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    It's a real shame things worked out as they did. Can't thank you enough for all the work you've done!
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    You did amazing Job Mendasp! Always loved and respected your work, I'm proud that I got the chance to play with you all these years :).

    It's too bad UWE could never gave their stubbornness a rest and truly worked with the amazing talents in this community. I really wished that Ns2 could have reached its full potential, at least made it half way thanks to your amazing work! Competitive play would never have lasted this long without your Spawn mod/NSL maps and NS2+. It was a big part that gave us this amazing experience of playing NS2.

    Thank you for all your amazing work Mendasp!
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    I never got to know you, but I do know that the ns2 community just lost something.

  • [=Alex=][=Alex=] Join Date: 2008-12-25 Member: 65866Members, Squad Five Blue
    Thanks for all the work you have done for this game, my teacher, one of the inspiration sorse for me through the videos. Thanks for the greate combat map co_sava and let me remake for ns2:combat. You have done more then you'll ever know for this community and for me.

    Greetings from Bs.As. Argentina.
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    Thx for contributing so much time and passion to the game and community Mendasp!
    Any gaming studio should be proud of such people that invest so much effort of their own, and in your case making the game enjoyable.
    Grissi wrote: »
    It's too bad UWE could never gave their stubbornness a rest and truly worked with the amazing talents in this community.

    This has been one of the downfalls of NS, so many passionate and talented individuals and their visions have been rejected because they don't represent what UWE wants, and therefore have left the game. Mendasp was the last of those people, hats to you mendasp for sticking in it for so long.

    Its obvious that the game can't represent everyone in the community, and every change can't be made, but some of the obvious fixes we saw later in NS could have been made much more earlier. It seems UWE are couple steps behind to realize what gamers nowadays want, and who to listen. Many of us have played NS from the start and lived by it, we know what works and what not, some things cant be understood if you don't actually play the game(s).
    NS as it is today is the result of UWE's own attitude towards the game, is it because of lack of passion, resources or something else only UWE knows.

    In the case of Mendasp it's again a huge mistake made by people in charge, but UWE had their inside vision once more.
    Natural selection is still the best game ever made if someone asks me, this opinion could have been the same for many new gamers that entered NS.
    If only UWE would sit down and think what is that the community and modern day gamers want, and not what they want themselves, and make the choices earlier than when its already to late.

    I'm known for my awesome pictures, so I leave this to you Mendasp and UWE...
    lets see what the future brings us(if anything at all)

  • Saffron_bakerSaffron_baker Sweden Join Date: 2015-06-09 Member: 205352Members
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    It's a real shame you left us Mendasp...
    Althought i didn't know you at all as everyone else on this forum does. Im just the new guy who spam on the forums... Mabey i am a forumhussy as @Yojimbo said though i still don't know what it is.
    I wanna thank you for everything you've done for this game!
    But as it all comes together i don't like that you're leaving so i don't awsome you're post (sad face)
    Noor do i disaggre with you're actions and neither do i aggre with you're leaving so all i give you right now is silence....
    Silence of a veteran who passed away.
    Thank you for you're services i wish you the best.....

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    I can only allow you to leave if you continue to maintain NS2+, there is no way I'm taking over another mod for you.

    All in all though, I will miss our random **** talking sessions.

    Reading all those things over scares me in particular, it reminds me of how much I also had a hand in. The NSL lights being particularly amusing, I think you wrote it, I updated it, then you moved it into your mod, then I helped fit it into vanilla?.. I don't even remember anymore. I also reminds me of back when the competitive community was 'evil' and villainized by everyone, good times.

    To me you always represented the best of us in a way - while I was happy to work on things behind the scenes, you always were out in front dealing with all the **** from people. I really don't understand how you were able to deal with everyone at times...

    Regardless, you have earned whatever time far away from NS2 that you want. I promise to yell at you if I see you playing NS2 on steam.

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    Mendasp, you have done a ridiculous amount of work. You could actually have a life now, but I doubt that will happen. I'll be excited to see your next project. I'll always think of you when I use the insult "Your parents are siblings", hahahahaha. <3
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    I was reading the other posts about the new things in motion. I was like : "Maybe some good can come out of this".

    Then I read this. I'm like : Whoa that log! UWE couldn't start a NS2-"back in the game"-dev team worse than that. I mean that's just a bullet in the head for starter in terms of PR...

    This scenario happened because every human being has a stomach. It's sad, and that's why I license everything as Non Commercial because I know the where are the biggest knifes. I guess I have some experience in the field.

    I had a lot of suggestions for many things but no time before the last week. I'm reconsidering.

    I already knew you did a lot. In fact the corner stone of this game (Tram/Veil/Summit trinity) is heavily in your debt.

