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    Any word on the syncing to a new xbox problem?? Still can't play c'mon unknown world's this has been a problem for a while
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    The Sync and the gamesave needs 5:31 to load (xbox x and the game is on external SSD)
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    Not sure if it's been mentioned but I've been having trouble getting the stillsuit databox in the mountain wreck to spawn. It's the only databox I've had trouble with so far. It's in a save I started post .35 update. I'm playing on an Xbox One S. I'm also experiencing the same spawn lag in flora/fauna/minerals that others are dealing with.
    I'm really impressed that you guys are still striving to make the console versions more efficient. Please don't stop until it's working as well as this masterpiece of gaming deserves.
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    tyotypic wrote: »
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    That's exactly what my game looks like too. Can't we go back to the previous patch? It was working better than this version.
    I'm sure that's one of the options they've been discussing. I would be quite happy with that outcome, as a temporary measure. As annoying as the game not saving is, I have learnt to just save often. This new issue stops me playing at all.

    I also have adapted myself to the slower loading and graphics glitches before, but it wasn't an issue at all for me. And saving was normal too. Now it is too frustrating to go back and forth from my base and see nothing but terrain. Stopped me from playing at all.
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    Things have completely Stopped loading. Cant go through underground bioms cant go through portals. The best part is the sea dragon got respawned at my base so my stuff is constantly under attack.
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    Please can you add a multi-player, it can be so fun to play subnautica with our friends
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    Any word on the syncing to a new xbox problem?? Still can't play c'mon unknown world's this has been a problem for a while
    I hear you @Kadomartinez , that is still one of biggest issues we hear from players. Just to give a little break down on the issues and where we're heading with upcoming patches and where this issue fits in with it:

    Xbox Patch and PS4 Patch 1.10 are us getting the console caught up to our latest changes on PC. We needed to get this patch out to know where we stood on consoles with respect to the major changes made to world streaming and some other under the hood changes. While QA testing got us 90% of the way there, we knew that once our fans got their hands on the patch we were going to get immediate feedback on what worked and what didn't.

    Now that we have the Xbox console patch out and have that feedback it has become clear which issues have been fixed and improved, which issues are newly introduced, and what has not been fixed.
    We have another major patch in the works and then we'll have some breathing room to focus on a bug only patch. For game breaking issues like the sparse world/abrupt pop-in, cloud sync timing out, and indefinite save game loading we are moving forward on those now. Once we have fixes tested and I have an idea on when the patch is coming I will work with Donya to communicate that out to the community.

    I know it may seem like a long wait for very little payoff and in some cases at a cost, but the work to bring console development back in house is going to pay off in meaningful ways as we get our footing. Your enthusiasm and patience pushes me, and the team, to want to make Subnautica the best it can be on every platform.
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    I still have an issue with seeing the inside of my base from a distance.
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    @Death1wolf if you're on PC, try the performance booster mod, it should fix the base showing at a distance.
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    I have started a game 4 times (once in creative) and after 10 hours of work between the 3 survival modes I started I haven't been able to save anything. I've lost all that work. It does show save data on my hard drive but doesn't let me access it to load. This is definitely my kind of game but if I can not save anything it's hard to even start again. Please fix this...
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