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    I've been having the same problem after switching to the Xbox One S, and have been unable to load my save.
    I've tried the standard things such as resetting and all that, and so far nothing has worked. I hope you find a solution soon because I love this game and would hate for this to get in the way of me enjoying it.
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    My issue with the game not syncing has been resolved. I fixed my issue by setting up my Xbox One how it originally was set when I started my saved files. I have my brothers account on my xbox as his home system, and his system is set as my home system. This way we can share games. When I set him back up as the home account, I was able to get the game to sync. I had two games on survival mode, one I lost due to not sync and a new game. When the games finally sync I was left with just my latest survival mode game, which I was fine with. I believe that if I chose the older version to sync I may have been able to get to my older game.
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    For those having the sync issue keeping you from using your save game that is already on your Xbox One please use Offline mode as a work around for the time being. For those that have the save game on another Xbox and need Sync'ing to get your save game back and are having issues getting your save game pulled down to your Xbox, hit the agree button next to my post so I can get a general sense of how many in this thread are in this camp.

    Offline mode instructions:
    Go to Settings > Network > Network Settings > select Go Offline

    Go back to Xbox Home and use the option menu and close Subnautica and then relaunch it.

    @TORminator77 , thank you for that info I'm going to follow up with you in direct message with some additional questions. Perhaps I'm missing something like this in my setup, or this is another way to reproduce the problem.

    One interesting point that I believe is still an issue with Xbox sync'ing in general is that if you have Xbox A and Xbox B both with Subnautica, and you finish playing on Xbox B and have saved but then hit the home button or put Xbox B into sleep mode, there is a throttling of bandwidth placed on sync'ing your last save game up to Microsoft's cloud. I haven't seen anyone mention the typical error message from this, which is something along the lines of "Your other Xbox is not finished uploading, try again or use the local save game instead". I've run into this while trying to reproduce the issue and it can go much faster if you use the options button on the Subnautica icon and choose to close the app when you're done playing(if you plan to quickly go to the other Xbox and play the same save game).
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    I've been having the same issue for a while now. Although I was quite far through the game I stopped playing some time ago (a bit after the Xbox 1.0 launch I think) to wait for some of the performance fixes, but when I came back a month or so ago I got this error and still get it now.

    I'm on an original Xbox One and it's the only console I've ever played Subnautica on and it's the only console I'm signed in on. I'm on a fast and stable Internet connection and my XB1 is plugged directly into the router. I've tried using the play offline option I'm given after synching has failed, but no saved game shows there so I have to start from the beginning, which I don't really want to do, especially if I'm going to have similar problems down the line.

    Please help, I'd love to get back in to finish my game.
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    I am experiencing this problem as well.

    I started a save file on my Xbox One X, played for a few hours and a few days later I went to a friend's house and was able to sync my save data to his Xbox One X and play. I saved and quit the game before I left and the next day when I tried to play on my console I received an error message saying that "We couldn't sync your save data with the cloud right now."

    I have followed all options in this thread and I still cannot sync with the cloud. Now not only am I not able to sync to the cloud but I have lost my local save data from performing a factory reset, so I'm not able to pick up from where I left off before I went to my friends house.

    My friend has loaded up my save on his console and tried to force a sync but I still get the same error message when I try to sync on my console. So he has a local save that is current but I have no way to get that data to my console.

    What are my options going forward? I don't want to lose ~20hrs of gameplay and restart.
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