Texture popping

sabin77sabin77 edmonton Join Date: 2015-08-12 Member: 207081Members Posts: 147 Advanced user
Hi, as many of you know, the texture popping is getting real problem for this game.
Honest it making it hard to drive in this game, I keep hitting wall seconds before I see them.
My base door take a while for them to open when I load a game, and I get trapped in my base.
Even on recommended detail and low everything, the texture popping bad.
what with me weld-cutting a door ever time I load a game.

what your stability problem stories, please tell me.

here the question: Should the game developer fix the texture popping right away and improve stability or it can wait?

Texture popping 18 votes

fix it right now
sabin77NamelessChaosdealwithitdog[Deleted User]pgriffithSamNautica 6 votes
it can wait
ComicalSkateCrimsonPantsCalarand77Kyman201Sidchickendargan012SansTheSkelebroXaryendrbrianzrottendrakeaneyeWrathOfHircine 12 votes


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