediate skill level. Thought about playing competitively but I mostly play for fun.

    - About me:
    I'm a web developer in the mid-west USA who likes to maintain gaming as a healthy hobby and not a lifestyle. I would like to play NS2 during the weekend, preferably on Saturdays or Sundays. Weekdays are okay as long as I'm not up till 2am running practice matches or scrims, but I like to go out on Fridays and socialize or play the occasional MTG tournament. I don't take myself too seriously, I don't get offended very easily, and I enjoy playing games!
  • TerrorROTerrorRO Romania Join Date: 2011-07-17 Member: 110769Members, Reinforced - Shadow
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    Nick: Terror_ROM
    Age: 32
    Skill: Mid-High
    Location: EU - Romania
    Language: English, Romanian
    Microphone: Yes
    Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/AndreiTerror
    Experience in ns: Played NS1 since 2003 but only on public server, and NS2 since Alpha.
    Experience others: competitive CS 1.6, CS:Source, CS:GO, Battlefield 2
  • ResidentialResidential Join Date: 2013-09-20 Member: 188359Members, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Gold, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Supporter
    - Nick: Residential
    - Age: 22
    - Skill: Mid-High
    - Area: EU
    - Language: English, fractions of Welsh ;)
    - Mic: Yes, logitech
    - Contact: Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005705604/
    - Experience: Played NS1 for many years. Kind of miss the old days running it through half life ;) Also play NS2 very frequently and wish for competative play.
    - Experience other: CS:CZ, CS:Source, CS:GO, Tribes 2 & Ascend

    Hospitality specialist in the sheep shagging land of Wales. I consider myself an FPS gamer and would like to take a chance at organised NS play.
  • witalitwitalit London Join Date: 2013-10-07 Member: 188623Members
    Nick: witalit
    Age: 25
    Skill: mid-high
    Location: UK
    Language: English
    Microphone: Yes
    Contact: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964427710‎
    Experience in ns: Played NS1 for at least 1-2 years, NS2 from the start, play at least 1-2 hours a few days a week.

    Preferably a European team that plays between 6pm-10pm GMT. Thanks!
  • P3anutsP3anuts Join Date: 2006-12-30 Member: 59336Members, WC 2013 - Supporter
    Mid - High
    NA, but have played in euro teams in ns1 for over 3 years
    microphone - Yes
    Message me on here or find me on steam which is P3anut
    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc)
    Played ns1 since cal days, won div 3 with NrS and div 2 with vital. Im also pretty good at stomping blwsky so i guess that could be put down as experience.
    Im looking for a cool team that wants to have fun, but at the same time care about improving their level of play. Would also prefer a team that hates blwsky as much as i do.
  • simbasimba Join Date: 2012-05-06 Member: 151628Members
    P3anuts wrote: »
    Mid - High
    NA, but have played in euro teams in ns1 for over 3 years
    microphone - Yes
    Message me on here or find me on steam which is P3anut
    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc)
    Played ns1 since cal days, won div 3 with NrS and div 2 with vital. Im also pretty good at stomping blwsky so i guess that could be put down as experience.
    Im looking for a cool team that wants to have fun, but at the same time care about improving their level of play. Would also prefer a team that hates blwsky as much as i do.

    Don't assume we like Blwsky here at next level gaming.
  • BlwskyBlwsky Join Date: 2013-09-08 Member: 188018Members, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Gold
    P3anuts wrote: »
    Mid - High
    NA, but have played in euro teams in ns1 for over 3 years
    microphone - Yes
    Message me on here or find me on steam which is P3anut
    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc)
    Played ns1 since cal days, won div 3 with NrS and div 2 with vital. Im also pretty good at stomping blwsky so i guess that could be put down as experience.
    Im looking for a cool team that wants to have fun, but at the same time care about improving their level of play. Would also prefer a team that hates blwsky as much as i do.

    Yeah, fuck that Blwsky guy.

    Seriously though, Pe3nut would be a great pickup for any team. Good player always looking to raise the skill level of himself and his team.

