Sync error 0x83860012



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    I've been having the same problem after switching to the Xbox One S, and have been unable to load my save.
    I've tried the standard things such as resetting and all that, and so far nothing has worked. I hope you find a solution soon because I love this game and would hate for this to get in the way of me enjoying it.
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    My issue with the game not syncing has been resolved. I fixed my issue by setting up my Xbox One how it originally was set when I started my saved files. I have my brothers account on my xbox as his home system, and his system is set as my home system. This way we can share games. When I set him back up as the home account, I was able to get the game to sync. I had two games on survival mode, one I lost due to not sync and a new game. When the games finally sync I was left with just my latest survival mode game, which I was fine with. I believe that if I chose the older version to sync I may have been able to get to my older game.
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    I've been having the same issue for a while now. Although I was quite far through the game I stopped playing some time ago (a bit after the Xbox 1.0 launch I think) to wait for some of the performance fixes, but when I came back a month or so ago I got this error and still get it now.

    I'm on an original Xbox One and it's the only console I've ever played Subnautica on and it's the only console I'm signed in on. I'm on a fast and stable Internet connection and my XB1 is plugged directly into the router. I've tried using the play offline option I'm given after synching has failed, but no saved game shows there so I have to start from the beginning, which I don't really want to do, especially if I'm going to have similar problems down the line.

    Please help, I'd love to get back in to finish my game.
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    I am experiencing this problem as well.

    I started a save file on my Xbox One X, played for a few hours and a few days later I went to a friend's house and was able to sync my save data to his Xbox One X and play. I saved and quit the game before I left and the next day when I tried to play on my console I received an error message saying that "We couldn't sync your save data with the cloud right now."

    I have followed all options in this thread and I still cannot sync with the cloud. Now not only am I not able to sync to the cloud but I have lost my local save data from performing a factory reset, so I'm not able to pick up from where I left off before I went to my friends house.

    My friend has loaded up my save on his console and tried to force a sync but I still get the same error message when I try to sync on my console. So he has a local save that is current but I have no way to get that data to my console.

    What are my options going forward? I don't want to lose ~20hrs of gameplay and restart.
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    I have a very similar issue where I have an XB1X in my room and my roommate has an XB1X in the living room. I was jumping back and forth between consoles and had no issue syncing until about the 20 hour mark. I can’t get my XB to synch now. Tried all the steps mentioned above including network transfer, reinstalling the game, signing out of profiles, saving the game on my roommates Xbox and then quitting to help it upload to the cloud faster, etc and at one point my local save also disappeared. Only option is to play on my roommates Xbox now which isn’t ideal. Every now and then I’ll try to synch again but this has been going on for about 4 weeks so I doubt the issue will resolve itself. It would definitely suck but I wouldn’t mind the idea of starting over if I knew I wouldn’t run into the same issue down the road.
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    I ran into this problem on an original Xbox one yesterday. A few days ago I had the saving forever bug and lost almost 4 hours of progress. The next day I played for a bit and caught up mostly, saved twice and it seemed to work. Yesterday I went to play again and saw that it hadn't saved. I remembered in another forum someone said to clear saves locally when you go to manage the game (not delete everywhere), and that helped them with saving issues like saving forever or losing saves periodically (I think this was an old thread somewhere on Reddit). So I did just that. But when I went back in to sync the game, I keep getting this error message. So it isn't between Xboxes per se. I have been playing this save on this Xbox for a few months after my old Xbox broke, and only ran into this problem now. I do however have my cousin's Xbox set as my home Xbox and he also plays Subnautica from time to time. But I have never changed the home Xbox setting since the day I originally set it as his, about two years ago I think.
    Things I have tried: hard restarting after choosing "use offline", hard restarting after choosing "use offline" and disabling instant sign in (which seemed to help people with other games). Also just regular old restarting. I hope someone finds a fix soon, this is the only game I've been playing lately and I'd hate to lose 72+ hours of progress :(
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    Xbox One reporting error code 0x83860012 this morning when we started Subnautica, so it's unable to sync saved games. This is the only console we use, and the saved games were all from this console (ie we're not trying to sync from one console to another). We have tried hard restarting, unplugging for 30 sec and restarting, instant sign in was never enabled. Xbox is connected via wired connection and reports Network is working without errors. Playing offline and starting anew is the only option now. Many hours of progress lost. Not sure we want to go through it again until we know saved games won't suddenly be inaccessible. We were really looking forward to Below Zero, but now... won't invest the time unless you know how to correct this problem.

