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  • the solution to combat sadly was... bail on it.. like UWE did

    UWE doesn't care about mods only donations for the next game that they also wont care about mods in Combat Mode Relaunch Comment by Snipo November 2013
  • (Quote)
    i couldnt agree more.

    Thanks for all the updates in the past guys, specially JimWest, good luck in your future project, but don't spin it. you guys are leaving because you are sick of dealing with updates breaking the m…
  • (Quote) @Hugh
    its not a momentous step! because UWE's lack of love for mods they are leaving and starting their own game not good news at all Hugh....

  • so combat is dead? no more updates =\

    its a shame UWE doesnt care about mods. sorry to this mod go away.
  • shame to see you go JimWest. thanks for all the updates, sorry for any headaches we might of caused! also fuck Xao.
  • awesome pic jim! dont give up on the mod please :) xao be nice!
  • any eta on a update? where you bring devour back and double jump/shadow step? tired of getting my ass kicked as alien. :( i like t…
  • @JimWest i will email charlie he replys normally!
    we can almost deal with the lag if no one joins/parts full server runs better than half empty one!

  • omg update hurts, was on woody's server and had 30second lag spikes non stop!
  • i hope the next ns2 build fixes performance issues, otherwise combat servers will have to stay at 12 users max! server is lagging bad at 13 right now, used to run 22 users fine before in Combat Mode Relaunch Comment by Snipo October 2013
  • marines are overpowered period. onos cant do much against JP's in places with high ceilings, devour was annoying but it stopped jp's. i wish more people actually posted in here, instead of just talking about it on servers.

    all the "good"…
  • the rubberband/lag is the major bug right now
    I created a local server and after a 10 minutes it lagged/rubberbanded
    "Compiling 'shaders/GUIBasic.surface_shader' error 3x
  • grenades are awesome! thanks!
    so no more devour? it was the only reason to onos!

    and also i assume every combat server is rubberbanding.. because every single one i go to does still, any word on that? i noticed it when the server i…
  • workshop sucks=\ it'd rather download the maps from servers etc glad to see there is an update though!!!

    edit: JimWest did you say the exo bug was fixed? i too was at a game against 4 exos!
  • no tier 3 yet ns-soldier, waiting on a patch =\

    does anyone know where to get the win/loss stats?
  • no xeno/bile bomb = harder to win help please! :)

  • any idea when will the new patch be out? update broke tier 3 without bilebomb its hard to win as alien ^^;
    how do i check the win/loss stats for the last few days?
  • devour range still sucks. anyone here played with bigticket? i swear he found a way to jump higher as an onos!
  • (Quote) i have to get tier 3 to get tier 2 leap,bile bomb etc

    try that!
  • web is awesome(thanks) , flame thrower destroys hydras instantly again.
    6 round shotgun is fail against an onos. i need level 4 damage if its going to stay like this.
    exo is very hard to play now maybe that was the intent you need epic b…
  • i wish i could buy a grenade for 1 point...incase i get devoured :)
  • Cuel - they have to make it out of base first long hallfways... onos has times to respawn at least 2x before you make it to base, or fade 2x :)
  • (Quote)
    sorry i might of came off bad, its just frustrating when you can't kill the jerk talking trash to you like i could a month ago :)
  • please fix shotgun next update... and by that i mean i want to kill a fade in 2 lvl 3 dmg shots.. if that doesnt work for you then i need level 4 damage please! too many fades going 58-3,

    your stats are kind of worthless it depends if th…
  • any update on the shotgun guys? i need to kill a fade in 2 shots please.
  • marines win, when a good fade isn't around... yes they are bound to go play another game!

    2 DIRECT level 3 shotgun blasts should kill a level 13 fade. it doesn't right now that is a problem. 2 of those shots should be death to anything b…
  • also does level 3 shotgun kill a fade in 2 hits anymore? because it took 4 to kill gaus waffle today 360/80 = rape.

    you are crazy if you think the game is balanced right now, aura on some fade like tocz thats just going to track you down and rape you, is GG, you would know being an OPd FADE in Combat Mode Relaunch Comment by Snipo July 2013
  • i don't know if you guys changed the shotgun or if ns2 guys did because it was fine 2 days ago now its awful. fades are back to OP, i say bring back that overpowered flamethrower marines need something to fight off 5 fades!
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    the game wasnt perfect before 250.. but i wish i could go back to that and i know a lot of combat players would agree! not the fault of you guys at all obviously you didnt take out my double jump or made it so shadowstep only works…