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being someone who has complete subnautica multiple times and have explored the entire map there are some regions that have to little threat

1. the red grass biome: the only threat is sand sharks and at its edges there are stalkers and one the other end bone sharks. Sand sharks are easily avoided but what if there was another predator, like one that came out of the sand, an animal the size of a life pod (possibly the animal that destroyed all the other life pods)

2. islands: if you have a propulsion cannon its easy to avoid crab spiders and they seem almost as annoying as mosquitoes, there should be a fast animal, a nocturnal predator (say the natural predator to crab spiders an animal the size of a person but as fast on land as a seamoth is in the water

3. alien bases: the only main threat you deal with in the alien structures are warpers but those are somewhat easy to avoid what if in at least 2 bases a creature got out of its cage and now lives in the abandoned facility (a black animal with glowing yellow eyes that can disappear into the shadows only to come at you from behind, maybe the size of a seamoth and as fast as a reaper leviathan)

If anyone has any other ideas feel free to share. : )


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    Yeah by the time you get the Prawn Suit both in the first game and in BZ, everything becomes really casual. There isn't much threat out there unless you're really looking for it.

    I'd like to see the Prawn Suit become more useful by being able to fight off lethal flora and fauna. Perhaps a Pyranha Swarm that would force you to run away while driving, or an electrical eel mob that drains your battery.

    Lastly, some quicksand and earthquake to keep you on your toes while on the Prawn Suit would be nice.
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    another animal that could be added is some kind of giant squid that can grab you like a reaper, but crush you and the only way not to be crushed is depth module mk3
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