  • ReKReK Join Date: 2004-08-30 Member: 31058Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Silver
    • Nick: ReK_
    • Age: mid 20s
    • Skill: mid
    • TZ: NA (PST)
    • Language: English
    • Microphone: yes
    • Contact: Steam, I idle in #ns
    • Experience in NS: Used to play CAL-O for NS1, lerk was my best alien class and I was a decent commander. That's largely still true.
    • Other Experience: NS1 was my only serious competitive FPS. I've been involved in commanding some major battles in Eve (think hectic mid-fight voice comms, only there's 1800 people in the channel) and I've played tons of other FPS casually. Ranked diamond or so on Starcraft when I used to play.
    • Info: Looking to get back into a competitive team. I pubstomp a lot but I miss the coordination you get with people you actually practice with.
  • 50l170n50l170n Canada Join Date: 2013-11-12 Member: 189325Members, Reinforced - Gold
    nick: Lactose The Intolerant
    age: 28
    skill: mid
    Timezone: NA (Mountain Time)
    language: English
    microphone: yes, SteelSeries 5Hv2
    how to contact you: PM on this site preferred
    experience in ns: 75+ hours in NS2.
    experience in other games: 250+ hours Tf2, server admin and active player Goldeneye: Source, 15 years of FPS games...
    brief info about yourself: I am a web designer/developer in Laberta Canad, Looking to learn more about the competitive scene and hone my skills for competitive matches. Looking to become an active part of a community and join in on casual games (to start) moving up as I gain experience. Willing to learn and looking to be part of a great team.
  • vandeamvandeam Join Date: 2013-03-24 Member: 184307Members, WC 2013 - Gold
    - Nick: Can't Touch This
    - Age: 26
    - Skill: high
    - Area: Israel
    - Language: English/Hebrew/Russian
    - Mic: YES
    - Contact: VanDeam1987 or here on the forums
    - Experience (NS): started 6 months ago on NS2 i really like this game and also good at it.. i'v been a gamer half my life :)
  • current1ycurrent1y Join Date: 2003-12-08 Member: 24150Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow, Subnautica Playtester
    edited November 2013
    skill mid
    microphone yes
    Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071223053
    experience: 1500 hrs, Premiere division experience with All-In and a little bit with dn.

    Pubbing is getting retarded again. Looking for a premier, div 1 or div 2 team. If you have a spot open hit me up on steam and I would be happy to play a few rounds after season 3 is over.
  • spoozspooz Join Date: 2012-04-23 Member: 150930Members
    - nick: spooz
    - age: 20
    - skill: mid? hard to say
    - EU
    - Language: English/Polish
    - Mic: YES
    - contact: steam: hann886
    - experience: played NS2 from early beta, and after a lot on pubs. I've been a pro player in a game Enemy Territory, played over 2000hrs in many cups, leagues. I've also played a lot Battlefield series. So I know what is a competitve play and teamwork. Gamer for many years now.

    Searching for a team which will be able to teach me how to play NS2 on a higher level. :)
  • Scorch_Scorch_ USA Join Date: 2013-11-22 Member: 189504Members
    -nick: Scorch_
    -age: 24
    -skill: low
    -language: english
    -microphone: yes
    -how to contact: steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Scorch_/)
    -experience in ns: Just pubs no competitive ns or ns2 experience.
    -experience in other games: Used to play 6s tf2 for about 2 or 3 years currently playing quake and just pasted the 2 year mark.
  • ForlornHopeForlornHope Join Date: 2003-08-01 Member: 18675Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Gold
    edited November 2013
    Nick: Forlorn-Hope (look for same avatar in search)
    Age: 34
    Skill: mid-high
    Location: Scotland
    Language: English
    Mic: Yup
    Steam: Forlorn-Hope

    Been playing NS casually since it came out. Played NS2 casually since launch. Played a bit for Clan Mint back in season 1. Merc'ed a bit a while back too. Generally, I'm a decent shot, good with tactics and I watch a lot of competitive games. I can't comm.

    I'm after a temporary team for the world championships who are entering for the fun of it. I do have stuff that comes up at short notice and might not be able to make the odd practice session (hence me not being able to commit to an ENSL team).
  • tallhotblondetallhotblonde Join Date: 2012-12-11 Member: 174770Members, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Shadow
    edited November 2013
    Nick - Skyice
    Age - 23
    Skill - Mid+ (as it stands, dont play much when im just on public games! i can compete with high when im playing regularly)
    Location - England
    language - english
    Mic - Yea lol
    Steam - Skyice2k
    Experience - Few seasons in ns1 and all 3 seasons in ns2, played with mostly high-end Div 2 teams.