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    Getting the same error (partially). My brother is in town visiting and wanted to show off his world on my Xbox. We both own the game and play fine on our individual xbox 1 (original not x or even s). But his game cannot download sync on my Xbox code 0x83860012. My account and game saves work fine. Both of us bought the game when it was in pre release individually but now share games with the "home xbox" function. So technically my Xbox is his home but can't sync his saves.
    June 2019 still haven't found a fix for it.
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    Has there been any resolution found on this issue? I’ve had this problem since I purchased my XB1X, months ago. I had just completed my first Subnautica play through on my XB1S, when I purchased the XB1X, I’ve been getting this error on startup ever since. I refuse to start a new game, for fear of overwriting my saved data in the cloud I just check the forum every few months, to see if a resolution has been found. I’d love to get back into SUbnautica.
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    I have an Xbox One X that I have been playing on. Game save is 2 days +. I've attempted to save game, quit game and let an hour pass before then logging into day one edition Xbox one in bedroom. Game never syncs... same error as everyone else (0x83860012). It would be nice to continue gaming in my bedroom chilling with wife! Please fix or at least give us an update!?
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    Hello. I had to reset the operating system of my Xbox One (1st gen) yesterday because of issues with sync on others games.
    Now everything seems to work perfectly fine with my games (and the syncs), except subnautica : i got the 0x83860012 error every time i launch the game, and i can't see my save on the menu if i chose to cancel the sync...

    Unfortunately it seems that there is no local saves on my games for SN. I'd like to know if i save is stuck on the server or if it's lost forever (not bad as it seems because i finished the game with all the success but i'd like to recover my 80+ hours save).

    Please note that the sync issue doesn't come from my internet connection (wired, good network configuration).

    Any new about this issue ?
  • davec69davec69 United States Join Date: 2018-03-27 Member: 239552Members Posts: 11 Fully active user
    Nope. Nothing. I try to load up the save file once a month or after any Subnautica updates, in the hope that the problem has been fixed, but no luck. I still can't load my save file, and I don't want to start a new game, for fear of erasing my non working save.
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    I wanted to pile on to this as another Xbox One user suffering from a sync error. Here's how I got into this situation, in case it helps with recreating / debugging. My first playthrough on Survival. I had cured myself and shutdown the alien defense platform. Exited that facility, then our home lost power. Once our power was restored I started the Xbox and launched Subnautica. I got to the title screen and clicked menu to see the list of games. My single game file was present as expected. I selected it. Everything hung for a bit, then a buzzing noise and the game crashed. I retried this a few times without any success. Restarted the Xbox, but same issue. So then I tried starting a new game. After selecting new game and the new game type the same issue: everything hangs, then buzzing noise and game crash. At this point I just accept that the game needs to be completely re-installed and I'll lose the progress between my last save and the crash. So I delete everything locally and start to re-download and install the game. Once the re-install is complete I get to the title screen, click menu, and then I get the 'syncing' overlay. This spins for a bit (no progress percentage indication), then I get the 0X83860012 error message and prompted to try again or play offline. I use Try Again a few times, but the same result. I select play offline and my only option is to start a new game. I do, and this time the game starts up just fine. I play for bit, then save and quit back to the title screen. I can see my new save is available and I'm able to re-launch it. I save and quit again. Then I close the app and re-launch it. This time the sync screen says that the cloud save and local save are different and asks if I would like to use the local or the cloud save. I choose the cloud save. The sync overlay then briefly shows 0% progress before cycling for a while, then I get the 0X83860012 error again. I try again, but this time it does not display 0%, even briefly, just cycles for a bit, then gives the 0X83860012 error message. I choose to play offline and I can see the new, local save game is there, but not my previous save. I'd really like to recover that cloud save if there is any possibility to do so. Unfortunately, I have a sync'ing feeling that it may be lost for good.
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    Any update on the issue?

