My Experience with Subnautica as of the 3-In-1 Update

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I had a lot of complaints with the older version of Subnautica on the Xbone, but I'm glad to see that most of my issues have been resolved.

However, I do have quite a few nitpicks, some more relevant and urgent than others.

- In the log Technical -> Welcome -> Readme, there is a typo for the word "alien", spelled "aline"
- Stars can be seen through the larger moon.
- The smaller moon disappears during the day because it is only part of the skybox.
- The floating boulders look hilariously out of place.
- The deconstruction tool says that you can use it on machines in the lifepod (press y to deconstruct), even though you can't.
- The game doesn't register keys that you press on skipped frames. Seeing as this game runs at 40-50 FPS, it's rather annoying that a fifth of the times I try to do something it doesn't work.

Also, after creating a new save, the game's performance gradually degraded until I was at a constant 20-25 FPS, which made it completely unplayable. It only took about three hours until it was at this point.

I have not tried playing my older saves for fear that they may become corrupted, but I haven't had any save issues with my new save. (despite what many people say)


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