Subnautica on Project Scorpio?

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Subnautica is a beautiful, stunning game - even on Xbox One! We do have a graphics underhaul and performance issues which are to be expected with the console limitations.

Although the developers will be enhancing the performance of the game, there's no denying that games console provide limitations compared to the processing power of the best PCs. Par for the course in gaming.

But there is Microsoft's next games console coming later this year - Project Scorpio - and it's looking pretty powerful!

My question is will Subnautica become available on Project Scorpio? I can imagine it might be too early to confirm this, but I thought I would ask here.

I would assume with Xbox One supporting Subnautica with Game Preview, there's a good chance it will become available on the latest platform.

Is there any information about this? Please discuss here :smile:


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