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  • Flaterectomy wrote: » Oh hello everyone! I spent a relaxing afternoon mapping a little, it was very nostalgic. CHANGELOG (March 17th, 2019) o Added the new NSL SwS tournament winner plaque to the ready room o Detailed the ready room Congra…
  • I have to agree! The vents are so immersive, i just love crawling in them and not just seeing "generic vent one." Good job @Flaterectomy and good job Meat for showing it off
  • Congrats @Flaterectomy ! Its been along 3 years with SCC and Caged! Glad its finally out and everyone can see all the hard work you've put into it!
  • @Zavaro deserves silver for everything he does(HE knows I'd also like to nominate @meatmachine for blue for all the SCC help Admin help/map testing/PT'ing
  • @Nordic @Calego Always nice to see new maps! We will definitely get a few rounds on this during SCC testing on sunday.
  • We'll get it played on sunday for you, it would be good to get first hand impression if you were there. Every Sunday at 8GMT - Always welcome! We also have mumble all our regulars join.
  • Amazing Flat! I love all the little details you have to find a place for that in a map somewhere. Also very nice Loki :P
  • I will find all the gorge plushies!
  • Love the boxes. Livens up the cover.
  • Didnt record an amazing game last week, but this was still good!
    in ns2_uplift Comment by troops August 2015
  • temple game from SCC sunday testing.
    in ns2_temple Comment by troops August 2015
  • I'll make sure SCC gets a round or two on this sunday and make sure we get some video of the rounds.
  • We're still on for tonight, the group will still not send out events but im working on it! Tonight we have... Eon caged fracture prison docking2
  • uplift was there for some nostalgia, docking2 will be on the rotation tonight. Tonight we have... Eon! Loki is taken over some of the development and Eon should get more regular updates now. docking2 caged fracture prison Steam group do…
  • We're still on for SCC tonight at 8GMT! I assure you we're still open! Tonight we have - Eon prison caged nexus uplift Steam groups seem to be bugged. Events and Announcements aren't being sent out. Mumble details - address - scc…
  • Tooonight or more like noooow. Caged Uplift Prison Mineral also something else but i can't rememeemebr.
  • We'll play some docking2 Mephilles no problem. Tonight we have... Caged Docking2 Prison Mineral And maybe we'll throw in an older map for funs. Same time Same place! 8gmt... mumble details - 12437
  • About Eon, unsure since i've been away for 3 weeks but it normally is on the end. We will talk about it. No problem Oblivious! Thank you.
  • Tonight we have... Caged Fracture Mineral Eon  and Prison I can throw docking2 in if the update comes in. So see you all in an hour on mumble and the sever!
  • I will be away but i'll be there in spirit... Beige has volunteered to take over, I leave it all in his capable hands.
  • It's looking brilliant Flat. Can't wait to see how it plays, it did need a little opening there was a lot of close combat in that area. Now hurry with a update!
    in ns2_caged Comment by troops March 2015
  • I'd like to nominate some of the SCC members. @Howser for helping setup SCC/Map making/Awesome textures and props and just helping a lot of people out.(Skulks with shotguns too) Also a PT. @Flaterectomy‌ for making Caged/Helping SCC test maps/kn…
  • From our play or attempted play on sunday there did seem to be some hallways/rooms that would be hard to attack from both teams (long corridors leading in to rooms bunker being the big example of this. Stuff like this will come with testing and see…
  • Interesting map, have you had games played on it yet? SCC could help you out with that if you wished? is it up on the workshop yet? what are your plans for the map? Here is the link to our group if you wish…
  • Ok here's my side of the game on sunday - It's me in commander mode not map testing mode so you can tell the areas i just don't like as i'll say it. (Quick upload not to SCC channel as i didn't have a lot of time to edit it - so it's just gameplay) …
  • We had a big game on it sunday about 40 minutes - Very give and take in a lot of areas, enjoyable but stressful :P Vet and me recorded(thanks for uploading vet) I'll try and get my alien commanding side of it uploaded tomorrow. As brainfood said,…
  • Tonight we're going to have a Caged heavy night - Flat has change up a few areas and we really need to give them a proper testing so i want to try and get 3-4 games with all aliens spawns used. We will have other maps after, but tonight is SCC Caged…
  • Hey everyone, we had a little server problem last week(all sorted now) I should have really updated on here but i was busy all week and couldn't plan a makeup night. So we're back for tonight! I'll send out the event half an hour before so everyo…