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    I've been playing for about 3 days now and I've seen some of the bugs I've encountered already listed (like the annoying glitch where if you switch from a tool that uses two hands (glider) to a tool that uses on on land, the next tool floats).

    But I have two glitched to report which may or may not have quite been reported. The first is that i am now stuck in a precursor base that refused to load in fully no matter what I do (sit and wait, hit entreset, etc...) I can't exit and come back into it since this is the base in the lava zone and there's no artifact slot that I can see to get rid of the door barrier.

    Another, smaller glitch is that when I save in the PRAWN Suit my character exits and re-enters the suit while it saves. When I exit and reload I'm outside the suit for some reason.
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    After holding the seaglide/gravsphere and switching to something else in your hotbar, you still have the model of holding the seaglide/gravsphere. (i.e. the utility knife will be pointing directly out from the players chest with no hands attached to it)
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    The biggest problem I recently started having a few days ago was that the game would crash (freeze then return me to Xbox dashboard) a few minutes into playing. I reset the Xbox ram and every other solution I could find with no success. I started a new game and that save file runs fine. It's only my main saved game that I can only play for a minute or two. This is really a pain since I have over a days worth of play time on that game.
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    I know xbox tends to do that if the system is hot
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    I love the game. Positives: The graphics, free range, high creativity and large map. Negatives: Frame rate issues, countless bugs, and spawning issues. The bugs I have seen in this game so far: a rock once got into my cyclops while using the camera to navigate, the game crashed and won't load anymore after exploring the crash site, it's been having small visual glitches in game where you will see inside of things or the world won't spawn as you are exploring, saving seems to drop my character in the water most of time while in the sea moth, sometimes my escape pod will be damaged for no reason, and dying causes the beacons on screen to dance up and down. The spawning issues I'm having are mostly with fish, but can happen with salt as well. Most of the time I can't find bladder fish, but sometimes I've noticed that no edible fish will spawn in the safe shallows so I have to go to the kelp forest. The salt spawns will either happen frequently and then I'll see hardly any quartz or vice versa and now I'm seeing barely any of the two. My biggest concern is the bug that happened around the crash site as now the game won't load at all not even to the main menu. I saved while exploring that area and it wouldn't stop saving so I quit to see if that would help, but it wouldn't go back to the main menu. I had to force the game to quit. I'm going to try to uninstall the game and reinstall it to see if that fixes it, but it looks like that this games frame rate issues may have caused corrupted data.
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    The sunbeam was shot down but now when I get messages talking about lifepod 4 and 17 there's no location marker. I tried reloading the save multiple times.
  • GalaxiesRemainGalaxiesRemain Rather not give. Join Date: 2016-11-24 Member: 224187Members Posts: 1 Fully active user
    Ended up losing a good bit of gear to an odd glitch that has only started after the most recent Xbox update. I was on the Aroura getting collectibles and whatnot(and I just got the propulsion cannon so all was good and I wanted to see if there were new areas I could explore after using the propulsion cannon to unblock doorways and such. I found a luggage bag and wanted to keep it, and, since it's a storage container, I put the cannon and a few collectible items(you know, the things that can't be built and don't respawn. I believe one was the alien toy or something) in the luggage bag and continued exploring, figuring I could just take out the cannon if I needed it. I ended up having to pause my exploration and quit the game so I saved and left, and when I reloaded everything was a bit laggy but that was pretty normal because the game is always laggy. I ended up heading back to my base when my inventory was full and when I looked into the luggage bag again all of that collectible stuff and my propulsion cannon was gone. Initially I just laughed at myself and figured I left the proper luggage bag at the ship but I went and checked every single luggage bag in the areas I've explored(twice) and I realized the game had deleted all of it. Now, by this point, it was far too late to reload my save because I save every other minute for fear of the game crashing again, and, to say the least, I was really upset knowing that I'd likely never get those items back(and they were collectible!) so it took a while before I could pick up the game again after that. Before the most recent(Xbox) update I had put items in luggage bags many times and those items have stayed with me and I'd had no problem so I don't know what had caused it. Those items have still not resurfaced and I haven't gotten to making another propulsion cannon because the last one took an unreasonable amount of time to make and I hadn't even needed to use it once. Kind of a small and odd bug, I suppose, but ouch. Felt really bad losing all of that after the stress of trying to find everything for the cannon.
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    It won't let me play my game but for some reason it says I have 36,094 days left plz help
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    There is a bug when mining ion crystals with the prawn suit drill arm in the alien thermal generator. When you approach it, the panel that holds the deposit raises right? Well, when you mine the crystals, the holding panel apparently doesn't have collision detection with the crystals, and the crystals fall right through it, rendering them unable to be picked up, as whenever you get close to the panel to attempt to collect them, the label simply rises and swallows them completely.
  • GerogeRomeroGerogeRomero Jakobdavin@gmail.com Join Date: 2017-07-31 Member: 232164Members Posts: 7 Fully active user
    It won't let me play my game but for some reason it says I have 36,094 days left plz help

    Did you have a trial? Or do you own the full game?
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    ok little bugs iv found i can build the dome thing without schematics game breaker and portable chests invantry disapares thats all for now stopped playing as waiting for cleaner play
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    was in the cyclops opened a door but i was to close to the door so the door shoved me across the room. got stuck behind a locker i made. then was luanched out of the cyclops almost off the or the top of the sky box. took a screen shot of everything beanth me including the aurora. then fell back to the planet 2500km away from my cyclops. swam, back only to find my cyclops 100 m above the ocean. i was 350m under the ocean when this started.
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    Its been a while since I played this game.
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    Certification slot for Mon. Aug 21st :D
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    Hi. I've got a major problem. I was exploring the thermal plant down in the lava zone in my prawn suit. Everything was good until I made it to the teleporter after receiving the blue artifact, and once I exited the prawn suit, I was glitched inside the walls of the structure. I've run back and forth trying to glitch back inside the building or even back into the water but its useless. The only thing that frees me is by dying via starvation, which really doesn't help as im spawned back at the life pod with the blue artifact gone and no way of getting back down into the lava zone where my cyclops and prawn suit remain. I've tried saving and restarting the game, but that didn't work either. Really hope this can be fixed.
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