Better VR Support

EcnahcEcnahc USA Join Date: 2016-03-18 Member: 214400Members
Vive support or updated Oculus support would be a great feature. Subnautica has a great environment that would immerse people, without even needing the use of motion controllers. The current VR implementation is lackluster though and needs another go through before it should be listed as "done."


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    We are not finished with the game yet and not even started 'polishing' yet. Improvements will come in time.
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    I realize there isn't much more to add on Obraxis, but I want to just reinforce what the OP had on this. I recently received my Rift and I was extremely nonplussed with the whole thing. I would refer to ADR1FT as being the closest thing to what I would expect from Subnautica. The VR adds a ton to that game as opposed to the Subnautica implementation that feels subtractive instead. I think it's a bit more than polish.

    Controls are really bad. The whole having to aim your head to move thing is a horrible experience, and the 360 controller is not ideal at this point. Maybe I want to swim up while looking down to see if that Reaper is about to eat me? Well too bad. You better cock your head in some irrational position so you can ascend perfectly straight up, else you're going to die to some creature you can't see. You have a checkbox to turn off the controller, but it doesn't make the K+M controls work.

    Depth is off. The Aurora, one of the few things you have as a landmark, is completely "flat" and you don't get any sense of depth. The same is true about the floating island and a lot of terrain and fauna. I'm not sure the why of it, but it doesn't feel right. It also doesn't feel like you're in water as much as it does when it's on the 2D screen. I'm not sure the why of it, my guess is lighting, but it just isn't right.

    If the game was just a 2D game that someone just said "Here's a 3D version of it, go nuts!" I guess I probably wouldn't be as critical about it; but at least from a Steam perspective, your game is like #1 for VR games. You go into virtual reality and its reference, everyone has it on their site; but the VR experience is really bad.

    I hope ya'll had a good vacation. Thank you for keeping us up to date on things.
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    I agree with Ecnachc on all fronts. The htc vibe would add a great sense of imersion or updated oculus support would be great. Yes there are many bugs that need to be fixed aswell (Game breaking oculus glitches), fixing these bugs would help this behemoth of a game immensely.
  • EcnahcEcnahc USA Join Date: 2016-03-18 Member: 214400Members
    Obraxis wrote: »
    We are not finished with the game yet and not even started 'polishing' yet. Improvements will come in time.

    I understand and appreciate that answer. I suppose my OP was very blunt. Just knowing that VR support is something that will get worked on is fine for me. Content matters more than anything and the basic VR implemented just shows that it's something that will be in the game, but certainly isn't the core of the game or what the game was made for. Once more people have VR I'm sure many will be asking for it to be polished, as it's one of the highest rated games that has VR as a feature listed on Steam. So VR owners will notice it. My only concern is Subnautica leaving Early Access before VR is polished up.
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