    Notes- Really would like to play seriously again to see how far i can go in the world championship.. Other than that im happy to play with some div 2/3 teams looking to have fun but win :-]
  • shaker04shaker04 Montreal Join Date: 2013-11-24 Member: 189546Members
    - Shaker04
    - 22
    - i'm actual mid skilled cause i jsut started but im a hardcore gamer an
    - Na from quebec canada
    - french is the main i also speak english but i gota practice it im still a quick learner so should not be a problem
    - got a micro also using vente skype etc all those kind of program
    - contact me buy facebook email skype steam or celphone etc ...
    - dont have much expecrience in Ns2 or competitive computer game cause i ever find a team enought good for what im looking for
    - im playing leage of legends alots im actualy Plat 2 solo Q cant find a team
    - i am looking and i am a Good damm hard competitive gamer im not a bad loser, But i will never give up or surender till its
    the very -end because there is always Hope in every situation
    - i work 5 days a week and i game minimum 40h week dont have gulfriend and i dont go out alots .

    If you want to get me just add me on league of legends shaker04 in Na server or add my steam account shaker004
  • R3apZzR3apZz Oregon Join Date: 2013-11-26 Member: 189577Members
    nick: R3apZz
    age: 16
    skill: Low
    language: English
    microphone: Yes
    how to contact you: Steam (Speedpwnage1)
    experience in ns: New to the game, still have alot to learn, but i want to jump into competitive play.
    experience in other games: in the top 50% of players in league of legends, Silver 3, on a team that made it to gold 3 in season 2
    brief info about yourself: I love gaming, it is my passion, and i want to become a pro gamer, i'm a hardcore gamer.
  • ShotoSelectionShotoSelection Join Date: 2005-01-23 Member: 37558Members
    nick: ShotoElite
    age: 22
    skill (high, mid, low): mid-level
    EU/NA/AUS etc: US
    language: English
    microphone: Yes
    how to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it): steam -> ShotoElite
    experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc): ns1 casual, 500+ hours in ns2
    experience in other games (competitive preferably): high masters sc2
    - Looking for a team for season 4. I comm a lot of pug games. I am looking to improve my game. This includes, improving aim, learning strats, and understanding game mechanics/details.
  • BamboochaBamboocha Germany Join Date: 2013-12-13 Member: 190057Members
    edited December 2013
    Nick: Bamboocha
    Age: 21
    Skill: low-mid
    Location: EU, Germany
    Language: English, german
    Microphone: Yes. And all the rest of a decent gaming equipment.
    Contact: Steam: bamboo0cha (steamcommunity.com/id/bamb00cha)
    Experience in NS: About 50 hours in game. I understand the basics of the game and already looked into some further mechanics. But I only played on public servers till now.
    Experience in other games: I have many shooter experience (Planetside 2, CS, Battlefield,...) and am also a fan of RTS games like DoW, SupCom and C&C (though com in NS2 is a lot different and I didn't get the hang of it yet).
    For the competitive part: I tried to get some organized Teamplay done in Planetside 2 and am currently playing some organized CS:GO from time to time.

    So now I'm looking for my first competitive NS2 experience to learn the game on a completely new level. Though I'm not sure on what kind of regular basis yet.
    I'm a teamplayer in general and very rarely rage about anything. So I also want a nice atmosphere and fair play in my team.

