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Subnautica is so close to perfect. It's well thought out, creative, researched, original, beautiful, addicting, fun.... it could have been the best survival game created yet.

However, there are two COLOSSAL game breaking bugs. The rendering. Okay fine, I can wait and go slow. And then... there's the save system.

In what fucking developers office does someone suggest "lets only give players ONE save file slot, despite being unstable as fuck?"

I've lost several hours, twice. It's maddening. Because it's combatible. Every modern game has a bandaid for that. I got reset 4-5 saves behind. I good 4-5 hours lost. Why not give the option to save under a different file? It's a SURVIVAL GAME. This seems like the most simple concept ever. Protect the players progress at all costs. I can deal with falling through the map, or not seeing half the shit because the game can't handle being a game.

As someone who loves my experience with this game, and LOVED Natural Selection 2 - I will never be buying another of your products. Don't sell a $40 early access game on the PS4. Don't sell anything until you fix your shit. This game could have been PERFECT. I want you to succeed. But it's so devastatingly broken. I've wasted my money and my time.

edit: I'm surprised this post didn't crash once I hit "save."
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