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    Base and my favorite hot dog
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    Here is my complete seabase at the point of rocket launch(i took the main menu screenshot when the gun was disabled and rocket was ready to launch):
    Seabase location relative to Lifepod and Aurora:
    View from the "front"
    Looking towards "front" from the back left corner:
    Looking towards "front" from back right corner:
    Achievements part 1:
    Achievements part 2:

    Base areas from the "front":
    - Front right fully reinforced double stack is storage
    - Front left single stack is the 'workshop' with all the necessary equipment
    - Moonpool's branch off from the 'workshop'
    - The back left single stack contains the reactor(nuclear at this point, was originally a bio; thinking about putting in a 2nd one above it given i'm now using ion-based power storage)
    - The back right glass windowed triple stack is a bedroom with double bed and desk & chair on the bottom, with a 2-high alien containment in above it for my food supply and pet cuddlefish!
    - Far back left is the scanner room(range*3 and speed *1 upgrades) accessed through the reactor MPR
    - Exterior growbeds in the middle of all 4 MPR stacks (they contain acid mushroom, deep shroom, gel sac, creepvine seed, sea crown, bulb bush, eye stalk and ghost weed)

    Interesting info:
    - I've only had 1 leak ever and it occurred with a hull integrity of approx 50 and was located on a 'inside corner' of the bottom floor of the reinforced storage stack; i don't know how it happened as the closest leviathan is approx 700m from the base and the nearby stalkers that kept stealing the scanner room cameras(i keep them under the base now for safe keeping) haven't attacked my base nor do they??
    - That surprise leak forced me to install 4 bulkheads to prevent any further base flooding (even though it shouldn't happen ever at that depth with a now hull integrity of close to 100 from memory) which is only slowing my base traversal speed down alot

    the curve compartment leading to the scanner room has been replaced with a t-junction compartment with a triple stack holding a 3 high egg hatching alien containment
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    Once I get home, I'll post my base I built up over the top of the Aurora..... =D. Found out the hard way.... the Aurora shell is not solid and you cannot walk on it. You fall through, get stuck and must drown yourself to you get. Lol
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    The subnautica ships and cyclops in particular rock the TRON colors pretty good.

    Talk about a smoking hot ship. ;)

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    This is my first and only Big-Base:

    But it's much too much to walk and so I decided to build a more effective home:


    One outpost, here in the Lost River:


    All was builded in survival without any cheats!

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    My home-base at night:


    A look inside: entrance


    Working & material storing area:


    Living room with Alien Containment beneath:


    Inside the Moonpool:

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    Finally a look into my 'mobile-base' the Cyclops.
    Working & material storing area:






    Thanks for your attention!

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    Wow EccleZone, that's a beautiful base!
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    I grabbed Subnautica after it went live in January 2018, and I've been playing it a ton! I've never really been into survival type games, but I am an avid scuba diver in real life. I love being under water even its a swimming pool, so the videos of diving, exploring and building underwater really spoke to me. I jumped in and I couldn't be happier!

    I've now completed the game on survival, and am just getting the last big toy made. I'm honestly dragging my heels though, I don't really want to finish it ha ha.

    Here is my main base, located due west of the map middle, in the safe shallows, overlooking the kelp forest. I've considered moving it a few times, as I now like the grassy plateaus better in terms of space and lighting/clarity, but after spending hours and hours customizing this base, I just can't bring myself to move it. Two moon pools each house a Seamoth. One tricked out for exploration and utility, and the other as a transit vehicle between this base and the Tree Cove base @ 900m.

    Main Base "Cloud Nine":

    Next I have my Tree Cove base, fueled by the super abundant thermal power scattered across the area. When I originally brought my Cyclops and Prawn suit to this cove, I had loaded the Cyclops up with everything needed to build the base here. I thought building a staging base for the next leg of the game was a good idea, with self sustaining food, growing materials and power. Having the Prawn onsite made mining and refilling all the supplies afterwards very easy.

    This is now the permanent location for my Cyclops, containing a Prawn suit. It is parked and kept here for times I need to head down deeper. Otherwise I head back to the surface using the transit Seamoth. The moon pool to receive the Seamoth had to be build high above the base, so its well above the 900m crush depth.