    Looking forward to hear from you. :)
  • FLIBZFLIBZ Norway Join Date: 2013-12-13 Member: 190061Members
    edited December 2013
    nick: FLIBZ
    age: 16
    skill: low-mid
    EU/NA/AUS: EU, Norway
    language: English, Norwegian, Swedish
    microphone: Yep, Yep
    how to contact you: Skype= pettero0 Steam= http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040208149
    experience in ns: I have no experience in competitive matches on ns. I got like 30 hours of gameplay total.
    experience in other games: I have a long story in clans... About all of my clans has been in the COD series. Ive been in a total of 7 clans. The last one was BattleWornSoliders were I was playing Infestation:Survialstories. Though about all my previous gaming experience comes from FPS games like cod and css
    brief info about yourself: Im a TEAMPLAYER! I dont care for the kills.. the thing i care about is the task im given. Im easy to tell what to do. I never rage which means im not looking for a team that only got small raging kids.. Im not looking for a way to serious clan atm but not a just for fun clan either. I want to get serious in the game!
  • FlyingScorpionFlyingScorpion San Diego Join Date: 2014-01-05 Member: 192267Members
    edited January 2014
    nick: Flying Scorpion (aka San Diego)
    age: 28
    skill: Mid
    microphone: Yes
    Contact me via Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981425096/)
    Experience in NS - 1 week of NS2
    experience in other games: Battlefield and Call of Duty for several years. Sometimes I come up as #1 player, other times I'm in the bottom half - depends on how awake I am.
    Brief info about me: I'm posting here because I want to play with people who work as an organized team instead of random strangers with no coordination.
  • NeemhNeemh Lithuania Join Date: 2013-12-31 Member: 191180Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    edited January 2014
    Nick: Neemh
    Age: 21
    Skill: MID
    Country: LT (Lithuania)
    Language: Lithuanian. Russian. English.
    Microphone: Yes
    How to contact you: http://steamcommunity.com/id/neemh_on_steam/ -or- http://vk.com/neemh
    Experience in NS: No experince. I started from NS2.
    Experience in other games: LOT exp in games like AvP2010 and StarCraft 2)
    Brief info about yourself: So... i am more casual player if you talk about tactics. I know basics but gain more fun just feeling myself in this world as a marine or monster (^__^). Sure, good stats on Hive network are fun too, so i looking for group who not hardcore players but who play just good, cover teammates, with experienced commander and yea... They are friendly. In case that i am student and workking i cant play everyday. (Another info: Girl, Furry fan, Artist.)
  • BoeBoe Norway Join Date: 2014-01-07 Member: 192724Members
    Nick: Boe
    Age: 23
    Skill: mid
    Location: Norway
    Language: English, Norwegian
    Microphone: yes
    Contact: steamcommunity.com/id/svendsens
    Experience in NS: Played NS1 casually. Played ~200hrs NS2 since launch.
    Experience in competitive gaming: Not much, was in a decent CS clan almost a decade ago. Raiding/PvP in WoW.
    More info: I seem to enjoy NS2 the more I play, but getting weary of playing on more or less random servers with strangers lacking communication and more so tactics and strategy. Now I feel more than ready to experience NS2 as how it was meant to be played: like a team. I'm hoping to join a group of well-coordinated players mainly for casual fun (but I'm definitely willing to try out the competitive arena!)
  • SayerrSayerr PA, USA Join Date: 2014-01-08 Member: 192766Members
    Nickname: Sayer
    Age: 22
    Skill: low-mid
    Region: NA
    Language: English
    Microphone: Yes
    Contact: steamname is i_irish10
    Experience: I have only been playing the game for about a week now. I know, I would've generally stopped reading too, however if you have gotten this far hear me out. I was a professional Dota play for about 2 years of my life. It was my primary means of income for that entire time. Through the years I have played all the mobas and MMOs you can think of. The other day something happened, I downloaded NS2 and I played it, and now I have found what I can leave MOBAs for. NS2 has become my new game because I am absolutely in love with it. I'm an extremely dedicated player and as you can see since I started playing the game I almost havn't stopped. Essentially, I am looking for a team that can help me grow into a great player. I know for a fact that within 2 months time or so I will be a great player and I would very much like to expatiate my growth.
    Personal Info: I am 22 and live outside philly. I have been in the army as an infantryman since I was 17 and now serve in the reserves while going to school.
  • FeathermonsterFeathermonster California Join Date: 2013-08-30 Member: 187312Members, Super Administrators, Playtest Lead, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Supporter, Pistachionauts
    edited March 2014
    Nick - Feathermonster
    Age - 25
    Skill - Mid
    Region - NA
    Language - English.
    Microphone - Yup.
    Contact - Steam, http://steamcommunity.com/id/onyxserpent/

    Experience in NS - I've been playing since release day off and on, and have just over 220 hours logged as of writing this, though a good.. I dunno, let's just say 50 or 60 hours of that have been since December. Been doing my best to practice a lot lately. :D I've got the basics down (aside from comming, which is a project for a F2P weekend), but still need to figure out the tweaky little skill things that aren't blatantly obvious.
    Experience in other games - Nothing competitive in the 'playing for prizes' meaning of the word. Had some great fun in top guilds on some smallish PVP-centric MMOs but it's not like much of that skill carries over.

    More info -
    I would prefer a competitive (or at least semi-competitive) group of folks to play with. Honestly, I'm probably more picky about personalities of teammates rather than skill level as long as everyone involved is trying to improve. :) I've been told I'm pretty easy to get along with so there shouldn't be much trouble on my end.

