MODS .... did someone say mods?!

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Subnautica officially went out of Early Access on PC so that kinda means that until official DLC is released the chances to see new game features and changes are kinda low. On the Trello theres still a card about Quality of Life features being implemented but god knows when/if/where/what of them will make it in the game if ever at all. I personally have some gripes and difficulties with some of the game features and since i know nothing about modding im SoL on that end. That being said i also know that the subnautica Devs arent against some modding of their game to an extent -- that is as long as their work isnt stolen and redistributed elsewhere. We have on these very forums talented community members that i have alot of respect for and impatiently follow and encourage on their respective works, may God bless you all for your passion and talents in modding :) ( @Rien , @Sunrunner , @Xzanron etc... to only name a few).

For those of you that doesnt know what im talking about and are curious about it heres a few links to threads on these very forums, keep in mind that some of these arent completed yet and are still a WIP:

Mod to add live mapping ingame

Mod- Murky waters V2

Subnautica Multiplayer Mod

Theres probably more mods than i know of and if so i'd love to know about them! so if you have a link to someone's work in this forum dont hesitate to tell us about it :)

Theres also the topic of working mods already existing that arent housed on these forums. Ever wanted an ingame map or more hotbuttons for your tools?:

Nexus Mods - Subnautica (Is it illegal to advertize this here? i honestly dont know and if it is please feel free to let me know i'll take down the link ASAP)


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