    Tree Cove Base "Farpoint":

    Finally, my most recent build following the end of the main story. Built 130m under the waves next to the now deactivated QEP, as a staging base for access to the portal network. Fueled by both solar and nearby thermal, I have built two moon pools here, one containing another Prawn Suit and the other empty, to receive incoming Seamoth transit vehicle. This self sustaining outpost gives me quick, dedicated access to the now active network.

    Portal Access Base "SGC":

    I also have built a very simple, two multipurpose room base in the ALZ, right next to the PCF. Thermal powered, self sustaining, this is just a small outpost in case I need supplies while visiting the area without my Cyclops.

    Thanks for reading! Love this game.

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    HI there! Im the new one here and i just want to show u my last hours of work :)
    BUt i have to make 1 Post before i'm aablr to post pics.
    By the way, nice bases u have :)

    Im looking forward to show you 2 Bases.

    Each of it got building times from 8-12 hours ^^.

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    Not really a base but a very nice Spidersuit Video.
    I built a Parkour only for the Suit.
    You can go to min 1- Before it, its just me talking in bad english :D
    Its much fun( u have to remove the "-" and add a "p" to use the link) ----htts://
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    HI there! just 2 of my bases.
    1.Base: The Basepart in the cave will be enlarged.

    If u like to, i can make some videos of :

    RentaMoth , Bays, Cyclopsbay, quaters etc
    Cavebase with heat powerplat(much to do here)

    30% of the inside is already "finished" including way descriptions, breeding basins, Sleepingroom, Storage etc.

    Everything is nearly finished and still under construcktion.


    2.Base: Island/Landbuildingproject


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    Always wanted to be Spiderman? You can! Try the SpiderSuit!
    Equipped with 2 Grapplingarms, and a Parkour specially built for the Spidersuit(50 - 300m deep).
    So sad that everything was gone, that i have built with the terraformer, when i reloaded the map
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    Wow, there are some really nice bases shown here.
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    EccleZone wrote: »
    My home-base at night:

    How do you colour habitats?
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    senjaz wrote: »
    EccleZone wrote: »
    My home-base at night:

    How do you colour habitats?

    More specifically the Habitat Control Panel

    Also nice bump
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    Where are the locations of those bases?
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    My bases used to be quite simple, usually consisting of one Multipurpose Room and one Moonpool. Because everything I need - fits into the Cyclops. But I've built couple of grandiose things too :)
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    Hoe do i find fragments of the multi porpose room to scan?
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    G_Forces wrote: »
    Hoe do i find fragments of the multi porpose room to scan?

    Find an abandoned base with multi-purpose rooms and scan one.
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    Lol everyone, your bases are so cool. Thanks for the ideas :)
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    Wow those look great
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    Well, I need to post 1 time, so here goes, my latest and definitive base, I now build something like this from the start rightaway, each time, if I ever replay Subnautica. And I do replay it from time to time.

    It's a 2 part base under/above floating island, with 1 moonpool way down, close to a certain entrance, which is just for utility purposes. Then there's a combo of condo's way up, above floating island for living quarters, bedroom, alien containment etc. Funny thing is: my base is in the centre of the island. The vertical connectors go through the oasis in the centre of the island!!! I really like this setup, for the view and everything. Especially during the night, the view is stunning!

    This is the moonpool part, with nuclear reactor and a lot of reinforcements, it's a long way up from down here. :smiley:


    Vertical connectors all the way up, through the island and above:


    A look at my condo from the direction of Aurora at night:


    The vertical connectors going down from my condo:


    I have observatoirs in all 4 directions, but all the way up, above the alien containment, is my bedroom and I really like the view!


    A few more, it's really nice "in real life" when one can look around all over the island and just can see all plantlife and everything:



    And one at night (photoshopped to make it a bit brighter, the screenshots are darker than what one sees in game):


    Well, you know, perhaps not as fancy as some other bases, still, I'm happy with it, and that's what matters! :grin:

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    *facepalm* -- It never occurred to me to build a second moonpool so I could garage both of my vehicles.
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    I think my base is bigger than yours.

    I wanted to remove the fear and dread and just wanted to be able to come back to the game and just enjoy the sceneries behind the safety of a glass partition. So I tried to connect my shallows base to the lost river base via a network of glass tubes. It takes about 7 minutes to run from the shallows all the way to the lost river. I felt really safe all the way. I might extend it to the void and watch the leviathans there. It's kind of like a theme park I guess.

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    how long ago was this i mean those power sorces are outside and i play on xbox
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