Will Subnautica be getting an Xbox Series X/S upgrade?

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I was just watching State of Play and it said the ps4 version of the original Subnautica will get a free upgrade for the ps5.

Does anyone know if Xbox will get an upgrade too?

Will the Xbox One version get a free Xbox Series X/S version?


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    I’d like to know also. Where’s the Xbox series x update??
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    I concur as many other users too. Will Xbox series X's original Subnautica get an upgrade ? I have bought the game on Xbox and got it for free from Sony. Since a free upgrade has been mentioned for PS5, I would like to know whether support will be the same for both versions because I'd rather buy Below Zero on Xbox. Not upgrading the original Xbox version would not be a very good signal and would delay my purchase of Below Zero
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    Yes, if you own Subnautica on the original XboxOne, you will be able to update it to the Series X|S version for free as part of Smart Delivery.

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