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    The developers have stated that they would have to rework the game from the ground up to get multiplayer working. They have analyzed the costs and benefits, and it would not be worth the investment of time and money. Keep in mind this is an independent developer, and as such they can't afford risk where a AAA company might be able to. PC players have a fanmade multiplayer mod in Beta testing, available at - other than that, the current Subnautica games are going to stay single-player.

    More on this can be found in the pinned multiplayer thread.
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    My cloud sync doesn't work. I had everything in the game. Blueprints, PRAWN suit, Seaglide, Cyclop, Rocket... But i just love the game and i wanted to keep exploring but without my stuff...i think i will not play this game anymore. Unless this bug gets fixed.
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    Any news on why I can't transfer saves from Xbox to PC even though this game is advertised as Xbox Play Anywhere? I have asked this question multiple times now and scoured the internet for an answer and all anyone seems to get is crickets!
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    Console update ? for xbox series x and s ?
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    Will mods for this game ever come to console like xbox and will you fix the fps crash when you have bases spaced out over 400+ m away from each other
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    Hi nearly a year later than this thread was opened, and the really slow streaming of objects in the world is still happening. If I drive my seamoth anywhere, I consistently outrun objects, plants, creatures, beacons. I understand that the sequel has taken you folks away from working on the original game, but is there another update coming anytime soon?

    Also loading my game takes a solid 10 minutes consistently since the May 2020 update. At least saving for me has worked since the update. :smile:
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    Subnautica is really too hard for traditional hard drives to keep up with, many recommend that players plug in a Solid State Drive for Subnautica.
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    Please make Subnautica multiplayer!!!!!
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    I've been browsing through the forums, the cloud sync bug that's been around since at least 2019 is affecting my save on my Series X. (error code 0x83860012). Has there been any news, any word on a permanent fix-action for this? From what I've been reading, I have no confidence that even if I delete the cloud save, that the error won't just crop up again on the new game and render it unplayable as well.
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    Here's the most recent I've seen:
    virtualdon wrote: »
    Hello, Xbox divers! We know that some of you have been experiencing issues with your Subnautica save games throwing up a “failed to sync” error. The team has been hard at work in consultation with Microsoft to find a solution for this error, and we believe we might now have a fix.

    That’s where we need your help! We don’t currently have a reproducible case in-house and would like to work with any of you still consistently getting the “failed to sync” issue on your save files to test the fix. We will be coordinating this testing via our Discord. If you are interested and able to help, please join the official Subnautica Discord ( ) and reach out to me via DMs if you have time to assist with testing.

    Thank you in advance.
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