Subnautica "Flaytona" Racing

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This thread is our very own official Subnautica "Flaytona" Racing thread, where I'll try to keep track of the tracks made and the times set by people, verified through videos and a post in this thread o/

<h1>The general Flaytona Racing Rules</h1>
  • The race starts the moment you rev up your engine
  • Every bump with the world costs you 1 second
  • You finish when you bump into the Finish Beacon, this bump doesn't count towards penalties
  • You have to "tickle" the line as close as possible
  • On "freedom" maps, if your Seamoth explodes, you lose :D
  • Track specific rules are allowed (Beacons can be used to give a brief ingame explanation)
  • Praise our overlord @Flayra, in the spirit of Flaytona Racing
<h1>Installing a race track, naming convention and creating a track</h1>
  • The .json file in the save folder contains some "personal" information, namely your computer name and windows account name
    arramus wrote: »
    @Kouji_San I forgot to mention but I manually edited the gameinfo.json file in notepad because it adds some personal information elicited from the PC. I changed name to “arramus” and machine name to “FLAYTONA”. It really isn’t a big thing depending on how much we’ve shared and what kind of privacy we prefer. Just a heads up for other uploaders.
  • The zip file has to be "installed" or rather copied/extracted into your Subnautica save slot folder. For Steam this map is located in:
  • To make sure your race track doesn't conflict with other tracks or the game's original save slots. The folder name has to use the following naming convention:

    "Flaytona - track name here"
  • Because the save system in Subnautica doesn't display names, you can modify the "screenshot.jpg" thumbnail in the save folder of your track. Simply add a text overlay somewhere on that image with the following text. Keep in mind, every time you save your track in game, you have to redo this. The same goes for the edits to the gameinfo.json file.

    Track Name Here

    <h2>How To Build A Flaytona Track</h2>mqdefault.jpg
    Additional side notes regarding the tutorial video. If you want to change the game mode, you have to do this in the gameinfo.json file. Using the ingame commands is only temporary. To do this, simply open up the .json file with notepad and look for "gameMode":x, change the value to the mode you want to use for your track:
    • 0 = Survival
    • 1 = Freedom
    • 2 = Hardcore
    • 3 = Creative
<h1>Getting on the track record list</h1>
You have to upload and post a video here, preferably with some kind of timer in the video. The race timer starts the moment you rev up your engine, to the moment you bump into the "START / FINISH" beacon. Subtract/add any bonus and penalties to your time and post the result alongside your video. Click here on how to post on this forum using a thumbnail/link for your YouTube video, or just give us a link

<h1>Race Tracks (7)  |   Let the carnage begin!</h1>
  1. Balls to the Walls
    DOWNLOAD - by @arramus
    This track pits you against the steep vertical inclines and declines of the area bordering the creep vines and sand dunes. It begins in the dark but dawn soon arrives on Planet 4546B.
    1. Bonus Rules
      • Order 2 cups of coffee from the coffee machine (3 second bonus)
      • Crash into acid mushrooms in the planter when finishing the race (1 second bonus per destroyed acid mushroom - please show video evidence of the planter after exiting the Seamoth)
    2. Track Rules
      • Pick up your friend from its home at the appropriate check point (Disqualification if not achieved)
      • Fix your vehicle damage at the appropriate check point (Disqualification if not achieved)
    3. Track Times (2)
      1.    3:06:05 (3:06:05 -4 +3) | @Maalteromm [VIDEO ] post | 2018-03-01
      2.    4:10:75 (4:08:75 -4 +6) | @arramus [ VIDEO ] post   |   2018-02-27

  2. The Crag Fields
    Work in Progress - by @Skope
    1. Bonus Rules
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
    2. Track Times (0)
      1.    placeholder

  3. Lava Zone Rumble
    DOWNLOAD - @Recursion
    Swing, grapple, and fall in this brand-new PRAWN parkour adventure. It's hot! (a little bit of me died with that pun)
    1. Bonus Rules
      • Use only the grappling arms, and don't use the jets for 10 seconds off at the end.
    2. Track Rules
      • To finish the track, pilot your prawn into the hoop of pipes
      • The track uses pipes
      • Use the pre-prepared prawn which you spawn next to.
    3. Track Times (1)
      1.    2:12:02 | @Maalteromm [VIDEO ] post] | 2018-03-03

  4. Poop Scoop Loop
    DOWNLOAD - @arramus
    1. Track Rules
      • Select your own preferred tool set for the Prawn from the locker
      • After entering the Prawn, start from the START POINT. Timer begins when you move forward or use a tool
      • Head to each check point and land on a platform. Exit the Prawn and collect a poop. Place the poop in the Prawn storage
      • After collecting all 6 poops, return to base
      • Remove poops from storage before parking the Prawn
      • Park Prawn and race to poop storage locker. Stop the timer when they are all safely stored
    2. Track Times (2)
      1.    5:27:03 | @Maalteromm [VIDEO ] post | 2018-03-03
      2.    6:32   |   @arramus [ VIDEO ] post | 2018-02-28

  5. Reaper Valley
    DOWNLOAD - by @Recursion
    Pit yourself against reapers, as you race down a zigzagging slope where the leviathans lurk, waiting for you to come.
    1. Track Rules
      • If your seamoth gets blown up, you lose.
      • If you get caught by a reaper and thrown away from the track, head to the last point where you were on the track.
      • If a reaper throws you ahead on the track, go back to where you were when the reaper cauht you.
    2. Track Times (2)
      1.    1:20:00 (1:20:00) | @Maalteromm [VIDEO ] post | 2018-03-01
      2.    2:53:93 or 3:04:22 (3:03:22 +1) | @arramus [ VIDEO ] post   |   2018-02-27

  6. The Sea Suit Triathalon
    Work in Progress - by @Recursion
    1. Bonus Rules
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
    2. Track Times (0)
      1.    placeholder

  7. The Shallows
    - by @Kouji_San
    The Shallows was the proof of concept for Subnautica Flaytona. Speed through narrow canyons in the Safe Shallows and the Kelp Forrest, while some blowy-uppy-fishies want to join you in the race.
    1. Bonus Rules
      • Jump 1 (3 second bonus): 2 seconds for a full breach and 1 second for a successful left turn underwater without bumps
      • Jump 2 (2 second bonus): 2 seconds for a full breach and landing on the underwater race line
    2. Track Times (5)
      1.    2:45:05 (2:47:05 -5 +3) | @Maalteromm [VIDEO ] post   |   2018-03-01
      2.    2:52:51 (2:57:51 -5)   |   @Kouji_San [ VIDEO ]   |   2018-02-27 (creative mode, pre-track repair)
      3.    2:53:07 (2:49:07 -5 +9)   |   @Maalteromm [ VIDEOpost  |   2018-02-28
      4.    2:59:51 (2:57:51 -3 +5)   |   @Kouji_San [ VIDEOpost  |   2018-02-24 (creative mode, pre-track repair)
      5.    3:14:99 (3:07:99 -2 +9)   |   @arramus [ VIDEOpost  |   2018-02-25 (creative mode, pre-track repair)

Track Name
Work in Progress / DOWNLOAD - by insert @ name here
  1. Bonus Rules
    • placeholder
    • placeholder
  2. Track Times (0)
    1. placeholder
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