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    Of course Multiplayer only games have a shorter life. Yet half of the games you listed have Multiplayer. So I don't understand your point. Adding multiplayer to Subnautica would only increase it's value and appeal. Making it Multip…
  • lol That tool looks so much like a Valve motion controller now that I had another look at it. Damn I wish VR would have been out for awhile before development started.
  • I think a wind or water turbine would make a lot more sense. If the concern is something as easy to make as solar panels that will provide energy at night, well wind energy doesn't seem like something more complicated than solar. Obviously it would …
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    I understand and appreciate that answer. I suppose my OP was very blunt. Just knowing that VR support is something that will get worked on is fine for me. Content matters more than anything and the basic VR implemented just shows t…
  • Just because it's drawn doesn't mean it'll be added.
  • I think it still needs quite a lot of time, but they could release now without MP and it would be worth like $5 on a steam sale.
  • I think it still needs quite a lot of time, but they could release now without MP and it would be worth like $5 on a steam sale.
  • No Subnautica is not worth that much, though many console titles are worth far less than they charge. Console gamers are especially not used to the idea of "early access" so people who buy it on xbox now are going to be judging on how it is now, not…
  • I really would like Vive support. Can it at least be put up to vote on Trello like the Oculus was? I read one dev said that they have an SDK for Vive, but to not expect anything. While Subnautica is sitll in Early Access, I'd like to be able to vote…
  • Thank you again for the quick reply. I understand. I tried searching the forums before asking and there was nothing solid. Hopefully this will help someone else in the future.
  • (Quote) Ok thank you for your prompt answer. You are correct it isn't claimed to work on SteamOS in the Steam Store. Though I asked it if it would ever be available on Linux/SteamOS. Not if it was now. So I assume that means it's been decided tha…
  • I just bought the game through Steam, and it claimed support for SteamOS. Now it seems that Linux and SteamOS are promised but not happening in the near future. I've searched the forum, but have not been able to find a recent answer to this question…