'BOREALIS RISING' - A Subnautica Story V2.0.



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    You're very welcome! :) Thank you for sticking around.
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    Oh boy, spam!

    Just flag it and move on (I already did).
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    Oh boy, spam!
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    derf213 wrote: »
    Oh boy, spam!

    Just flag it and move on (I already did).

    Yah, I did
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    Spam's gone now( it lacked the usual links, and I didn't see it when I checked the first report). Read a few bits of the story, decided I'm going to start at Aurora Falls. :)
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    An awkward silence descended upon the gathering. Halvorsen grimaced with distaste, clearly offended by Héloise's unprovoked outburst. He turned to Commander Masako Ito and nodded curtly. Sagan's bridge crew marked this wordless exchange and began to rise from their seats.

    "We will be leaving now, Captain Selkirk." Halvorsen said icily. "I fear that we may have overstayed our welcome. Thank you for your... hospitality, and good luck on your return voyage."

    I could only stare at Héloise in stunned silence. What the hell is she thinking? Any rapport we shared with Halvorsen and the Carl Sagan's crew is history. Flushed straight down the shitter. Kaput.

    I know better than to spring blindly to Héloise's defence. She must have a damn good reason for blowing up like that, and I'm not about to apologise for her social clanger. She means what she says.

    Before I could offer anything to salvage this rapidly-deteriorating situation, JUNO intervened.

    "Permission to speak freely, Captain?"

    "As always, Commander. Please proceed."

    "With all due respect to Captain Halvorsen and his crew, I believe that Madame Héloise has raised a valid point of discussion. Whether you like it or not, you are all Terrans. That is your heritage. The Belters, deep-range colonists, Jovian cloud-skimmers on Callisto, comet jockeys and ice miners operating out of Sedna Outpost may be asking this same question. The answer is an unqualified yes. Terra must endure. All Terrans should be working toward that one common goal, no matter where in the cosmos they call home. Humanity needs a strong homeworld... A refuge of last resort, and you will most definitely need one at some point. This incessant campaign of expansion must end, or there will be serious repercussions. Sooner or later, humanity will encounter a sentient alien race that cannot be negotiated with in basic terms of trade, diplomacy or military prowess, and they may well prove to be the ultimate nemesis of your species. The Kharaa are merely a foretaste of far worse things to come. Remember, you are essentially alone in an increasingly hostile Universe."

    I nodded approvingly. "Thank you for spelling it out for us, JUNO. Currently, humanity occupies 75 D to M-Class worlds in a sphere roughly 200 light years in diameter. Now, I'm no expert in planetary economics, but I do believe there should be ample resources within that modest pocket of space to satisfy humanity's requirements for at least several millennia. Would that be a fair assumption?"

    "You can blame all of the Corps for that." Halvorsen growled. "They keep leap-frogging each other, snatching up new planets as soon as they're discovered. These days, they usually commence operations as soon as the preliminary results of resource scans come through. If there's exploitable quantities of any resource to be had, they'll be all over it like fleas on a dog. Naturally, there's usually a steep price attached to this slapdash approach. Alterra lost another ship about eighteen months ago, the Evangelista Torricelli. She touched down on the ice-world Epsilon Eridani VI, searching for rare earth minerals. Two months into the mission, the planet entered perihelion. Unfortunately, the sub-equatorial regions of Eridani VI are covered by layers of frozen carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane ice, up to 15 kilometres deep in places. At the first touch of some decent sunlight, half the planet's surface sublimated in one massive eruption. Gigatonnes of ice went from solid to vapour phase within minutes, whipping up wind speeds exceeding 2000 km/h. Needless to say, there was little warning, and there were definitely no survivors. Incidentally, this never happened, if you catch my meaning."

    Héloise smiled grimly. "I think you might be seeing things from a Belter's point of view now. The outer colonies have been feeding resources back to Terran Mega-Corps for decades, and this is how they choose to repay us. We are nothing but expendable tools, to be thrown away when we're completely broken. We mean nothing to them. The Corps must go."

    DIGBY shook his head. "Madame, I fully agree with you, at least in principle. However, it will be extremely difficult, if not entirely impossible to forcibly remove the Mega-Corps from their place in society. They have become intimately entwined with everyone's way of life, and any attempt to depose them will surely result in disaster. I predict a total collapse of Confederation rule on all Terran core worlds within six to ten months, with at least four of the first-tier Corps attempting to gain primacy by using their internal security and paramilitary assets. A full-scale corporate war is almost inevitable under those circumstances. Given their known propensity for ruthless tactics, armed conflict between corporate rivals would not adhere to any acceptable conventions of wartime conduct for very long at all. A more gradual and carefully considered approach is required."

    I leaned forward, grinning broadly. "And that's precisely what we have in mind. We're not just bringing home some odd-looking fish for the earthbound yokels to gawk at. We've secured a 99-year lease on an island 50 klicks off the coast of Queensland, not too far from Port Capricorn. Used to be a holiday resort, at least until folks got tired of looking at bleached coral skeletons. It's called Great Keppel Island, but I prefer the indigenous peoples' name for it... Wop-pa. Rather apt in an ironic sort of way, since we'll be running a small, and ever-so-carefully monitored pilot program to see if Manannán's wildlife can eventually adapt to conditions down there. Here's the kicker... We know for a fact that they will. More importantly, we'll need to discover how those alien beasties and plants interact with what's left of Terra's native marine species. Admittedly, the food chains on Manannán are rather top-heavy with apex predators, although the planet's prey species breed vigorously enough to act as a partial buffer. If all Terran marine creatures do go extinct, they will at least be replaced by another, far more robust ecosystem. We're aiming for the seamless integration of Terran and alien sea life, rather than direct and terminal assimilation of the current population."
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