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  • simprosimpro Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270475Members
    ZachBee wrote: »
    Your feedback doesn't submit on Nintendo Switch, and Below Zero constantly crashes, especially around my base (30+ times in a few hours as I personally tried to find the issue). I was a new person to Subnautica genre, loved it... now over it. I bought the digital version first... kept crashing thinking that was the issue. Bought the cartridge... same thing. Down $100 with a game that does not function as intended. I am 36 and never had a game do this. Good game, but I'm sensing a civil lawsuit for you guys. Selling a glitched/unpollished game knowingly (knowingly is personal opinion) for sales is not cool.

    Got the same issue. Worst thing is, I really want to play the game, it's pretty good when it doensn't crash. But seriously, has even ONE person playtested this? It's literally unplayable.
  • grootgroot Join Date: 2021-06-02 Member: 270976Members
    PS5 constant crashes ruined the game. That they only started halfway through was especially painful since I was committed at that point. Then I lost my save file (the only one provided - thanks for that). I paid $30 to lose 40 hours. Pretty sure I will never be able to finish the game. Such a huge letdown.
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    ericksob wrote: »
    My 12-year-old son had several hours into Below Zero on PS5 before he hit the 'Unable to Save' bug. After restarting his game to re-load his prior save, the game only had the option to 'Start New Game.' His save was missing. It appears to exist from within the PS5 menus: Settings->Saved Data and Game/App settings, but the game doesn't show it as an option to load. Since he has a 'child' account under the shared family PlayStation Plus subscription, his account does not support cloud save backups either. So, there's no way to attempt to restore a prior save from a cloud backup.

    Hopefully, a future patch will make his save show up for loading again (as it does appear to still exist, in some capacity, on the PS5). It really is too bad, Subnautica was his favorite game and he has been looking forward to the Below Zero PS5 release for quite a while. Now he's so discouraged, he's not sure if he wants to even play the game anymore.

    This kid is all of us right now.
  • grootgroot Join Date: 2021-06-02 Member: 270976Members
    When are we getting our refunds? And no, I wasn't running it in Japanese.
  • GEKGanonGEKGanon Join Date: 2021-05-30 Member: 270861Members
    Can we get an update from the development team regarding various issues?

    I bought the Switch version, saved in my Cyclops, which prevented my save from loading for the better part of a week. A patched was released, I got to play for like 2 more days, then I saved in my Prawn Suit, which has prevented my save from loading for nearly another week now. The game has been out exactly 2 weeks at this point, and it has only worked like 4 days for me.
  • VibezzVibezz Join Date: 2021-06-03 Member: 271041Members
    Hey, I play on Playstation 4. And When I go to Maida’s base (the one thats pinged as “Pilot’s last know position”) in Subnautica Below Zero, and I get close, my game crashes, I’m doing a series on Youtube for the game now and I want to go to her base really bad but I can’t. Please look into, thanks.
  • blainert25blainert25 Join Date: 2021-06-03 Member: 271045Members
    Switch version. Same issue as everyone else. Saved in my prawn suit and now the save won't load at 40%. Either fix the save issue or allow for multiple saves (like every other game out there). I'm 40 hours into the game and completely blocked from playing aside from starting over. Along with multiple crashes losing anywhere from 10 minutes to hours of game play, these bugs make the game almost unplayable.
  • Theo_STheo_S Rennes Join Date: 2021-06-06 Member: 271111Members
    Hi, I played 80 hours on PS4 and experimented 34 crashes (I can see all of them in the historical of crashes). As a comparaison, I experimented "only" 7 crashes on Subnautica first of the name... Those problems really ruin the pleasure of playing, PLEASE take the time to make a STABLE version BEFORE releasing it... "Cyberpunk issue" seems to be the norm now...
  • AquahoundAquahound Chicago Join Date: 2021-06-08 Member: 271153Members
    I just finished Below Zero - it was SO GOOD! 6 stars out of 5! More please! I can't wait to continue the story!!!
  • Jujuby01Jujuby01 Join Date: 2021-06-10 Member: 271223Members
    Bonjour je joue régulièrement à subnautica below zero sur ma Switch mais à chaque fois au bout de plusieurs minutes ma console plante je sais pas pourquoi car sa le fait pas sur mes autres jeu c'est vraiment frustrant car si j'ai pas sauvegardé je dois tout refaire est ce que vous allez bientôt faire une mise à jour pour corriger ce bug merci beaucoup ?
  • LuckycatLuckycat Shoreline, WA Join Date: 2021-03-24 Member: 268471Members
    Great! I can't wait to get it on steam!
  • simprosimpro Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270475Members
    Dropping a question here: Is Subnautica on Switch as buggy and full of random crashes as Below Zero? Would like to buy the first title (While waiting for fixes on BZ :/ ) but would like to know ahead of time how the performance is.
  • vlckaty83vlckaty83 Join Date: 2021-06-12 Member: 271268Members
    Loved below zero and am addicted to subnautica. After just getting to lava castle my game won’t load :-( ahhhhh new game loads, creative loads but this one says system error at 45s loading time, please please help as I really want to finish this game
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