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  • Yeah by the time you get the Prawn Suit both in the first game and in BZ, everything becomes really casual. There isn't much threat out there unless you're really looking for it.

    I'd like to see the Prawn Suit become more useful by being…
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    Wow that's a great idea! Connecting moonpools to make the bay longer! That would solve all the connecting module problems.
  • Yeah, I was thinking the Multipurpose Room could have a Moonpool upgrade. That way we could be encouraged to make two for the Seatruck and Prawn Suit.

    The original moonpool bay is so big yet very little space is actually used, making the…
  • 1. I agree with you. You could just sit there building and gathering, without knowing what to do next. The fact that you have to keep exploring and "by chance" hit a story mark can be difficult. I have a policy of 2 hours of exploring, if I find squ…
  • H... How... How much Ion Batteries do you actually need? You... you know they are rechargeable right? hehehe
  • Yeah, I always build surface bases that are connected to the moonpool underwater. Just feels more challenging that way. But staircases, walkways, and ladders outdoor are much needed if we are to be given more freedom vertically to build bases on lan…
  • I've never used the quantum locker or the mobile locker. Never saw the need for them. All excursions are adequate with the Seatruck storage module anyways. And on a personal taste, I find the Quantum Tech a bit too OP IMO. hehehe
  • I was actually hoping the Prawn Suit would have a floating retraction mode so that it could function like a Seatruck. Or a Seatruck that has arms and can mine like a Prawn Suit.
  • I like the idea of Hail Damage in Addition to the Increased Hypothermia risk. The Snowfox might even take a bit of damage as well if left in the open. Heck, your windows might break and take hull damage to your surface base if ever. Would be nice as…
  • Mobile Moonpool... nuff said XD
  • This is a great idea! And if you don't me adding on to it... you didn't mean to open the bag, but you did out of curiosity, and it was your boss after all. Lastly, as a side mission, after building around a bit, you needed to find your boss's body b…
  • I thought the Indian Accent was charming. But it would be cooler if the PDA Voice could come with different languages and accents as well. I mean... we do live in the future where interplanetary travel is possible yet my Google Maps has more voices …
  • Perhaps a Seatruck Prawnsuit Hybrid would make it worth using. If we get logical here for a second, the seatruck can float on its own, and has no problem floating with a module and a "heavy feeling" prawn suit attached to it. So... why can't the Pra…
  • The ability to move furniture rather than having to deconstruct and reconstruct it again and again would be great. I can get a bit obsessive with angles so this cycle can get tedious.
    in Suggestions Comment by Suthai May 2021