Ps4 save bugs. These need fixing asap



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    The good news is they sent a fix over to Sony for approval. The bad news is, bugged saves are unlikely to work. I don't speak for the devs though.
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    I am having trouble saving the game. It generates an error dialog saying that it cannot save the jpg screenshot files and then fails to save the game.

    I just got myself a PS4, and this game, and also a PS4 and a license for this game for my grandson, after I started playing the game a couple of months ago. It's a great game! Clearly, you have a talented development team, Unknown Worlds. Here's the thing though, this thread is two years old. I just read through it. I came here looking for workarounds or fixes, or to find out if the developers are even aware of this issue, or if it is new.

    Here is what I find here. This problem, or problems, are over two years old. In that time, nobody representing the developers or the company have offered so much as an acknowledgement that they are aware of the problems, much less offered a workaround, at least not on this thread. This is YOUR website, not some obscure hobbyist commentator's web site. I got here from a web search for the save-game problem I was experiencing. This site ostensibly represents your company, and the evidence amassing here is damning. That's sad, because I really like this game and it generated a lot of good will for your company on my part when I was playing it. The crashes, and now especially, this game-save bug, are REALLY starting to lower my appreciation for the game overall. I might still recommend the game, but only with serious caveats, and that is unfortunate, because without the problems, the game itself is a beautiful, fun creation of which your company and developers should be rightfully proud. I still want to keep playing this game, after encountering these problems, but my enthusiasm does have limits, and futility is taxing those limits.

    I write software for a living. I recognize that you have a very talented team who have created a beautiful game that is popular and engrossing. That said, clearly you have had problems porting or creating for the PS4 platform. You may need to swallow your pride, or take a budgetary hit, and hire some people with the experience to fix the problems. Two years is entirely too long for problems of this magnitude to go un-rectified, not to mention, even un-commented! Clearly, your devs are lacking experience and expertise on this platform, or you would have fixed these problems by now. The platform can't be blamed, as plenty of your competitors offer games on this platform and these games do not confront the user with such serious playability issues.

    I'm not encouraged by your responses, or rather, lack thereof, on this thread. The problem represented here in this thread has gone beyond merely being a problem with this game; it's existence and your documented lack of response to it, is starting to impact user confidence in your company as a whole. I am almost certainly not in a minority thinking that. I won't be looking at games from Unknown Worlds without a degree of circumspection and doubts about their stabilty and playability, or support, in the future, unless I see some changes and improvement, given my experience with Subnautica.

    I've got nine days of game time invested in my longest game. I have seen crashes, and now a serious game-saving bug, both of which are mission-critical problems, show-stoppers that should NEVER have got past your quality assurance team and allowed into a build released to the public. These are not some obscure little trivial inconvenience glitches that only show up once in a blue moon. People are talking about these problems and they seriously impact playability. You are only compounding the problem by not communicating with your user base here. There are too many other good, quality games from other competitors available on the platforms on which you are offering your game. Unknown Worlds, you NEED to fix this, and you need to communicate with your users and fans if you intend to keep them and wish to interest them in your products, in the future.

    The game is worth saving! If it didn't have the problems, speaking on the merits of the game itself, as envisioned, it would compete very effectively with the best games on the platform...IF you invest a bit more effort. You have a winning thoroughbred in your stable in this game, for goodness sake, stop neglecting it and take care of it!
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    narfblat wrote: »
    The good news is they sent a fix over to Sony for approval. The bad news is, bugged saves are unlikely to work. I don't speak for the devs though.

    This is true. It took us a while to resolve this save game issue with our engineers - which is separate from any of the earlier ones discussed in this thread - and surfaced after our most recent patch. The fix has been tested (including on community-provided save files with the issue, where it no longer reoccurs) and is with Sony waiting for certification to release.
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    First off, I find the lack of communication unacceptable.
    Secondly, how can you require that much time and not deign to issue a statement? Again, unacceptable.
    I'll wait for that supposed miracle patch but I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure my save is beyond saving now, ironically.

    I was looking forward to playing the sequel but now I sure won't buy it anymore. You've seen to that.
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