    My experiences:

    Console: XBox One S
    Subnautica Version:
    Version: Disc
    Mode: Survival
    Lost Save Game: about +120 hours

    Quick question, as others faced the same issue, my experiences with that "sync error on xbox". After getting the game I recognized more and more over the weeks issues with the game, where I started it took always between 80 and 90 seconds before game was loaded. As more i went forward in the story and unlocked new fragments, biome and vehicles as longer it took to load the game, also I get more and more issues with the rendering of the graphics, especially when I saved the game - Alteera icon is twisting and didn't finish - during the saving process rendering of the world and you often run into a black hole. Sometimes the saving process didn't finish and game crashes completely. :(

    In the end I had the feeling more and more that this game reached it's technical limit on XBox one. That was also where the game irregular failed after a new start either it took + 150 seconds to load the entire world or the game load stuck and nothing happened anymore.

    I thought that was related also on that I didn't clean my XBox over 3 years and decided to possibly fix that issue by having a hard factory reset - but keeping all games and apps on it. I uninstalled afterwards also Subnautica and installed it again. After re-starting the game Subnautica tries to synchronize to the cloud but it ended up in the same manner what you guys got. Synchronizaion failed with the given error code and done, my saved game is gone. :(

    I also checked as you different combinations to force the console to get the last "save game" from the cloud, but I failed. I have also the feeling that this issue affects only Subnautica, I cross checked it with another game (Watchdogs 2) and works immediately be getting the last saves from the cloud.

    Can anybody advise what to do to fix it? Would be really sad if the saved game in the cloud is gone. Subnautica is really a beautiful and amazing game, but this issue caused a lot of loss of confidence and I'm not sure to order Below Zero when such issues destroy the entire game pleasure randomly.
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    Hi, I am also having the same problem. It started when I was playing and I got a message asking me subscribe or buy if I want to continue (I have game pass). I thought this was odd and went to resume my game, the game then crashed to desktop. Upon loading it up again it would crash. So I reinstalled the game and that's when the syncing errors started, sometimes with the error "0x83860012" sometimes just "we are unable to get your latest save data". I have since done a factory reset on my console and no change. This save file has over 3 days on it so I would really like to get it back!!! Has anyone discovered a solution yet?? I know the latest update was supposed to resolve some of these issues, I have made sure that my game is up to date.
    One last thing, I have noticed that the text in "development news" is not loading, it just says "loading", not sure if it is relevant but figured that I would mention it.
    Someone please help me out!


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    I have the same issue!!! And also the ETERNAL SAVING TIME!!! When I try to save it takes FOREVER to do it, one time I took 3hrs to save! I was eating and drinking so I cannot die but once I got tired I just close the game and tadaaaaaaaa my save file is now CORRUPTED?!?! Really!?!?!? I wasted 20hrs of my life crafting, building my base, my vehicules are now gone!!! Please fix this ASAP!!!!
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    Its realy bad...i buy a new Xbox One X ti play SN in a better quality and now: sync error. amazing :(
    The only way to play is offline?

    PLS Devs, fix this Bug. You made so an great game, but if our save game isnt save...SN makes no fun anymore.
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    Here the same "fxxxx" cloudsavebug....ripped over 110+ hours of gameplay, iam done with this game and iam done with all other games from unknownworlds. i tried all workarounds, with 2 xbox and so on...nothing helped. its not a problem of MS, its a problem of subnautica !!! the whole game is a pain in the arse on console.
  • belerofon1belerofon1 Join Date: 2019-12-01 Member: 256059Members Posts: 2 Fully active user
    after 1h with the Microsoft support...nothing, they say unknownworld must fix the problem. They Check my Cloud Storage and there is nothing wrong.
    So only option is to play Offline...till some day also that Save is broken. Its realy an great game. I wont buy the moment i play it with the Ultimate Pass...but with that thanks.

