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  • Hold on so infestation spikes are like the bone walls in the game?
  • I have DirectX 11 instead of PhysX and I have the same problem. Should I install PhysX or what cause Idk :L

    On top of that it's not EVERY time I play. It's mostly here and there but it's still really annoying in advance. Or depending on …
  • Oddly enough one of my friends when he opens Explorer Mode its public, yet when I or a another friend trys it does not.
  • If there were Dual Railgun's it would have upsides and downsides. Upsides will be you will be able to instantly kill an Onos if both charges are at max. Which would be OP.

    Downsides are that if you supposedly miss both shots, you are ver…
  • If camo is removed from full invisibility, then mind as well remove it entirely. It's main purpose is to ambush. Most people combine this with regen to attack, hide and cloak, get health and go back in. Silence (Which most people use for Pub play) i…
  • Yea, I agree, hydra's need a cap to atleast +1 not +3 every hive. Cause, 9 hydra's can instantly kill a marine with lv 2 armor (I think) or kill him in a matter of seconds and 5 will kill it quite fast, but atleast give the marine time to get out of…
  • Little update, while the gorge is holding the structure its armor would be a little bit weaker and a marine will be able to kill it and slow things down. So it will be like TF2, an engineer needs to be wary of when to pick up his buildings and re-l…