Subnautica and Below Zero Launch Week Development Priorities - Subnautica

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imageSubnautica and Below Zero Launch Week Development Priorities - Subnautica

Hi Subnauts! We are overwhelmed by the reception to Below Zero’s launch on Friday, and the team is immensely proud that we were able to simultaneously bring the game to...

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    Leaving a comment to open up the thread.
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    Neat so far, but kinda wish there was a little more variety in the leviathans. More importantly, I'd hope that the pop-in issue had been resolved somewhere between Subnautica and Below Zero, especially on a high end PC or Series X. Also, gimme a baby SeaMonkey lol
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    Awesome, this is why I love this dev team, they pay attention and care about their players :)
  • SchulzSchulz Join Date: 2021-05-19 Member: 270369Members
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    OG subnautica felt far more terrifying. Really took charge of the thalassophobia horror. Sequel needs darker depths and more threatening leviathans. It doesn't seem nearly as attractive to fans who loved the survival horror aspects of the original.
  • LavaEndermanLavaEnderman Join Date: 2019-10-06 Member: 254945Members
    Thank you for looking into the terrain and save issue. I lost about an 1hrs woth of progress and hope it gets fixed.
  • DaveyNYDaveyNY Schenectady, NY Join Date: 2016-08-30 Member: 221903Members
    Just out of curiosity, what happened to the backup camera on the Seatruck?
  • msicamsica Brazil Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270377Members
    This is by far the most annoying bug! “ Terrain loading error and unable to save.”
  • MazumiMazumi Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270378Members
    I still cannot move on from the last location. ALAN has appeared but the next doorway is still inaccessible...
  • reapersbackreapersback Plymouth Join Date: 2017-08-07 Member: 232288Members
    Will there ever be a Multi player for this even if its just a 2 player would be cool

  • KyzarvsKyzarvs UK Join Date: 2019-08-08 Member: 254142Members
    Will there ever be a Multi player for this even if its just a 2 player would be cool

    Only asked a thousand times before...

    No. Though there's an interview online somewhere with a dev saying if there's a S3, then that might have multiplayer.
  • MonkeeShinesMonkeeShines Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270388Members
    Props to devs for keeping us updated on the fix for Subnautica Switch. Both games amazing ports!
  • La ChupacabraLa Chupacabra Join Date: 2008-02-25 Member: 63729Members
    regarding the PS5 1080 cap - "The fix is very straightforward and that change is already in testing." Do you mean the fix is being tested by playstation (their quality control process) and will land in under 2 weeks or internal testing ahead of an update and playstation's quality control? Just trying to figure out the potential ETA.
  • SWSSWS Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270396Members
    Victim of the [Below Zero – All platforms] Terrain loading error and unable to save.

    Lost my save, 50/60h of play. I'm so pissed off that I uninstalled the game and will take some distance with in, maybe I'll give it another try in a few months after a few patches.

    Just WHY do you still propose only ONE slot for the saves?? What game in 2021 still do that AND disable the cloud saves in the mean time????

    At least we should have 4/5 slots to save, or like a ton of other games, or the possibility to just check 'new save" and have as much as we want (I have more than 300 saves in games like RDR2, Witcher, Cyberpunk).

    In Subnautica if you have only one issue with the game, you lose everything forever, it's impossible to use an old save.

    That sucks at a max level.
  • SlavedeathSlavedeath Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270411Members
    Love the game, but I’ve stopped playing it due to multiple crashes which I lose so much progress. The game even crashed when I tried to save it. This game really needs multiple save slots or the option for an autosave feature. I bought this game as soon as it released, but like so many times before I got burned. I’ve honestly stopped preordering and buying stuff on release day. I should have waited till this game becomes the free monthly game.
  • DJ_AndrejDJ_Andrej Serbia Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270418Members
    I hope that you will still working at first Subnautica (PC version), I found some bugs that need to be fixed: swim at surface where is fire near door to nuclear reactors at Alterra, stalker tooth and metal salvage often goes under texture at Creepvine areas (stalker tooth issues is bigger problem).
  • ObliviousNinjaObliviousNinja UK Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270422Members
    Had numerous occurrences of the terrain not loading error, and unable to save once its happened. Very frustrating, and lost progress multiple times because of it. Playing on xbox one, this is the one major issue ive had so far on the game, and it needs urgently fixing. For me it seems to happen when im either in a large open area, it can be near or far from my home base. As i write this im near the lily pad area, near the mercury ship. It also stops resources from spawning and all creatures disappear
  • areuhungryareuhungry Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270426Members
    Is there any fix or investigation that the ps4 hard copy cannot upgrade to ps5 version? I checked the store with the disk in but it asked me purchase again which is apparently wrong.
  • PaterAestusPaterAestus Join Date: 2017-01-03 Member: 225985Members
    DaveyNY wrote: »
    Just out of curiosity, what happened to the backup camera on the Seatruck?

    If I remember correctly, it was removed due to it being too taxing to fully load terrain, creatures, and other things in two different directions.
  • JerrySprinklerJerrySprinkler Alaska Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270443Members
    PS4 downloaded last week.