    Call my if you fix your product, i would be there...are you there?
  • davec69davec69 United States Join Date: 2018-03-27 Member: 239552Members Posts: 11 Fully active user
    Sorry to hear this. All of us here have similar stories. Unfortunately, I did buy the game. Maybe one day, there will be a fix.

    belerofon1 wrote: »
    after 1h with the Microsoft support...nothing, they say unknownworld must fix the problem. They Check my Cloud Storage and there is nothing wrong.
    So only option is to play Offline...till some day also that Save is broken. Its realy an great game. I wont buy the moment i play it with the Ultimate Pass...but with that thanks.

    Call my if you fix your product, i would be there...are you there?

  • davec69davec69 United States Join Date: 2018-03-27 Member: 239552Members Posts: 11 Fully active user
    This was my experience exactly. Still hoping for a fix.
    belerofon1 wrote: »
    Its realy bad...i buy a new Xbox One X ti play SN in a better quality and now: sync error. amazing :(
    The only way to play is offline?

    PLS Devs, fix this Bug. You made so an great game, but if our save game isnt save...SN makes no fun anymore.

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    I tried today the "go offline & hardreset" off both consoles. on the x is my maingame and i tried to sync the savegame with my old xbox, it says there is something but it cant sync the game. on the old xbox i delete both local and cloud, but on x it says there is nothing. for me cloudsync does not work. its a shame since February no FIX for a known problem.
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    Hi, I've just registered as a would like to add my problem to the list of users. I think my issue is the same as described here previously, but if the devs want to contact me they can do (please do). Looks like this has been going on a long time and worryingly the devs seem to have gone quiet.

    I finished the game before the sync error so that's quite a few hours put into it already, as fun as it is I doubt I'll be starting from scratch. I'll describe my experience anyway in case there is any new insight in there.
    • Upgraded from a One S to a One X. Save will attempt to sync for approx 30 seconds then fail (0X83860012)
    • Have tried hard resets on both consoles, doing a network transfer of the One S game file to the One X, forcing cloud syncs, various combinations of signing in and out of both consoles
    • I can sync every other game I own, no problem
    • If both consoles are on, the sync error is different. The One X says that the One S is taking too long to upload. This failure happens immediately when it tries to sync, and will happen regardless of how long I've left the One S to sync
    • I also happen to have the Xbox game streaming service on Android. I get the same 0X83860012 sync error on there, which suggests it's an upload/cloud problem rather than specifically the One X
    • FYI, I have 50mbps fibre broadband and the consoles are ethernet wired, it's usually pretty stable and should be fast enough

    Not that this is the devs fault, but why does Microsoft insist on keeping saves on the internal drive and not allowing users to copy the save onto an external drive or another console via network transfer. That's a bit crap isn't it?

    This game is awesome, I really want to see what the One X can do with it. Are the devs still working on this?

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    I don't think there's been word on this particular bug, but one of the developers said in early November that they are working on console patches.
    Subnautica stuff:
    How to clear your Cache, by 0x6A7232.
    How to use console commands.
    Stuck, and just want to most recent base/Cyclops? Use "Warpme" command. Want to get out of the ceiling? Press F1 and note your camera postion. First number is North/South, second number is up/down, and third is East/West. Reduce the 2nd number by 10, then use "warp x y z" (where x, y, and z are the position you want to be).
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    We're having this issue on my son's account. He has an Xbox one at my house and at his mother's. Playing at my house is fine, at his mom's he's getting to 99% before the sync error. We cleared local saves and did a hard reboot. Still not working there. Here, I don't know if he kills the game before shutting down (the low power standby) but he doesn't try to play at his mom's for many hours after (different city), so the throttling isn't the issue. We certainly need help though.
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    The devs give a shit of us consoleplayers, they used us with their unfinshed game to monetize their next buggy project, thats all....
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