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Our website:

Are you curious about what is happening in NS2? You want a single source for news on UWE, CDT, NSL and more?

NS2 News is here to serve you. We are going to collect everything interesting related to the Natural Selection universe - like new game patches, exciting competitive matches, flashy new crosshairs, high quality maps, fan-made tributes, and entertaining posts.

Over there, to the right, you see the most relevant websites you already should have in your favourites - besides ours, of course ;-)

If you want to help with NS2 News, you can contact us here (via the comments) or through Steam. We are looking for any motivated people, in particular: authors, editors and designers.

Currently we do not have a Steam group, but depending of the success of this concept, we might extend our communication tools. Right now, we use Twitter; you can follow us right here:​ (you may need to use the Twitter search bar to find it)

it seems the [ url ] bbcode is doing something funky, but you can just paste the url in here and have it convert automatically anyways -Kouji San


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