Any plans to improve the UI for VR?

Someonestolema02Someonestolema02 BC canada Join Date: 2016-08-03 Member: 220950Members Posts: 83 Advanced user
I've been waiting months. And months. Still, your hunger and thirst are out of view in VR and you can only (barely) see your oxygen level. It's basically unplayable in this state, in VR. Can't you guys make this a priority so we can at least play it in VR? I can handle the pop in, the stutter, it's unfinished state in general but it's not even playable when you can't see your UI.

Thank you for sending out the Silent Running update promptly to Oculus Home ( unlike in the past leaving it 2 builds behind), but it's not enough. I'm not asking for a lot here. The UI needs to be adjusted.


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