How I deal with Reaper Leviathan!

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I did a few Reaper "study's" and now i will post all stuff for u guys :smile:

Here is the list about the stuff i found out:

1. Reaper's have a actually really small aggro range. When u see one swimming over u and u have a big enough different, they are not interested to attack.
2. When u hear one but can't see him, swim near to the ground or rocks. They can't grab u almost everytime. It's way more save.
3. Best way to avoid a Reaper almost evertime is.. using the seamoth and the shock upgrade. When they grab u, use the shock attack so fast u can. They will let u go and u get way more less damage then usual!
4. Just in case -> u can swim really close tho there head. But important is u have to swim in one direction or more.. in circles. He will following u and try to eat. But after a few seconds they are bored an swim away.
5. When u swim around a reaper out of your seamoth... Take care! They will steal your seamoth and try too eat it. When u are not fast enough they will destroy it.

Another cool infos:
-Reaper eating Sandsharks and try to attack Warper.
- When a Reaper are "offended" because u are to fast or shock them, they will shake the head like.. nope not again.
- they try to attack your base when u build one in the near from then, bit they can't hurt u. But they try it a lot of times. It's totally funny to watch.

Hopefully it helps somehow :)
Since i know this stuff i can deal with them easily <3<br>
When someone have another cool info's let me know! I'm curious!


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