Natural Selection 2 News Update - The Crag

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    Really nice.
    I like the design of the 10th.
    Imo, having 2-3 different designs will increase the idea of "chaotic swarm".
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    peed a little
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    BABBLERS!!!!!111!!!1! <3
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    is there going to be a limit on how many of these can be placed?
    im thinking zomg zerg rush! sounds great however .. bout time aliens got treats :D
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    Very nice! I like 4, 9 and 11 the most. Some of the designs look to be about snark-sized, not cat-sized, is the size fixed in your mind? Or could there be more, smaller babblers instead of fewer, larger ones?

    I like the look and abilities of the crag and I can't wait to see it in-game.

    Go, go, Team UWE!
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    I like 10 the most and 2 also looks kinda... cute, like a pitbull :D
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    Simply amazing, I don't think a single thing needs to be changed outside of maybe a few numbers for balance issues (like healing percentage etc.) Because ability wise it sounds great, and like it would serve its purpose as a defensive structure.

    As far as the babblers go, usually I can pick out a few I prefer but honestly they all look great and I would be happy with any of those.

    Actually the only concern I have is the size, I hope that drawing is an accurate portrait of how large it will be, because the OC the gorge drops is so small that it has no intimidation factor at all.

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    #9, definitely.
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    Like it a lot, and it reminds me of some kind of coral. Great that you are bringing back the babblers!

    They all look cool. Think nr 4 looks a bit to much like a headcrab and Nr 6 looks like a tick (Ixodidae). I personally like 7 or 10, with mouth claws something in between those two and maybe a bit longer legs. Nr 3 with 6 legs would also look cool. But you might want to think of how many legs you want to animate. 4 is probably easier, but 6 might make it harder to spot flaws as we are less used to seeing larger 6 legged creatures. If you are making them "explode" when shot then nr 6 could work well with that too? Would they do some damage when shot? So your aim would be to shoot them at a distance I mean.

    My 2 cent.


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    Number 9 or 10.

    Very nice concept art btw!
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    10 and 11 look ok to me, but there's an alternative that might be 'orrible enough to be considered - the giant isopod, as seen here;

    Per the last drawing on the right on this page, it could be a nice touch if they rolled into a ball until they reached their "target", then opened out to the nasty looking thing above...
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    Number 9 for sure.
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    11 looks like it could jump up on your face and hold on head crab style

    I agree #2 is cute - screw gorge plushies give me a #2 babbler plushy

    But i would say 11, 3, and 4.
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    QUOTE (Recupel @ Aug 19 2010, 02:48 PM) »
    Really nice.
    I like the design of the 10th.
    Imo, having 2-3 different designs will increase the idea of "chaotic swarm".

    I agree with everything here.

    It's more work, but more than a single bug design coming out of one of these things would be amazing!
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    It's friday on a thursday!
    This post is interesting though since I really thought the Lerk would be getting Umbra once again since for me, it felt like such a staple ability for the class. But now I guess we'll be seeing something new!

    And the designs are all really good, but I'm inclined to go with something that doesn't look like a maggot/larvae (or too creepy-looking really) so it's 3 for me, with 1 at a close second and 5 third. They also fit more closely to the coral-themed Crag that could very well have been something found under water, and they would move in a cool way.
    Might want to tie it a bit closer to the design of the Drifter with the transparent, glowing body as well.

    *silently hoping for a patch tomorrow*...
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    Hmm.. I think #11 looks like it could jump and run fast. Jeez, I don't know, they all look really cool.
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    Number one looks good. The other's are looking to slow. Of course, animations may change that, but the others are to weird.

    Bonus for using different parts from insects and other more or less parasitic lifeforms.
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    if you guys can afford it, you should try and incorporate 2 or 3 of the models for added swarm effect.

    the structure abilities sound excellent!

    keep up to good work guys everything is coming along nicely!
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    4 Looks fast and stupid (as in unintelligent), which is probably how they will appear ingame, so ideal to me :)
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    This is going to be fun :D

    I agree too, it would be awesome to have a mix of .. let's say 3 different models. This would look a lot more interesting than a horde of "copy-and-pasties", and it could make sense. You could specialize each of the three different babblers for a specific task: one for spitting at the marine to obscure their sight a bit (like design #1), one for kinda grabbing a marine to slow him down - #2 would do the best job for it with it's 4 claws (and yes, it's kinda cute, like it :D) and #10 (which has the coolest design) could bite him to deal a little amount of damage. (everything just as you explained what they will do)

    Although, if you just want to take one of the designs, I'd say #10 will do it.

    EDIT: you even could give them some funny characteristics - #1 (here in the role of the spitter) should be a jumpy, fast guy, #2 looks a bit slower and you could make him sigh like a fat, exhausted one and the "damage dealer" #10 should make angry, nasty snarl sounds :3

    sounds like a nice team to me ^^
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    #5 is awesome, really or #2
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    I'm really liking 8 and 9
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    Can't wait! :P

    The Babblers should have long thin legs... so something like 9, maybe with 6 legs and then a body like no. 1 or 4 :P

    YAAY! :D
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    It looks like you're going for an insect-like creature here with chewing mouthparts. If they're meant to scuttle close to the ground and swarm the player, you'd probably want to pick 7 or 8 (I like 7 best overall). These options are better too if you want them to cling to the player. If they jump and aren't meant to crawl particularly fast, definitely go with 4, but give them 11's mouthparts so they still have that cling ability.

    6 would be cool if you want them to be like ticks and burrow under the marine's armor when they stick to him.
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    #4 and #9 look superb. (#4 has a small resemblance to Half-Life's Headcrabs.)

    #9 is actually a little scary looking!
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    My favorites are #2 and #10, easily.
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