Make suggestion... horribly unsuited for Subnautica (Below Zero Edition)

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Reviving this thread in the name of Fun, all is in the title.


- Do not improve the previous game in any way, do not rework any mechanics even the bad and frustrating one, it must be all of the same, just with extra ice cube here and here.

- Make a weapon that shoot penguin as munition

- As it's an essential part of survival, make it possible to craft:
A super poison that kill EVERY SINGLE PLANTS AND ANIMAL around in a few second, you would have a SEAMOTH module to deploy them while you stay safe inside, the absolute ENDGAME poison would be capable of killing even the largest Leviathan.

Previous opening:
- Make the Artic biome into a 2x2km block of Ice and we have to dig every centimeter of our way with the Prawn to make a way for the Cyclops.
- We should add Underwater Rifles and Harpoons, and lot of dangerous alien to blast, some of them small and humanoid, to be creepy. (please don't ban me! please don't ban me! please don't ban me!)

- This is the future, replace O2 tank by a battery powered that automatically supply us oxygen, 1 hour per Power-cell

- Add another team of human-NPC who use military submarines you can steal so we have torpedo warfare against them, modify the Cyclops to have a torpedo module



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