Two issues 1) extreme lag then crashing 2) floor is gone in part of Aurora

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So before the last update it seemed to work just fine, after the update the lag started i thought well that sort of normal but then i got to Aurora and was past the both part of the Prawn room was going to crew part but noticed no floor all see through. So i tested if i could walk on it, i fell into the water which seemed to be working but that is when i realized that i was trapped so i went back in seen the floor was still see through and left. Now that I have been traveling around some the lag has been happening more and now i am crashing this makes the fifth time. So I'm going to take a break it seems like there is a bug or something not working at the moment, I will try to include all the info down below.

That is the output log txt


Pictures of the floor that not a floor


The main harddrive is a soildstate drive I dont have the spec's on me right now

The drive with all the games is a external harddrive that 5 TB

I had to do this because in the past things would crash or kill the main computer and that it no games, programs nothing this way if the computer dies games still alive same with external drive as well so it is almost impossible for a total fail state to take place.
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