PS4 version unplayable



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    @squashem That's usually because the scanner room only scans areas you have loaded in the current play session, so you'll need to explore further for it to give more options.
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    This game would be so cool if it worked. I can't believe these guys forgot the first rule of game development. Gameplay first. They also forgot the second rule, which is gameplay first. And the third rule which is gameplay first. The idea that they would sacrifice gameplay (failure to render) for graphics is the epitome of poor game development. Think back on classic games. We love them because the gameplay was fantastic. Never has anyone ever said I replay game XYZ b/c the graphics are so good. Graphics are fleeting, gameplay is forever. I know that you want to provide PC graphics on consoles and you can't b/c of the hardware, not the software, but the correct move is to tone down the graphics to preserve the gameplay, not the other way around. Having an island load only when you bump into it (or after you are inside it) dooms your console version to the dust-bin. Or you can decrease the graphics to support the gameplay experience and have a classic. It's so sad to see this great game wasted like this. And for sure I won't bother with Sub-zero.
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    That's too bad, I was looking forward to playing this on my couch.
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    We're working on a new update which should improve performance on original PS4 & Original XboxOne. We're aiming for sometime this summer, but it might take a bit longer.

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    I started playing Subnautica about three weeks ago when I was able to pick it up from the PSN for my PS4 console and luckily (knock on wood as I hope I have not just jinxed myself), I have not run into an serious bugs with the game like this save bug folks speak of (and I am up to at least 80 hours of game play). Sure every once in a while the game would temporarily freeze on me as I guess the animations needed to catch up and I once got stuck in one of the larger wrecks when I let my Seamoth get to close to the wreck before it fully rendered. But the freezes are only temporary and getting stuck in the wreck was resolved by just quiting and picking up from the last save point which wasn't too far back. But it does not stop there, it only gets better.

    I have been having so much fun with Subnautica on my PS4 that I went out and did something I said I would not do a few months ago and that was to go to Ebay and pay some scalper an inflated price for a PS5 console. Yes I could have pursued playing this game on a PC, but putting together a high end PC these days with the chip shortages around the world would likely have cost even more $$$ than paying the inflated next gen console prices. Anyway I got to play the PS4 version of Subnautica last night for the first time on the new PS5 console and so far it has been all worth it. I also pre-ordered the Below Zero game and am really looking forward to seeing how the PS5 version of the game plays. Plus is it true that a PS5 iteration of Subnautica will become available at the same time that Below Zero is released in a few days from now?
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