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  • It looks like this issue has been fixed. Thank you devs
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    I know I should not bother but here goes. I joined on 2016-08-17 I currently have 12 posts wait 13 now .. so how is it you think I have 12 a day? Now we have captain obvious and captain clueless.

  • Thank you Soul_Rider or should I say captain obvious :-) . My point which you missed entirely is that without people giving feedback in the experimental version the bugs will be simply passed to the "stable" build. I think some people just like t…
  • I am glad you are aware of the texture issue, but it is keeping me from playing and reporting more bugs as not only are the textures messed up but there is flashing effect that is happening as well. Its not playable.... like at all without induci…
  • I agree with Jaga if you are thinking of experimental think of it as a job that you are not getting payed for because it is some rough going ;-) .
  • Multiple crashes here. I switched graphics to minimum but still getting crashes and freezes for about 15 seconds or so. I am to lazy to post my logs ;-) .
  • you can get to some deep wrecks early on. I got the modification station fragments about 300m down with pipes. you would need a lot of tanks to get there and explore but with the pipes you can take your time. Plus the biggest plus is you can reuse…
  • There are 2 islands I think.. I thought the computer says the rendezvous point is corrupt and only gives the life boat coordinates ? You think that is in reference to the commander keen game on PC a long time ago? lol.
  • Yes, it was after the PRAWN update and its not low like that all the time. I think its around 40-80 fps. Maybe g-sync is messing with it? Who knows but 6 FPS is like mind blown and lets not talk about that tree forest. I have commodore games that lo…
  • Check this out... i5 CPU running @ 4ghz| 16gb ram | 1TB Samsung ssd | GTX 1080 | running at 1440 res and I went down to 6 fps.. yes 6 fps. not optimized I get ... but this .. this is a whole new ballpark. what on earth could be causing that? …
  • Thanks for the clarification. I did not know that stable versions would lose saves too when there is an update. As for the submarines exploding and burning down I have to say I have bumped and slammed my cyclops into every rock and underwater beast…
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    I don't mean to be rude but what you just said makes no sense to me. Can you clarify? If experimental is daily and stable is monthly then the daily has been up to date the whole time. Why would the saves be no good? and just…
  • Don't feel bad as I made the very same mistake. The issue now is there is no way to break apart the extra upgrade modules for resources after you have built them. Maybe this is something they will add in later.