Ideas For Subnautica Below Zero



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    And not a
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    -There should be editor like sdk, not lame in game editor, i don't know what sdk they are using, but some sdks have already features and models from their game. This game would be nice if modded, there are not story mods, or new maps. Only some features, which are useless after finishing the game.

    Retain what was good in first game:

    -Focus on a story, story was good in this game, enigmatic alien bases and unlocking some of the information or reading crew logs. This game needs more story and side missions and clues you can follow on, as it is exploration game, cutting through doors with laser cutters and finding new equipment felt extremely rewarding, need more mechanics like this.

    - terror of meeting survival needs, or like losing submarine
    - thrill of exploration having no idea what you find next

    -Need QoL changes a lot, not saying make game easy, but make it more practical, also you can make difficulty setting and bars for tweaking different features during game, like in console command nosurvival, eating was to extreme in subnautica, had to turn that off, couldn't do anything in the game !!! :
    1. For example cyclops, you have to keep items in multiple lockers, even if you can name it, you have to categorize everything and split resources between lockers, this is future, why not just make one big storage, where you can put all your stuff and that storage can be upgraded.
    2. Bigger inventory, not saying make game easy, but more practical, even if you optimize your inventory for minimal stuff you need, there is not much space and you cant always empty your inventory before you go somewhere and than get it back, because you would be doing that million times as every time you need something else. Which would shift game more towards building what you like instead looting all the time
    3. Showing number of different items in inventory
    4. Filtering inventory by items, like titan etc. and having collapse all and expand button !
    5. Filtering blueprints by category and having collapse all and expand button !
    6. Disabling scanning station remotely, or disabling chip hud with hotkey
    7. Prawn suit grapling hook stays attached, so you don't need to hold it all time
    8. Nuclear reactor for a sub, no one wants to swap power cells all time, if you could run all time for nuclear there would be no fear of stucking in sub under 1300m, make rector go critical, or random issues, don't make it easy, but don't make players swap 50 times power cell, which is crazy and to tedious

    Increase spawning rate of resources, i used maps and i was exploring 5 areas over 1 hour and find only 3 shale crops, and i was looking at the edges and into caves etc everywhere. This doesn't make game harder only more annoying. I think this is why this game has less players that it should for its rating, majority of people quit this game because of this. It is to tedious and annoying, you can easily make limiter, which you can set resource rate, so most hardcore players won't complain.

    -Make random terrain generator if possible, to have unlimited possibilities to travel to new areas, there could be basic area which stays all same and behind in other edges randomly generated area
    -Make one ditch 10km long with many dangers
    -Large cliffs fall down to water and cause massive tsunami.
    -Dynamic weather
    -Your habitat can be damaged and deteriorate
    -Expand on idea of structural integrity, focus more on building and placement, than on looting

    Cyclops ideas:
    -make launching net to capture monsters for limited time, but don't allow to kill them easily, as game is more suspenseful, if you could kill them easily there would no fear of them
    -i would like more interaction between monsters and cyclops, you just launch decoy, or raise shield and try to run away
    -allow to destroy leviathans at looting areas later, there is no way to kill leviathans only by bug, in looting areas like aurora wreck where are blueprints you need, don't allow to kill leviathans in depths where you looting kyanite
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    Abmong wrote: »
    Would love to see the ability the turn the lights in your rooms on/off (not just power up/down). Better yet if we could get the ability to set mood lighting levels/lighting colour for each room. And more lighting fixtures like desk lamps, wall lamps etc. Make it happen... Plzzzzz o:)

    I follow this idea, in the darkness of the deep ocean, being able to control the light would be great. Room by room. Having the possibility for a range of color too and if possible different level of illumination and not just light on or off. Lots of irl lamp got few level of adjustment if not very precize and control.
    I am still playing the first Subnautica and not the sequel for now, and some of these beautiful plant you craft inside or outside, that could light room or the ocean's floor. But all the inside light kill that environment light that would make the scene incredibly amazing.

    Next idea : for the 3rd chapter, make it online coop compatible so we can enjoy the planet 4546B with some friends or random people on online servers.
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    Make a Option for the Pathfindertool to change the size of the Arrows, for a Better overview
    Or an Modul for the Seatruck to make Seamarks (mybe with the beacons) for a Better overview
    Or Seamarktorpedos
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    Lavalamps in small, middle, Big ;)
    more Stuff for Dekoration, maybe collectebels. (Posters, minimodels(like the mini Aurora).etc...),
    more Baseparts And Stairways for Better and more complex Base building
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    With regards to the SeaTruck, I've been thinking about how a a "Titanic Mode" might work.

    Right now, top speed is reduced by having more cars attached.
    I'd like to suggest leaving top speed mostly unchanged, and having the added weight affect acceleration, deceleration, and momentum more instead.
    Circling back to "Titanic Mode", you'd find yourself shouting "Iceberg, right ahead" just before you realize impact is unavoidable and you explode.
    It would make the SeaTruck more of an open-water, mobile base and limit its use in confined spaces.
    This would be a more realistic response to a longer SeaTruck. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be fun, and is a terrible idea, but I just had to get it off my chest.

