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  • i posted a review on the second but i havent seen it appear on the list yet.
  • Booting it up now, have played in a month or so. I'll post a review in a few hours after i see how its come along. Subnautica hasn't dissapointed me yet.
  • I've never really used flares, flashlight or light sticks, i guess i never needed more that what the seaglide offers. Inventory space wins every time. I usually don't even bother to grab that flashlight on the way out of the Aurora.
  • I'm not having any save problems, Love you guys!
  • Minecraft and many others have already tested our ability to open chest and moving items in and out of our inventory. It just doesn't provide the deep experience and story building it used to.

    I agree with garath on this one, The Constr…
  • I said yes because i feel that there should be some noticeable side effects of the Infection. Perma-Death in your standard survival mode is a little extreme, but if there was some way to stave off the Infection for like a week at a time, eithe…
  • I have noticed that placing Hull Upgrades and connected modules messes with interior placement, I try to put everything in place before building my next room.
  • I had a great hardcore run where i made it to the alien thermal plant through the lost river and got killed when the big nasty bugger threw my cyclops at me.

    I've got most of it posted somewhere...
  • Great Idea! The first thing i always have to do after getting the seaglide is drive all the way to the Island and back just to get the MP room. It feels more like an annoying chore, too simple and time consuming.
    Maybe only 3 scans though, unl…
  • Alright here we go.
    1. Fabricator - Never had one, probably never will. Up to you to build it.
    2. Fire extinguishers & Status holograms- Part of the Silent Running Update. Patience
    3. Cyclops Blueprint bug - Ive experienced th…
  • Thanks for the update Obraxis!

    Keep on doing what you guy do best
  • If he's kicking on the XBOX it is really easy to swim inside the Precursor Gun before it loads. My first playthrough i parked 3 seamoths inside that base before learning to tread carefully around the mountain.

    Can't seem to remember want…
  • When we create a battery in the first place the doesn't seem to be any energy cost beyond the standard crafting cost. If they were to now give one item an additional energy requirement they would have to go back and reconsider it for every item. Its…
  • Don't worry boys! I went looking back over past updates and the XBOX ones usually drop a week of two later (sometimes 3.) Weve still got at least 2 more content updates ahead of us. Silent Running and then the Primary Containment Facility. After th…
  • A nifty adapter to allow us to use power cells to power our bases! This would go a long way towards establishing Deep bases. I can't count how many times i started building a base in the LR or ILZ only to realize i cant make a bio, nuclear, or therm…
  • After the update the other day i started a new hardcore game but the first time i went to save after 1-2 hours of play it went on for about 20 minutes after hitting quit and save. I had to leave for work so i just left it running, after 6 hours it a…
  • Ive encountered this bug on almost every playthrough lately, some times it will let me get like 6 or so before my knife just smacks uselessly. i get the animation of the knife hitting but they never move. also once it triggers i cant pick anyones up…
  • I've got my update!
    Wish i had an old corrupted file to try it on, there were at least 5 fails so that all got chopped.
    Thanks for all your hard work solving this problem though. You guys rock
  • Morph_guy you could be totally right, all of the sudden boom and im inside and super dead. if you watch the extended clip he had been trying to mate with my cyclops for 5-10 minutes, i must have showed up for the finale.

    I just dont have…
  • I think i was only about 9 hours or so.

    I'm not really too salty about it though, i knew going into this hardcore run that it was a 50/50 chance to die from normal means (stupidity/carelessness) or to die from a bug (stuck in a wreck or …
  • Yeah that was my best guess too, i was too eager to reach the safety of my cyclops. And even that is supposed to be removed soon.
  • Man i sure hope so. I can tell your looking a little more to the future with cyclops damage added. That will be a sad day for me. i like your ideas for the repair drones and sprinklers too, i've always been expecting repair drones in the moonpool as…
  • Since a crew of people are supposed to man the cyclops i really feel like it need some basic human facilities.

    1. a fold out bed like our ancestors used to use
    2. some kind of water production (Water Purification currently used ALO…
  • Here Ya Go, Grabbed it off my XBOX program on PC after41zoowgbqa8o.png
    double tapping home button for screen shot