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    My bet would be around late March to early April we will get an update that is targeting optimization/bug fixes on Xbox One.

    I am curious to see if they release v1.0 on Xbox One at the same time as PC. My bet is that we…
  • I think a blank map in the PDA that adds terrain information as you explore an area would be cool. That way you can easily find your way back to a previously explored location. Maybe make it a craftable upgrade mid-late game or a discoverable at a n…
  • Silver and gold can be readily found early in game in multiples locations. You just have to know where to look but that is both the fun and the challenge of the game.

    P.S. try looking for the hot vent near the shallows and kelp forest. T…
  • That's been a known bug for a long time now. I don't mess with floating lockers anymore. Your best bet is to use the storage in the lifepod until you can make a habitat builder. Then make a base and put in some proper storage lockers.
  • I would welcome a fatigue setting and the ability to 'sleep' in the game to make things like battery/powercell charging go faster and change time of day quickly.
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    That's almost like the bug I'm experiencing but they also disappear when I'm not building anything that gets to close to to them. For example, I could have a solar panel on top of a pipe and if I reinforce one of the side walls the…
  • I had the same issue today. I placed my solar panels on top of pipes and when I started building a new section of my base or when I entered the base they would sometimes disappear. The only ones I noticed that disappeared were ones placed on the pip…
  • It was released today
  • Try to download the January update that came out tonight. The framerate is still an issue but it is now more playable than the previous version. The lag appears to mainly occur now when swimming on or near the surface or when swimming near large mov…
  • The January update just downloaded to my Xbox several hours ago. They also sent an email out tonight to let us know of the update availability. It prompted me to update my game when I launched it, its about 5GB in size.