    Also, the Storage module capacity seems really limited, for what it is...
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    If there ever will be a new vehicle, my suggestion would be my idea of the Seasnake. The Seasnake would be the same width and height of a Seamoth, but would be 4 separate units in length. The first unit will be the command station, or where you drive the Seasnake. Located up top you will find the area where a power cell takes place. On the bottom of the vehicle is the hatch to get inside. When inside the character will already be in steering position but pressing a certain button on the console controller will allow you to enter the other units of the Seasnake. The next two units will have windows on top and a fabricator in one unit, and a decoy tube storage in the other. The last unit is the engine unit, and cannot be entered, but outside on the back there is a big propeller and 4 wings around the propeller. The Seasnakes depth will be 300 meters, but with new modules its MK3 depth will be 1000 meters.
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    What about an emergency floatation device (Air blatter) on the sea glide. (Basically, a way to combine the two)
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    I have an idea for the lore! (Credit - Anthomnia)
    So, Marguerite Maida has the Hivemind around her sea-base in Below Zero, right?
    Well here's a "hunch" per say.
    The ship that had crashed on 4546B (Before the Degasi) would have specimens of the Hivemind to study far, far away from Federation space. The ship crashes into 4546B, releasing the Hivemind which would live dormant on the planet for years.
    Maida has ties to the battles in Natural Selection, so once she was done with that, she went on freelance as a security agent. She meets the Degasi and those events unfold into Below Zero. Alterra launches the Aurora to do the slingshot maneuver over 4546B to recover the Degasi crew. The Aurora goes down, Ryley Robinson cures the Kharaa, and Maida lives on the planet. The Hivemind still have signal to the mind itself, and sees Maida as a threat when she enters the Arctic to live out her days. By this time the Vesper has moved in snug, and Robin Goodall discovers Maida's sea-base just before the Hivemind attack. Hence Maida's absence at said base. Goodall would later meet Maida, who is skiddish after encountering an old enemy, and try to help her. But Maida sees Goodall and sees Bart Torgal, and runs from her past once again. Later to be killed by the Hivemind (Cutscene?).
    That's my idea for the lore! Please give feedback, and Unknown Worlds, keep up the great work. It's been one hell of a ride, and I can't wait for the next.
    -A Subnautica fan since 2014
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    To increase the difficulty and the fear factor, it would be great to have roaming environments for predator leviathans, especially bleeding into “safe” environments.
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    I had a dream recently that fit in perfectly with the below zero version it included a new leviathan that was gray matching the terrain with long jaws and a weird muscle like mass at the tip of its mouth that connects to the top and the bottom part of the inner jaw it’s body is really long with a spiky look that runs down the entire body. Where I imagine this leviathan would be found would be where the glow whales are found being peaceful towards the whales because they are too big to eat quickly
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    I would love to see the Frozen Leviathan in action. In addition, my theory on the origins of this creature, (with hacking to find data) is that this creatures home base is the cave it is found in. It crawled into the cave, but its tail was trapped in a cave in, probably from the Precursor experiments or Ice Worn tunneling . The water level rose, not killing the creature because it is half aquatic, but the water froze around it, thus sending it into something like hibernation. The frigid temperatures probably killed any trace of the Kharaa bacterium(which it probably got from the Precursors before this scenario), leaving a fully preserved, perfectly healthy, hibernating leviathan super species. 1000 years later, we find it in the ice as a preserved ancient beast. When the operation finishes excavating it, it will probably wake up and proceed to cause a significant decrease in the nearby fauna. Again that is nothing but my theory. I love the Subnautica games and the theories that arise from unsolved mysteries.
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    Also, a theory on the eerily still Hive-Mind. The original creatures were infected with the Kharaa bacterium but lived through and assimilated the Kharra, evolved throughout the years, and finally became the Hive Mind where all the organisms are connected via their ¨hive mind¨.
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    As a long long long time supporter of the game I would really like to see us be able to use our Hull Plates from the early days of Subnautica


    For helping support the game during it's very early stages some were rewarded these, I would like to be able to continue to use them in Subnautica 2, they are a badge a dash of bragging rights.
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    We need anything to Clean Up the unused Seatruck Module at/on/in the Base!
    a Garage-Basepart or
    a Base-SeatruckModule-Connector or
    a SeatruckBasedockModule

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    hdhdu wrote: »
    Make the ice worm tameable and then you can ride it to anywhere on the ice

    how would you even manage to do that
    Hey lets be honest that Reapers gonna getcha. (Im Jazzed for subnautica, im not going for president)
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    I have a simple but sure to be welcomed feature . Albeit a small one. Can the developers add a toggle option for running? Sometimes I use an Xbox One controller and holding down the analog button can get tiresome.
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