Game has been “Saving game” for over 30 mins now

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As the title says , I’ve just done a fair bit on subnautica and went to save , it’s been saying saving game for over half hour , not really sure what to do , will it eventually save or am I gonna have to start from last save again ?


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    Yeah, sometimes it takes me three or four days to save a game.
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    The glitch is an apparent and well know glitch that happens to a lot of people. It happened to me once and I was literally leaving the
    alien containment facility aka the prison
    about to beat the game then and there and then I click save and you know all hell brakes lose my game is dropping frames by ya second world isn’t loading glitching trough walls ugh bad times, oh and my saving triangle stayed there for about 30 minutes but sadly according o my research there is nothing to do but exit the game restart your Xbox and start back from when you last saved. Lesson learned try saving like every 5 minutes.
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    2 years ago the dev's suggested that you set the XB for a cold start(ECO start).
    The also said to press and hold the on\off for 10-20 seconds. That usually works for me.
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    We're hoping this issue will be fixed in 1.0 - as a number of saving issues have been addressed by Panic Button.

    If NS2 fails, follow my Nuke From Orbit Guide.

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    One more bit of happy news,

    I wasn't able to get cloud sync to function (Sep 2018) on my XB1S UNTIL I removed old copies of Subnatiica on my two(2) older XBs while connected. I was asked witch save to use, the current save or a save from May 2017. Since then the sync was always worked.
    Happy days!!!
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    Wow. This happens a lot on Xbox. I know that Xbox runs significantly worse than computer, so it will be fixed soon. Usually, if you do too much before saves, it glitches. I usually use it as an excuse to mess with console commands, and to see how cool a reaper would look next to my base.
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    I couldn't get cloud match up to work (Sep 2018) on my XB1S UNTIL I expelled old duplicates of Subnatiica on my two(2) more seasoned XBs while associated. I have requested that witch spare utilize, the current spare or a spare from May 2017. From that point forward the match up was constantly worked.
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