    I put 30 to 40 hours in. My game has crashed twice. Now I get the following message when loading my game: “save data loading fail”! Dear god please help or let me know y’all are working on a fix!
  • DieGuteSalsaDieGuteSalsa Hamburg Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270447Members
    Can you please put a autosave in. We have 2021 and I can’t believe that this game has none. Lost 90 min of progress because the game was randomly crashing!!
  • DinoAyrtonDinoAyrton Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270458Members
    Thanks for the update but you are pissing us off Unkown Worlds. God damn it this problem has been going on for so freaking long man....I just have a hard time understanding how this problem carries through from Subnautica to Below Zero.... I mean, it is not a AAA game I guess, but is it too much too ask for to be able to save 5 hours of progress without the game crashing on me? Such a big dissapointment to what could be great games (both of them).... I really hope this will be fixed, but since this has been going on for +2 years as far as I know I am having my doubts. I just hope Unkown Worlds can prove us wrong. Can someone explain to me why this problem has not been fixed for so damn long? At this point I do not care if I can play this game anymore (which I can not because of crashes), I just want answers...
  • DinoAyrtonDinoAyrton Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270458Members
    I really want to stay positive about this game en give positive feedback, but when you have a game breaking issue that carries over from the previous game to the next, it is really, really hard to say everything is ay-okay.
  • simprosimpro Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270475Members
    I really tried hard to enjoy the game, but now (~17h in), the game crashes are becoming more and more frequent. I'm already saving every 10 mins so I dont loose to much progress when it eventually crashes, but now I get a crash every 20 minutes or so. It's just not playable anymore, even though I really want to. Too frustrating.
  • aloeislandsaloeislands Join Date: 2021-05-22 Member: 270480Members
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    below zero on switch is crashing so bad it's unreal. I've never had a game crash this bad on my switch before. u NEED to add autosave to these games. I don't understand how u have been making this franchise for 5?? years now and there's still no autosave with game breaking bugs.
  • aphoktiaaphoktia United States Join Date: 2021-05-22 Member: 270483Members
    I have noticed a game breaking glitch on the switch for the original subnautica: when naming a locker the game completely freezes except for the dialogue box to type the name and for taking a screenshot on your PDA.
    Not game breaking but still a bug: I have also noticed the laser cutter not working on at least the wreck in the grassy plateaus and some general frame rate issues, but seems to be mainly when loading in biomes. Not sure if it matters but these have happened when the switch is docked.

    Thank you for bringing the games to the switch!!!
  • SssmokinSssmokin Scotland Join Date: 2021-05-19 Member: 270365Members
    Hi, have had Below Zero in early access since it was first available and have loved it. I purchased a new PC and played it once, everything was fine, but I had downloaded it onto my C drive which is SSHDD, I quickly realised I needed to download my games onto the D drive and did that. However, the one game I played before moving it, seems to have impacted my game on D.
    After the full release I started the game again, I had held off, excited for the final release.
    However, I am finding that boxes are already open, doors are already cut open, items are missing so I am not getting the blueprints. I AM still playing it and seeing if I can finished without all the bits but it is hard going.
    Could there be a file still on the C drive that the game looks at even though it is stored on the D drive? If so, can you tell me what it is and I will delete it.
    Thank you.
    Love your games, have been a Subnautica fan for years.
  • StarTrekerStarTreker Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270472Members
    Terrain loading error and unable to save, losing progress in game, and having to reload, is exactly what happened to me recently, and thats if I can get the game to load! Most of the time when I launch the game, it freezes on the epilepsy warning message, I have to keep stopping the game via steam and relaunching, until what feels like, 20 attempts later, I finally get the main menu to load in. Once I do get to load my save, the game runs pretty good for me, unless I run into the terrain loading error.

    Machine: MSI Raider GE76-231 notebook
    CPU: Intel 10870H 8-Core 16-thread
    RAM: 32GB Samsung DDR4 3200MHZ
    GPU: Nvidia 3080 With 16GB VRAM
    OS: POP OS 20.10 Linux
    GPU DRIVER: Nvidia 460.73
    Steam: Using Proton 5.13 API
    GPU MODE: Using discreet Nvidia GPU only, high performance, full turbo clocks.
    GAME INTEGRITY: Game integrity verified


    (1) I have deleted the cell cache folder in my game save directory, which appears to have sped the game up a bit, making it a bit smoother experience.

    (2) I seem to have the greatest success in launching the game if I forced my computer to run at stock clocks in quiet mode 2.2GHZ, however, still fails most of the time.

    I can play this game in 4K with almost everything completely maxed out, with average FPS around 58FPS, 48FPS minimum, 60FPS MAX. Yes I have VSYNC on, cause I am using a 60-hertz TV, and the game runs smoother with VSYNC on.

    Hopefully this is enough information, I have also already submitted an official bug report via the game UI.
  • nemesis511nemesis511 Join Date: 2021-05-23 Member: 270543Members
    i have a PS5 but didn't recieve the update. i even tried deleting the game and downloading it again but it didn't work.
  • scribjellyfishscribjellyfish Join Date: 2021-05-23 Member: 270547Members
    Found this post after having one of the save issues listed here on switch and I’m so relieved to hear you’re working on a fix and I might be able to get my save file back. I’ve been really enjoying the game!! Thank you for your hard work :)
  • GTjamoneGTjamone Roswell, GA USA Join Date: 2021-05-23 Member: 270552Members
    Below Zero is PS5 for me, and the only bug so far is if you build a room too close to a base exit (not realizing that they didn’t connect, then when you exit your base, it puts you into the new room which is filled with water and there’s no way to escape so you drown. On the other hand, I convinced my closest friend to buy Below Zero on PS4 so we could play simultaneously and talk about it, however his version is almost completely unplayable due to terrain loading errors. About 50% of the time when he approaches something like a land mass, it does not load, and most of the time, he cannot save. The problems on a normal PS4 seem horrendous right now.
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