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  • Obraxis wrote: » treehuggerperson wrote: » So, no Exo-suit or Moon Pool? Models are done, rigging is done, animation of them is in-progress, then on to programming. They are moving through the pipeline Disappointing, but underst…
  • The update that shall not/cannot be named?
  • I think we just need two more kinds of rooms to make most of the base builders happy. 1. Vertical corridors. Oh god, do we need these. I'm so tired of have to put a bunch of corridors on top of each other in order to go up or down any kind of s…
  • sayerulz wrote: » Some people cant seem to see that there is a line between allowing players to fight off monsters and making a game into an FPS. Take minecraft for example. There are plenty of lethal weapons, but do people play it like an FPS? No…
  • So I went back and listened to the opening story again, mostly to confirm that it did specifically call it a "mysterious" energy pulse, and discovered that the Aurora is not in fact a colony ship but a terraforming ship sent ahead of the real colony…
  • I rather like not having lethal weapons beyond a knife. I think it enhances the exploration aspect of the game by making animals you encounter things to look at rather than things to kill. I'm worried that adding in more lethal weapons would bias …
  • Are you sure the base is disappearing, and not the game simply failing to save?
  • I agree that this bug needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I really like the cyclops, but I'm not building or testing them anymore because of this bug.
  • I'm kind of iffy on NPCs, but I like addressing the idea that you are all alone. It occurred to me as well that the character we play must being going through some serious mental trauma right now. So how's this for a middle ground. It's a col…
  • A fair point. To be honest I don't mind it that much. I just think the developers should avoid anything human-like like the plague. Humans are very good at spotting such features, even if only at a subconscious level.
  • SalmonJEDl wrote: » The planet is suitable for human beings, which would mean that all the life is based on same rules than in Earth. We have lots of alien-like creatures in our oceans, so the new planet might as well have some creatures with huma…
  • I'll agree that something has been bothering me about the Reaper leviathan. Personally, I think it's just its mouth. It's way to human-like. It's just not as alien as everything else in the game.
  • As others have said, the Crash fish is clearly protecting the Crash base. I've been imagining that the base is a fully mature female, in a life stage that dedicates itself to producing young, while the exploding fish is the chosen male mate, using …