    I can understand the UWE choices. They do their own choices. But reading this makes me think it's something happened behind your back. Smells bad. I can't see a good ending in this.

    @BeigeAlert : It should never happen in the first place. Not that it's the first time UWE do something like that. But also, it's about being fair.
  • zeepzeep Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 3367Members
    I understand the emotion. There is wrongdoing.. Hopefully you can get past this quick! If i ever meet you in real life whiskey is on me. :)

    Find a great and rewarding new goal in your life. The knowledge and experience you have gained is permanently yours, and it's a positive power. Focus on that.

    In business things like this happen all too often, and after some time you learn to roll with those punches. Because most times it's better to keep relations healthy, even when they drop a ball. Be careful when posting on the internet.
  • ImmortalKingImmortalKing Germany Join Date: 2014-01-14 Member: 193131Members
    I dont know you Mendasp but I thank you a lot for all the work you did FOR FREE...
    I also think you deserve a lot of respect and ATLEAST some res in your wallet even if you didnt aim for it...
    come on UWE do something! more pressure! PUSH PUSH PUSH!
  • NordicNordic Long term camping in Kodiak Join Date: 2012-05-13 Member: 151995Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Silver, Reinforced - Shadow
    Let the future be said here and now. First, Blind will return. Then Reddogs child will Redpup will grow, and Reddog will have time to join us again. Then Mendasp will rise from a sea of low lights. At that point the planets will align, an event horizon will form and Half life 3: Natural Selection will come into existence.

    Thank you for your work Mendasp. I await your return.
  • AngeluszAngelusz Harmonic entropist Join Date: 2003-07-10 Member: 18072Members, Forum Moderators, Constellation, NS2 Playtester
    I came out of hibernation to voice my appreciation for your work, it's regrettable that things went the way they did. I don't know any of the details, but reading your exempt, it's rough.

    All the best Mr. Spaniard (medsap)!
  • Cr4zyb4st4rdCr4zyb4st4rd United Kingdom Join Date: 2012-08-09 Member: 155200Members, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Silver, Reinforced - Gold, Reinforced - Diamond, Reinforced - Shadow
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    blind wrote: »
    How about showing him his worth in numbers on his bank account?!

    If someone puts up a crowdfunding, I throw some money in.

    I mentioned it on the previous page but Mendasp does have his own donation paypal link on his twitch page.

    Mendasp twitch profile
  • HuzeHuze Insightful Join Date: 2003-11-12 Member: 22724Members, NS1 Playtester, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue, Reinforced - Shadow
    Thanks for all your hard work, Mendasp. You volunteered an incredible amount over the years. NS wouldn't be the same without you.
  • NordicNordic Long term camping in Kodiak Join Date: 2012-05-13 Member: 151995Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Silver, Reinforced - Shadow
    edited November 2015
    @mendasp, how much crowdfunding would we need to do to get you back? Is there a number?
  • simbasimba Join Date: 2012-05-06 Member: 151628Members
    You made this game playable. You kept it alive when UWE turned their backs on us. I paid you more on your donations than I did for this game.
  • RobbyRobby Sweden Join Date: 2012-09-16 Member: 159687Members
    So much <3 Mendasp!

    I've always been a big fan of mods. Oftentimes i've found that i like mods more than the original game. And i also owe a lot to the hard-working people of all these fantastic mods for another reason, as it was with them that i began what eventually would become my voice-over artist career. A craft that I've always felt very humble to be able to partake in.

    Just like Complex mod made Homeworld 2 not just still playable today but so many times better, NS2+ gave the game renewed life and a way better experience for years for thousands of people. Your attention to detail is amazing and i would ask you out if you were a woman (or as queer as Jason). You may not have been paid for this great service, but know that you made a huge different for all the people who together have spent hundreds of thousands of hours enjoying a much better NS2 for far longer than they would have otherwise.

    There has come and gone many silent heroes in the history of NS. And the brightest of them all, was Mendasp.

    Thank you so much! <3<3<3<3
  • sparrizsparriz Join Date: 2012-08-10 Member: 155283Members
    I am not one to read a lot of posts and posts even less but I have been around like most for a long time, during that time much has happend in ns2 but that peopel kept working in the shadows, slaving away in order to make our gaming experience a bit better every update that is why we are here. Ns2 would not be Ns2 today without the support of its community and peopel like you have always been the spearhead, rearly appriciated but always important.

    For someone that was happy just playing the game paying little attention to the work behind the curtains, I can say I probatly will never truly understand how much effort been put into the game by some. So for all of us that have and are silently enjoying the benefits from that work for what's is worth, Thank you.
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