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  • @Obraxis , can we get an update on the status of fixing some VR bugs? I know it's a small part of your market, but the game is advertised on Steam as being VR-compatible, and there are currently a lot of issues making it near impossible to play in V…
  • There are at least several major bugs still: - undocking the seamoth from the cyclops puts you in the location where the cyclops was when you initially docked it; this one bothers me the most - polygons still exploding all over the place - ther…
  • This may sound stupid but, I had this same issue and here was my problem: If you are focused on a different application (web browser, etc.), the game will still track the Rift movements, but will not recognize input. Make sure you have the game w…
  • Obraxis wrote: » In the experimental version, we made the regular walking speed lower to fit a slightly more realistic pace. You can sprint now using the shift key, Xbox will also get this once the full Exosuit/Ship update comes out. Xbox or Xbox …
  • Can confirm this is still an issue in the most recent stable build. Docking the Seamoth in the Moonpool while in VR (Oculus Rift) mode results in falling out the bottom of the moonpool and walking around on the sea floor (but the game thinks you are…
  • Can confirm that this bug still occurs on the current stable build while in VR mode. It does make it extremely difficult to use.
  • Sigmalx wrote: » some people (like me) really only use nocost and fastbuild, and no other commands. and on the rare cases an item command. "nocost" and "fastbuild" would certainly be classified as "cheats" though. It would be nice to be ab…
  • All good points. I most strongly agree with these ones: Jim_ wrote: » * Beacons should be drawn in accordance with their distance from the player. Currently, the beacons look like they are about 6-10 feet away from the player. They should …
  • RichieC wrote: » What you're talking about are glitches, which will hopefully be ironed out by final release. Perhaps make it so there's no penalty using certain emergency commands, like one for killing your character if you get stuck. Better yet…