Thanks for a great game and how to get in touch?

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Hey there.

Just wanted to tell you two things. First, how much I loved Subnautica. I have a super stressful job and a lot of trouble zoning out even when I do have vacation. So over the christmas vacation I picked up Subnautica on Steam, purposefully not looking up things but trying to explore everything on my own. It was an incredible experience and I don't remember the last time I have had so much fun playing a game. It made me completely forget everything, it was insane. I even dreamt of Subnautica and the beautiful ocean and my little base. Engineered myself a little GPS system (shameless plug: Everything about the game was just so well thought out, from the character motivation (surviving instead of conflict), to the UI elements (love the font), the level design, the beautiful beautiful scenery, the story, the voice acting, the inside jokes. It is a game that is engineered in a way that makes it not need any tutorial and you can just pick it up and play and discover, discover, hoard (haha guilty pleasure of mine to collect 20 lockers full of Titanium). What a beautiful game, I'm still blown away.

Anyways, here's my actual reason for posting this: I tried to find an email address, but there isn't one (publicly at least) and I would like to donate you guys some money so you can have, I dunno, developer Friday beers or coffee or whatever you guys like. So if you could please PM me, I'd like to send you a gift as a thank you (belated christmas gift so to say), so maybe a Paypal address or something. Not a scam (although that's what a scammer would say hurr durr).

Take care,


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