    Part of the issue is I know I have a bunch of bad habits I need to un-learn before I'd even have a chance at being srs business competitive and doing so in a void is pretty hard. Yeah sure, my regular stream-visitors occasionally point stuff out but with the new Twitch delay it's obnoxious to have a conversation, as I'm sure pretty much everyone knows at this point. Basically, you gain snarky artist chick who is eager to learn and pewpew/nomnom, I gain people who are willing to help me ditch my bad habits. Sound good? Good.

    I do live in California and usually end up playing between 6pm to 1am PST, but since I'm currently freelancing (aka art from home), I can shift that around a bit if the majority of whatever group lives on the east coast or what-have-you.
  • Ace_23Ace_23 Chicago Join Date: 2014-01-10 Member: 192902Members
    Nick: Ace

    Age: 25

    Skill: Low-Mid

    Location: NA (central time zone)

    Language: English

    Microphone: Yes

    Contact: steam name : ssaace

    Experience in ns2: I have about 150 hrs playing in public servers, I got the game about a month and a half ago, so I've been playing about 25 hrs a week. I think I have about a 50/50 split between commanding and playing on the field. I like commanding and playing on both marines and aliens.

    Experience in other games: I play/played Age of Empires 2 and Halo PC competitively for years. I have qualified for all major AoE2 The Conquerors team game tournaments that have been held in the past 2 years. I came in 1st place in the last 2v2 AoE2 Age of Kings tournament and came in 2nd in the previous 2v2 AoK tournament, and I'm currently one of the highest rated AoE2 HD players on steam. For Halo PC, I played on a few klanwars teams and also played in a lot of scrims.

    Brief info: I'm looking to join a team to improve my game knowledge and skills with practicing/scrimming and competing in tournaments.

    Thanks :)
  • GalapagOGalapagO Florida Join Date: 2014-01-14 Member: 193121Members
    edited January 2014
    nick: Galapago/Gala/Morte
    skill: low to mid
    North America (florida)
    English a very tiny bit of Spanish and even less German
    microphone: yes a comp mic and a gamescon something mic
    How to contact me: Steam (mort3lycos), This website, or my email GalapagO@humanoid.net
    Experience in ns2: I think around 150 hours of natural selection 2 and a bit in Youtube watching competitive play and itssupereffective
    Experience in other games: Starcraft 1 and 2 , Chivalry: Medieval Warefare, COD 4
    Looking for: Help, fun, competition, and some casual relaxed games to end the day.
    For the record I am in a Starcraft clan but they are completely uninvolved in Natural Selection or steam.

    EDIT: I had my steam name wrong... derp
  • simbasimba Join Date: 2012-05-06 Member: 151628Members

    nick: Simba
    age: 24
    skill: High
    Location: North America - The Whale's Vagina (San Diego)
    Language: English
    microphone: Of course
    How to contact me: Steam (Simba)

    Experience in ns2: 2000 hours. 2 Seasons of ensl (Season 2 Div 3 champion, Season 3 Div 3 bronze), 3 tournaments, a few dozen PUGs, merc-commanding for probably every team at some point

    Looking for: Division 1 team that is in need of a commander. I am looking to challenge myself this season. I have been told I am good at what I do. I feel I have an advanced understanding of ns2 meta. I am not generally a silent commander (unless we clearly outmatch the opponent). I have good medpack aim. I will drill it into your head that you need to parasite. I have never pulled a "Decoy plz". I have higher FPS than Jaivol.
  • rickrockrrickrockr East Coast USA Join Date: 2014-02-03 Member: 193767Members
    edited February 2014
    nick: Rickrockr
    age: 18
    skill: mid, experienced in high intensity matches.
    Location: NA (EST)
    language: English, Spanish
    microphone: Logitech G930 wireless PC Headset
    how to contact you: PM on Steam:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030638399/ or here on the forums
    experience in NS: Competitive matches in closed servers
    experience in other games: Warframe, ACE Suba, and Dark Souls organized fighting
    brief info about yourself: Looking for a heavily competitive team to hone my skills with. I am an expert at rushing and leading small teams into the trenches with minimal casualties. I prefer close combat such as melee or shotguns rather than sniping but I will fight with whatever is available. My schedule is flexible but I prefer to game Mondays/Wednesdays.
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